Saturday, May 15, 2010

Ed Alleyne-Johnson Purple Electric Violin Concerto

I first heard of Ed Alleyne Johnson when he worked with Justin Sullivan and New Model Army on their 1989 "Thunder and Consolation" album (a brilliantalbum, btw,. I didn't realize it was him at the time, but check out the song "Vagabonds" from that album, and you'll see Ed Alleyne Johnson meshing very well in a rock setting.

A very fine piece of work, specially when you realize that this album was recorded in only one take.In my opinion some backing tracks would benefit the whole opus, like some soft drumming or perhaps other additional voices, but it's just a matter of personal taste. Anyway I like this CD a lot and I think is really worth of a listening for several uncommon reasons: it's a true solo performance, essentially live. Wow.

Be warned that this would generally be classified as a 'classical' album, but it truly lifts that genre to a new level (no cliche intended).

He has since put out a sequel "Electric Violin Concerto 2" which is available online at New Model Army's website (google it), and I highly recommend that one as well.

WARNING: Do NOT get any of his other CDs. They feature his wife singing on bad, bad rock-type songs. The songs are mediocre at best, and her voice... well hopefully any kids will get the dad's talent.

This is an amazing display of artistry, and well worth the listen.

1. Oxford Suite Part 1 2. Oxford Suite Part 2 3. Oxford Suite Part 3 4. Oxford Suite Part 4 5. Inner City Music Part 1 6. Inner City Music Part 2 7. Inner City Music Part 3 8. Inner City Music Part 4 9. Improvisation 10. Concrete Eden


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