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VA Mondo Drive-In

Break out your 3-D glasses boyz and grrlz. Modern surf as requested. A very hip selection. I especially recommend the Insect Surfers' cover of `Zorba's Dance' as well as the Galaxy Trio's take on `Titoli'. Also of note, Planet Seven do a swingin' rendition of `Laura's Theme', and my one of my all time favorite surf daddies, Satan's Pilgrims, tear off a fab theme from `The Godfather'. Hang on to your hats, Hodads!!

1. The Godfather - Satan's Pilgrims 2. The Ghost And Mr. Chicken - The Tiki Tones 3. Beach Party - The Surf Trio 4. The Angry Breed - The Boardwalkers
5. Casbah - The Exotics 6. Mummy Walk - Thee Phantom 5ive
7. Hold On - Boss Martians 8. Village Of The Giants - The Unclaimed
9. Muscle Beach Party - The Chesterfield Kings
10. Zorba's Dance - The Insect Surfers
11. Titoli (From 'A Fistful Of Dollars') - The Galaxy Trio
12. Bedazzled - Popdefect
13. Chariots of Foam - The Penetrators
14. Lara's Theme - Planet Seven
15. Faster Pussycat - The Neptunas
16. The Words Get Stuck In My Throat - Miss Murgatroid


The Archives of Polish Radio Vol 7 - Typhoons

Radio recordings from the years 1964-1966. In the mid-sixties the Typhoons were the most popular band in Poland, an instrumental ensemble, performing hits from the guitar repertoire of The Shadows, The Ventures and The Spotniks and their own compositions. This release (the first in the history of the Typhoons) contains all the instrumental recordings made for the Polish Radio in the years 1964-1966, and rarities in the form of concert versions of songs, which can be heard first permanent lead singer, John Florczyk. Great stuff, really well recorded. A nice treat - even translated by DaBoss and Babelfish.

1. 1. Białe wzgórza White hills 2. 2. Czas rozmowy Talk time
4. 4. Przed burzą Before the storm 5. Zwrotnik raka Tropic of Cancer
6. 6. Bluzeczka zamszowa Suede blouse 7. 7. Głos prerii Voice of the Prairie 8. 8. Na Ornaku On Ornaku 9. Niepotrzebny parasol Unnecessary umbrella
10. 10. Rozstanie z morzem Parting of the sea 11. Sezam otwarty Open sesame 12. 12. Stalowa woda Steel water
13. 13. Na kosmodromie On kosmodromie
14. 14. Nieoczekiwane rozwiązanie Unexpected solution
15. 15. Optymistyczna melodia Optimistic melody
16. 16. Przez mrok By darkness
17. 17. Spacer przy księżycu A walk in the moonlight
18. 18. Tramwaj numer 24 Tram number 24
19. 19. Białem wzgórza White hills
20. 20. Droga na księżyc The road to the moon
21. 21. Powiem nie I will say no
22. 22. Tramwaj mumer 24 Tram mumer 24
23. 23. Zwrotnik raka Tropic of Cancer
24. 24. Dom wschodzącego słońca House of the rising sun
25. 25. Taniec z szablami Saber Dance
26. 26. Sygnał zespołu tajfuny Signal band typhoons
27. 27. Ej, ta droga Hey, this road
28. 28. My i Oni Us and Them
29. 29. Bo róża też kolce ma Because Rose has thorns too
30. 30. Dlaczego niedźwiedź w zimie śpi Why the bear in winter sleep



The Denvermen Avenger VI Let's Go Surfside 2fer

The Denvermen
Australia has long been a Mecca for surfers. They also have been more influenced by the Euro sound (Shadows, et. al.) than the American surf sound.

On the one hand, the Avengers VI were a relatively small time band that connected to some interesting promotional opportunities not availed to others. And while not a stellar album, it is amazing to see this finally out on CD, and from tape sources instead of vinyl. Infinitely richer sounding than the LP, this is an important part of the surf epic, and a fascinating glimpse into the lower echelon bands of the era. They didn't actually release their album as a commercial release. Both this album, and the Mrs. Faruki's Suzuki collection were issued strictly as promotional devices for Good Humor and Suzuki, and not for general sale. Some tracks were not well recorded, and some not well mixed, while others were brilliant slices of trad surf. The band was from Southern California, with Jim Ferguson - lead, Jim Goodwin - rhythm, Rick Bastrup - rhythm, Curt Pickles - bass, Mike DeYoung - keyboards, and Bob Gallant - drums. "Time Bomb" c/w "Slaughter On Tenth Avenue" were issued as Mark 56 single 202 in February, 1966. This album came out in 1964.

