Saturday, May 29, 2010

Susan and the Surftones - Fluid Drive

Fun surf twang. A bunch of unlikely covers for a surf band. "Come Together" will take you back through the looking glass to the late '60's. Check out their other 2 Beatles cover albums. There's a connection between The Myddle Class ("Free as the Wind" and The Velvet Underground ("I Can't Stand It) you know what it is? Yes, Terry Knight and the Pack's "I (Who Have Nothing") was also covered by Tom Jones.
Live version of Rodgers and Hart's "Blue Moon" should have been released in the "50's. Original spy tunes "Odinocki" and "Question of the Night", breezy surf "Bahama Breeze", a Bo Diddley-inspired tune named after their neighbor's cat "Ramona Ritz" and one that, well, we don't know what it is but it'll make you smile "Fluid Drive". There are also two very live originals "Tiki Kiki" and "Leopard Spots" recorded along with "Blue Moon" in Phil Dirt's Pit at KFJC. These tracks feature the West Coast SurfTones.

1. Fluid Drive 2. I (Who Have Nothing) 3. Bahama Breeze 4. Come Together 5. Question of the Night 6. Free as the Wind 7. Ramona Ritz 8. Odinocki 9. I Can't Stand It 10. Tiki Kiki (live) 11. Leopard Spots (live) 12. Blue Moon (live)


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