Saturday, May 29, 2010

B.B. King Do The Boogie! Early 50's Classics

Lovingly restored and remastered. Twenty killer tracks from B.B. King's 1950s heyday, including quite a few alternate takes and a few tough-to-locate items ("Bye Bye Baby," "Dark Is the Night," "Jump with You Baby"). Many of the titles are familiar ones -- "Woke Up This Morning," "Every Day (I Have the Blues)," "Please Love Me," "Whole Lotta Love" -- but often as not, compiler Ray Topping unearthed contrasting versions from the same sessions that shed new, fascinating light on King's studio techniques.

01. Boogie Woogie Woman (2:47)
02. Past Day (3:16)
03. I Gotta Find My Baby (2:47)
04. Bye Bye Baby (2:30)
05. Woke Up This Morning (My Baby's Gone) (3:02)
06. Please Love Me (2:52)
07. Blind Love (3:07)
08. When My Heart Beats Like A Hammer (2:57)
09. Whole Lotta Love (3:09)
10. That Ain't The Way To Do It (2:21)
11. Everyday (2:36)
12. Let's Do The Boogie (2:26)
13. Dark Is The Night (Part 1) (2:40)
14. Dark Is The Night (Part 2) (2:44)
15. Why I Sing The Blues (2:46)
16. Everything I Do Is Wrong (2:28)
17. The Woman I Love (2:53)
18. Jump With Your Baby (2:13)
19. Troubles, Troubles, Troubles (3:37)
20. Crying Won't Help You (2:56)



guinea pig said...


Jamie Garner said...

bb played a lot more guitar in the early days- listening to this era, it's easy to see why he was the guitarist to steal licks from.

a fantasic share, thanks!

Anonymous said...

Good la........................................

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