To get the cover art for the Avengers IV go to Black Sea Surfer - another way cool surf etc blog - he posted it along with the covers of other klassic surf albums.


1.Surf City Stomp2.On The Beach3.Mystery Wave4.Surfside Romance
5.Ho-Dad 6.Surfers Cha Cha 7.Back Rip 8.Lets Go Surfin 9.Spanish Sands
10.Quiet Beach 11.Surf Patrol 12.Surfers Blues


1.Heartbeat 2.Downtown 3.Mr.Lucky 4.None But The Brave 5.Good Humor Stomp 6.Slaughter On 10th Avenue 7.Pipeline 8.Summer Place 9.Peter Gunn 10.Time Bomb


Calibro 35 ST

Digging through dusty vinyl crates led to the discovery of italian '60s and '70s film soundtracks, and as a result, Italian band Calibro 35 who specialise in creating playlists from cult Italian movies - some of which have been used in Quentin Tarantino movies.

It features a playlist that includes well known movie themes as well as rare compositions: from classic Morricone’s “Indagine su Un Cittadino al di sopra di Ogni Sospetto” to Micalizzi’s “Italia a Mano Armata” and Cipriani’s “La polizia Sta a Guardare” (both used by Quentin Tarantino in his movies), from “Milano Kaliber 9” (Luis Bacalov) to the experimental “Giornata Nera per l’Ariete” (Morricone again). Armando Trovajoli’s lost masterpiece “La Mala Ordina” (the original master was created during the ‘70s) has been re-recorded respecting its original structure and sound while the cinematic dancefloor hit “Gangster Story” will help you remember the chic Alfa Giulia car chases of the era. Cool groves throughout.

1. Italia a Mano Armata (3:12)2. Summertime Killer (4:04)3. Notte in Bovisa (2:13)4. Indagine su un cittadino al di sopra di ogni sospetto (3:44)
5. Milano calibro 9 (Bouchet funk) (2:39)6. Trafelato (4:33)7. Una Stanza Vuota (2:51)8. La mala ordina (3:14)9. La Polizia s'Incazza (2:20)
10. Preludio (2:56)11. Gangster Story (4:24)12. Spiralys (6:13)
13. Shake Balera (2:08)14. L'Appuntamento (5:02)


Ennio Morricone - Danger Diabolik

This is an "unofficial" soundtrack, but it's the closest we're going to get I'm afraid because the original tapes were said to have been destroyed in a fire. Enjoy!

This was the last movie shown on MST3K....when Mike and the bots made it back to Earth.

Ennio Morricone, like him or dislike him, he has made his stamp upon the cinematic world for the last 45 years. A product of the Italian school of film scoring he has composed literally hundreds of scores for both european and american movies. Some scores are classics of their genre, some unique and some, as somebody once said, like listening to 30 minutes of vacuum cleaning! Both brilliant or frustrating , melodic or disturbing one cannot deny he is a force to be reckoned with.
Danger:Diabolik or Diabolik as it was known in its native land was based on the popular "Fumetti" comic strips of the 1960's. These massively popular strips regarding a master criminal and his constant evasion of the law are still as popular today. Director Mario Bava brought this phenomenon to the screen in 1968 with john philip Law in the starring role.
The score is indicative of the times a wildly fantastic mix of jazz, funk and orchestral drive, each track either based on leitmotifs for the central characters or in many cases coming in from left field with a new melody. The Title song sung by Italian songstress "Christy" is sultry and melodic and permeates the score throughout. The stand out tracks are "extracting AU from H2O and Under Wah Wah, crazy titles but left entirely to themselves onscreen they are perfect examples of how important Italian film makers regarded the score within a film.
Written in 1968 at his most inventive period Morricone brings musical identity to this strange but compelling character. His playful musicality is counterpointed by at times sinister orchestration and the Cantori Moderni are in fine form.
This album one should be aware appears to be the score lifted from a laserdisc and some sound effects and dialogue are evident. But as the original masters are deemed to have been lost in a studio fire it is unlikely that the score, which never even made it onto vinyl, will ever see the light of day. Claims like these have been proved wrong many times in the past. This to all intents and purposes is a legitimate release and can be hard to find. If you are a fan of composer or of the eclectic, snap it up at once.

