Sunday, May 23, 2010

The Bambi Molesters As The Dark Wave Swells

Stole the text from Trustar (see links), thanks bud.

SPECTACULAR instro - no s**t.

From Chris Pearce's Interview with Dalibor Pavicic

OK, let’s start with the obvious first question and one which I’m sure you’ve been asked to many times; how does Croatia come to be the home of one of the world’s finest contemporary surf bands?

Unfortunately, our country's rating is currently so low and has been too often connected with Balkan war games. For this very reason I'm not surprised that people often ask similar questions. I mean, the right question would be "Is there any kind of music in Croatia?". It is a kind of exotic thing to play a surf music in Croatia but not more exotic than playing surf music in Germany or Italy. It has certainly different feel than the music which comes from US probably because of the fact that we don't surf and don't have an ocean view. I guess you can feel that in our music.

Can you give us a concise history of the Bambi Molesters?

It was back in 1994 when Dinko and I decided to form the band. At first we thought to play only covers but I came up with few originals and than we found Lada (bass) and Hrvoje (drums). In 1995 we released our first tape called The Bambi Molesters Play Out of Tune for an independent label, Listen Loudest. Soon afterwards Plastic Bomb from Germany released our first 7" single with 4 songs (2 of them with vocals). Sometime in 1996 we sent a tape from another recording session to KFJC DJ Phil Dirt and he gave us a very good review. That is when we really decided to play only instrumentals. In May 1997 the band recorded material for their first CD. 16 tracks were recorded in Croatia and then sent to Phil Dirt who did mixing, production and mastering. The CD titled Dumb Loud Hollow Twang was released in October 1997 on Dirty Old Town independent label.

I always liked the name The Bambi Molesters. How did it come about?

It is a sort of an internal joke and it has nothing to do with animals or molesting. The name came as a joke referring to one of our friends who fell in love with a girl nicknamed Bambi. Of course she couldn't care less about him and he didn't want to quit. Not that he was molesting her or something. I think you get the idea. We were mostly into the comic called Hate at that time, so we felt like it was an appropriate name for the band. We often thought about changing the name because it has nothing to do with the music we play, but...

1. as the dark wave swells (4:33)
2. the kiss-off (3:38)
3. wrong turn (3:13)
4. point of no return (3:57)
5. into the crimson sunset (3:14)
6. panic party (3:09)
7. lazy girls hangout (4:19)
8. siboney (3:19)
9. mindbender (2:25)
10. thunderin' guitars (1:39)
11. rising east (4:21)

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Unknown said...

you asked why good surf from croatia?
well i got a theory, keep in mind i'm generally clueless, but here is something i noticed once.
i keep a note pad by the computer and make various stations on pandora, very minimal arguments to see where it takes me, and when ever i hear something i like i write it down. i spend way too much money since i started that, but i have discovered all kinds of neat stuff. anyway, i seeded a station for polkas, and i bet half the music i was gettin was surf stuff, which suited me fine but i wonder? according to the criteria at pandora, polkas and surf have much of the same tempo, melody etc. croatian music is not necessarily polka, but i think it has many of the same qualities, so jumpin on the surf music is a natural perhaps?
btw thank you for the music, i just downloaded it so i can't say much at this point, but i do appreciate you taking the time to rip it and put it up. there's just so much new old music out there to find, man i can't keep up, i need to retire just to hit the garage sales and library sales. thanx b

Tick, Trick und Track said...

My name is reinhard and i am running glitterhouse records. we just relased this album and I ask you to take the link down. the label and the band needs to make some money from selling records and if this is contuing the way it does there will be no more small labels and bands soon. don't tell me that stuff like this brings in new fans. this is bullshit. you can post a few tracks without asking and encouraging others to listen to it and buy it. but "sharing" brandnew albums is not right. it cost a lot of money to record and release this album. you are not going to allow me to "share" your car, do you? so take the link down, please.


ΜΟΛΩΝ ΛΑΒΕ said...

Not only great surf music but fantastic firearms. Springfield Armory out of Croatia provides my nightstand home protection in .40 caliber. Who knew.

DaBoss said...

As you can see - link done. This is great stuff go buy it. It's worth it.

阿楊 said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Unknown said...

Spectacular instro, yet douchebag reps. Thanks anyway for trying to post this

Davide said...

this is a hell of a record!
go buy it!
i had it already, but thanks to this blog,
and of course glitterhouse and bambi molesters

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