Friday, May 7, 2010

The Hawaiians - Hula on Mars

Ear-catching bubblegum surf punk from Westerkappeln, Germany. The Groovie Ghoulies, The Queers, and The Travoltas meets The Beach Boys and The Ramones. A very weird, but nevertheless well working blend. Great tunes, nice lyrics, cool vocals, plus a huge chunk of 50's Rock 'N Roll. This sunny beach record make you happy and proud to be alive for a moment.

01.Intro 02.Hula On Mars 03.Wild Cat Somp 04.I Wanna Have My Fun 05.(move On Faster) Little G.t.o. 06.Hawaiians Wanna Dance 07.Just For You 08.Rock'n'roll Overdose 09.My Baby's Got Mystery Feet 10.Teeny Weeny Wop 11.Here Comes The Monkey 12.Do The Kangaroo 13.Vampire Girl 14.You Won't Be 15.Waikiki Playbeat Club 16.Blitzkrieg Rock'n'roll 17.Travoltas Summer (i Don't Wanna Go Home Tonight)


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