01. Deep Down (03:09)02. Yes Sir, No Sir (Dialogue) (00:23)03. Charading Chaffeurs in Wait (00:59)04. Driving Decoys (02:08)05. Into the Cave (02:53)06. Diabolik's Hide-out (01:52)07. The Shower (Deep Down Two) (01:25)08. Logical Suggestion (Dialogue) (00:25)09. Money Orgy (02:09)
10. Criminal/Justice Solution (Dialogue) (00:44)11. Headlines (Organ Freakout 1) (00:33)12. Valmont's Go-Go Pad (03:38)13. Dumped by Dimockracy (Dialogue) (00:41)14. Eva's Holy Dress (Deep Down Three) (01:33)15. Diabolik Capture - Conference (Dialogue) (00:33)16. Gunfight at Red Sands (01:33)17. Eva's Sketchy I.D. (Dialogue) (00:59)18.Metamorphosis (Organ Freakout 2) (00:33)19. Emerald Bikini (Deep Down Four) (01:28)20. Doctor Vinear's I.D. Prescription (Dialogue) (01:11)21. Downhill Decoy (00:30)22. Vinear's X-Out Session/Death/Life (Dialogue) (02:51)23. Jenko's Plan Derails (00:33)24. Guiness's Gold Bar (Dialogue) (00:40)25. Bubbles (Extracting Au from H20) (01:22)
26. Underwater Wah-Wah (02:51)27. Now Go!!! (00:41)28. Eva Alone (Dialogue) (00:09)29. The Pyrite Wink (Deep Down Five) (01:57)
30. Last Laff (00:28)31. Deep Down (Parade 5052) (03:03)
32. O.K. Connery (Parade 5035) (03:03)33. Valmont (Underworld Don) Philosophises (00:38)34. [Untitled] (03:04)


The New Mastersounds-This Is What We Do

'After gaining respectability through backing jazz funk masters like Lou Donaldson, and popularity through opening for groups like the Greyboy Allstars, NMS have, on their third release, hit their stride. Much like their American counterparts Soulive, NMS know how to work tight riffs and taut melodies into wild, extended jams.' (Japan Times)
'Tight old-school funk from Britain, with healthy dollops of soul-jazz and a little blues mixed in. It's all instrumentals and all live (no samplers or turntables required, thank you), with a solid 60s/70s sound that'll make you think of The Meters. A rollicking good time!' (KZTU Review)

1. Zambezi (3:51) 2. All I Want (Right Now) (4:15)3. Tin Drum (Featuring Sam Bell) (3:33)4. You Got It All (2:58)5. Land Of Nod (7:48)6. Ain't No Telling (3:00)7. Minx (4:53)8. Afternoon At Gigi's (3:43)9. Pure (Featuring Sam Bell) (4:08)10. La Cova (2:51)11. Baby Bouncer (3:13)12. Vandenburg Suite (3:38)


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Strictly Instrumental 11 FCCL EXCLUSIVE!!

This is it! The final installment in the series so far - you got it 1st right here!!!
More great instros.

1. Lemon Lime - The Tempests
2. R. R. Boogie - The Rhythm Rockers
3. Chug-a-Lug - The Viscounts
4. War Paint - The Rebel Rouserst
5. Flintales Rock - The Flintalesk
6. Shortnin' Bread - The Fabulous Playboys
7. Midnight - The Tempests
8. Let Down - The Marlins
9. Poor Boy - The Royaltones 10. Dig - The Viscounts 11. Breaker - The Polaras 12. Comin' Through - The Rhythmics 13. Do It - The Countdowns
14. Razorback - The Savoys 15. Wail! - The Royaltones 16. Saw Mill Run - The Marlins 17. Hanky-Panky - Jay Brown & the Jets 18. Chicken Run - Alfredo Mendieta & Guitar 19. Besame Mucho - The Rhythmics 20. Downshiftin - The Ree-Gents 21. Egghead - Al Allen 22. Tension - Jay Bee & the Kats 23. Curfue - The Scavengers 24. Breaktime - The Bel-Tones 25. Shazam #1 - Mitch Wayne & the United Sounds 26. Count Down - The Tempests 27. Rocking the Guitar - Jay Brown & the Jets 28. Spring Time Rock - Jimmie Volk


Impala El Rancho Reverbo

As promised - here you go for your listening enjoyment. See Night of The Sirens for more extensive band info. One of th best Modern Surf bands ever!!!

