Friday, May 7, 2010

Lorraine Feather - New York City Drag

Lorraine takes it upon herself to compose lyrics to classic instrumental Fats Waller Rags. It's like stumbling onto a treasure trove of standards, that amazingly were written just recently. Her lyrics and vocal performances can't be matched. The tunes are at once moody and evocative "New York City Drag", hilarious "You're Outta Here" (which is an instant classic) and modern and witty "Too Good Looking". Special mention must be paid to her wonderful musical support -- the amazing Dick Hyman and Mike Lang and all the others.

1. You're Outta Here (based on "The Minor Drag") 2:45 2. Too Good Lookin' (based on "Blue Black Bottom") 4:00 3. California Street (based on"Bond Street") 3:37 4. Gal on the Side Part II - She's Gettin' Some (based on "Gladyse") 3:21 5. In Living Black and White (based on "Numb Fumblin") 4:30 6. Alligator (based on "Valentine Stomp") 3:05 7. Timeless Rag (based on "Viper's Drag") 3:22 8. Gal on the Side Part I - The Garden Gate (based on "African Ripples") 4:08 9. New York City Drag (based on "Clothes Line Ballet") 3:34 10. Jukebox (based on "Fractious Fingering") 2:35 11. You and Yours (based on "Chelsea") 3:58 12. Cézanne (based on "Smashing Thirds") 3:06



vilstef said...

this is pretty seriously kewl!

wonderful use of Fats'tunes!

majorcurry said...

i look forward to hearing this. Lorraine Feather is the daughter of a legendary Jazz columnist' Leonard Feather. So what, I like her way more.

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