Saturday, May 29, 2010

Steppenwolf The Second

As far as I'm concerned, Steppenwolf the Second may be Steppenwolf's best overall album. It entirely features original material, without any ineffective tracks. This album is known for the excellent but overplayed Magic Carpet Ride, yet there were plenty of other highlights. The opening track rocks hard, and could have been another biker anthem along the lines of Born to Be Wild. There were plenty of other highlights including the protest rocking Don't Step On the Grass Sam, creative ballad Spiritual Fantasy, and well structured pop songs such as None of Your Doing and 28. 28 may have been partially hindered by Edmonton's sub-par vocals, but the song itself was a quality composition in lyrics, melody, and chord selection. A successful lengthy blues suite dominated the majority of the second side, before segueing into the hangover like final track, Reflections. This album is uniformly strong, and recommended for those who buy albums, rather than best-of compilations.

01-faster than the speed of life
02-tighten up your wig
03-none of your doing
04-spiritual fantasy
05-don't step on the grass, sam
07-magic carpet ride
08-disappointment number (unknown)
09-lost and found by trial and error
10-hodge podge strained through a leslie


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