1 - El Rancho Impala :31 2 - Odalisque Impala 2:10
3 - Ronnie and the Renegades Impala 1:27
4 - Wild Night at the Bloody Bucket Impala 2:43
5 - Last Tango in Turrell Impala 2:49 6 - What the Astronauts Drink Impala 1:58 7 - Anna Vienna Impala 3:41 8 - Open All Night Impala 1:38
9 - Taos Pueblo Impala 1:5110 - Have You Seen This Man? Impala 2:15
11 - Derailed Impala 2:21 12 - Endsville Impala 2:26 13 - Hell of a Woman Impala 2:46 14 - Ltd A-Go Go [*] Impala 2:46 15 - Mr. Here Impala 2:10
16 - Experiment in Terror/Stalkin' [*] Eddy, Hazzelwood, Mancini 3:07


Ekseption ST

In their eight year existence, Ekseption came as close as any group from the European continent ever did to stealing the thunder of early classical-rock outfits such as the Nice and rivaling the early work of Emerson, Lake & Palmer. In Holland they charted singles based on classical compositions and released successful concept albums, and were -- along with Focus -- the top progressive rock band in the Dutch-speaking world.This is their first album - someone other than Yes and ELP in the classical prog rock area. Decent.

Link fixed - solly'boutdat.

01 - The 5th 02 - Dharma For One 03 - Little X Plus 04 - Sabre Dance
05 - Air 06 - Brutal Fire Dance 07 - Rhapsody In Blue 08 - This Here
09 - Dance Macabre Opus 10 - Canvas


Strictly Instrumental 10

Getting to the end of this great series.
1. Avalanche - Don & the Galaxiex
2. Blue Diddle - Norman Moon
3. Invasion - The Invaders
4. Three Gassed Rats - Handclappers
5. Riglolo Rock - Tremolos
6. Sham-Rock - The Tempos
7. Alarm Clock Rock - Gene Bianco 8. Sundown - Don & the Galaxiex
9. Speed Limit - The Twisters 10. Twisted Fender - Jonnie & The Cyclones
11. Pickin Cotton - Crown T's 12. Heart Attack - Jack & The Rippers
13. Turtle - Monterays 14. Scrub Bucket - Jonnie & The Cyclones
15. Grazin - Ronnie Robens & The Mai-Kais 16. It's Tough - The Tempos
17. Hound Dog - Ranging Storms 18. (It's A) Stick Shift - Raiders 19. Womp-Womp - Freddie & the Heartaches 20. Head's Up - The Dell-Tones
21. Comanche! - Originals 22. Downbeat - Raiders 23. Blackout - Commanders 24. Weird - Bob Vidone & The Rhythm Rockers 25. Scramble - Paragons 26. Honey Walk - Crazy Crickets 27. Night Flight - Originals
28. Studio Blues - The Highlights 29. Big Rumble - Jimmy & The Gems
30. Count Down 1-2-3 - The Twisters


Funkadelic Maggot Brain

Funkadelic was George Clinton's chance to get serious. Unlike Parliament, Funkadelic exhibited topical lyrics and an almost heavy-metal edge, one that included screeching, distorted guitar and unsettling musical turns. This 1971 album, Funkadelic's second release, catches the ensemble in its early prime. The Hendrix-inspired dramatics come courtesy of Eddie Hazel, while Bernie Worrell admirably handles the keyboard chores. Clinton's humorous, sober lyrics address poverty, race relations, and drug use. Musically, the band covers lots of ground: Everything from smooth soul and heavy rock to abstract psychedelia and straight-on funky grooves has a place, and these jarring shifts are what make the album a revolutionary work. --Marc Greilsamer

The Psych instro Maggot Brain is worth it by itself.

1. Maggot Brain 2. Can You Get To That 3. Hit It And Quit It 4. You And Your Folks 5. Me And My Folks 6. Super Stupid 7. Back In Our Minds/Wars Of Armageddon


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Impala - Night Full of Sirens Repost

In my opinion, Impala was one of the greatest, and easily the most underrated of the recent instrumental surf revivalists – hailing from Memphis, Tn, no less. This is an outstanding compendium of their best pieces. Slow, sensuous, sleazy sax over the fast pulse of a great rhythm section. Exotic, melodic guitar riffs instead of the usual tube-amp thrash that tries to pass itself off as surf these days. This album creates a beautifully sleazy, neon-lit pulsating world. What a great way to start a new post!

1. Ltd A Go Go 2. Mr. Here 3. Taos Pueblo 4. Experiment In Terror / Stalkin'
5. Hell Of A Woman 6. Odalisque 7. Ronnie And The Renegades
8. Wild Night At The Bloody Bucket 9. Last Tango In Turrell
10. Anna Vienna 11. Incident On The 10Th Floor 12. The Hearse
13. King Louie Stomp 14. Nothing More Than Murder 15. Penetration
16. Venus Flytrap 18. Epilogue 19. Squad Car 20. Tomb Of The Tupelo Twin
21. Blue Light Of Capricorn 22. Night Full Of Sirens 23. Herculanium
24. Rope Of Sand 25. Choctaw 26. Jet Action Brunette 27. Cozy Corner 28. The Scratch 29. Makin' It 30. Amarillo

Removed by request

Torquays Return Engagement

These tracks are extracted from the very fine previously released CD's from Garden Grove's Torquays. If you don't know about the Torquays, you need to. Steve Soest's band is staffed by superb musicians, and the writing is exceptional. All solid, tremendously well played and produced, authentic surf instrumental music with just a bit of modern sense. The Torquays take the audience to a musical era that is as fresh today as it was in the days of Hot Rods, Hodads, Greasers and Gremmies. There are some previously unreleased live tracks here too. Totally great!

Twilight At Trestles / Tide Pool Q / Dead Sea Stroll / Twitchin' / El Sleazo Chorizo / Nervous Tic / Pit Stop / Hodad / Holiday / Wig-Wham / Ding / Instant Bull / Rip Curl / Sunset Cruise / Splash Zone / 365-Day Weekend / El Baile De Los / Chupacabras / Johnny Cochino / Trilobite / Speedboat [Live] / Milagro Del Mar [Live] / The Pike [Live] / Undertow [Live] / Attack Of The Flying Squirrels [Live] / Roswell Rodeo (Rare Demo)



Strictly Instrumental V8

Rock a doodle doo!!
01. Dial Tones, The - Boss 02:23
02. Anderson, Jim - Hootenanny Special 02:11
03. Tremolos - Kackle 01:50
04. Atmospheres, The - The Fickle Chicken 01:59
05. Tennessee, Grace - Pow Wow 02:27
06. Noblemen - Dirty Robber 01:52 07. Burdo, Dick - Brushfire 02:12
08. Pyramids, The - Pyramid's Stomp 02:00 09. Montereys, The - Rocker 01:48 10. Wally Ant The Rights - Zipper 02:01 11. Jerry Lee Trio - Warpath 02:36 12. Renegades, The - Charge 02:00 13. Arrow, Red - Red Skin Rumble 01:54 14. Pyramids, The - Paul 02:09 15. Teddy and the Rough Riders - Thunder Head 02:03 16. Morton, Ray - Whirlwind 02:29 17. Smith, Eddie - Upturn 02:11 18. Saints, The - Playboy 02:14 19. Uniques, The - Renegade 01:50 20. The Chessmen - Dark Eyes 02:01 21. Cannon, Ace - Big Shot 02:14
22. Leon Smith - Dynamic 02:06 23. Taylor, Bob - Thunder 02:45 24. Epkon's, The - Horsefly 02:09 25. Admiral Tones, The - Rocksville, Pa. 02:13
26. Mysterions, The - Down Hill 02:26 27. Live Wires, The - One Cycle Venture 02:45 28. Thrasher, The - Sledge Hammer 02:14 29. Leon Smith - Windfall 02:01 30. Smith, Eddie - Border Beat 02:20


La Otracina - Blood Moon Riders

Have you ever had the feeling that music just overwhelms you so much it’s like being hit by the Stendahl syndrome? Well, I’m once again overwhelmed by La Otracina. Not just because the music is astoundingly brilliant, but also because they once again change their musical direction. It’s still founded in über well played progressive spacerock, but this record is more floating and more drowned in a wall of sonic overdrive than previous efforts.

The backbone is the completely fit rhythm group of Adam Kriney and Evan Sobel. On top you have magnificent guitar work by Ninni Morgia and layers of epic electronics to melt it all together. The band describes their music as: “a swirling myth of hard-psych witchery, progressive rock insanity, fuzzed-out jazz-rock wizardry, and epic space-metal fantasy!” Ohhh yeah, that comes pretty close …

Most captivating is the 15 min monstrous work of “Inner Mind Journey” that for sure takes your senses to a long spacey inner journey. This is progressive acid space rock making Sun Ra look like a midget – well, maybe not, but get the idea of a band able to freak completely and more competently than most modern avant garde artists. Another brain blast is “Zunblazer” led by monstrous pumping bass and drums with swirling guitar on top for 3:30 min before turning into a dreamingly floating and melodic piece and in the end drifting away into almost dark psych.

La Otracina is a well built smooth music machine; it’s the big block motor of modern rockin' free jazz. It’s a trip – and you’re gonna like it!

1.Inner Mind Journey 2. Ballad of the Hot Ghost Mama p1 3. Zunblazer 4. Ballad of the Hot Ghost Mama p2 5 Drifted Memory


Strictly Instrumental V9

No secretes here. More cool instros at a blazin' 320. Rock out. 1. Hold Up - Emik Spak w/The Encores
2. Big Beat Boogie - Sammy Berk
3. Wildfire - The Vibrants
4. Kentucky Blue Grass - Ward Darby w/Cy Wagner Orch. 5. Percision - The Royals 6. Scorpion - The Vibrants
7. Cool Martini - The Blue Jeans 8. Ireland Express - The Shufflers 9. Slumber - The Shufflers 10. Trapped - Kurt & the Kapers 11. Live Drive - Terry & the Renegades 12. Get Off The Road - Lenny & the Continentals 13. Yankee Doodle Rock - Lenny & the Continentals 14. Something Wild - The Corvairs 15. Thunder Rock - T-Birds 16. Cocklebur - Tiny Fuller 17. Wild - The Vanguards 18. Riot - The Tornadoes 19. Blitzkrieg - The Penetrators 20. Wild Fire - The Run-A-Bouts 21. Groovey - Grubworm - Consolations 22. Mile Zero - The Futures 23. War Cry - The Ramrods
24. Red Headed Flea - The Caps 25. Concussion - The Holidays 26. Raymond's Beat - Ray McArthurs Hill Stoppers 27. Tarantula - Jody Reynolds & the Storms 28. Warpath - Jackie Lowell w/Duane Diamond & the Astronauts 29. Mon-Goose - Kurt & the Kapers 30. Billy's Blues - The Starfires


Al Caiola - Warm & Mellow

Along with Tony Mottola, the "first call" guitarist in New York City for over thirty years. Both men were prolific studio musicians and the stalwarts of countless "Percussion" albums: Mottola's for Command, Caiola's for Time.

Caiola served in the Marines during World War Two, where he played alongside Bob Crosby and toured much of the Pacific Theater, until the bandmembers were assigned to active combat in the assault on Iwo Jima. After the war, he used the G.I. Bill to study music composition and theory at the New Jersey College of Music.

Not long after graduating, Caiola was hired as a staff musician by CBS radio in New York City, and he has spent much of the subsequent fifty years working in recording and broadcasting studios up and down Manhattan.

The list of artists Caiola worked with is so long and so star-studded that it becomes a bit mind-numbing. It's safe to say that he worked with just about every other New York musician in these pages, as well as pop artists from Tony Bennett to Andy Williams, and most of the mainstream singers in between.

Among his better known collaborations with a singer is the 1958 Columbia album, Open Fire, Two Guitars, on which he and Mottola, both playing acoustical guitars, accompanied Johnny Mathis on an exceptionally warm and beautiful set of ballads.

Cailoa recorded under his own name on a variety of labels: singles on RCA in the early 1950s, small jazz groups on Savoy in the mid-1950s, but he's best known for his very long string of LPs--mostly covers of then-current hits--on United Artists in the 1960s. His covers of the theme songs from "Bonanza" and "The Magnificent Seven" were top 40 hits in 1960-1. Like the Ventures, though, Caiola's own original tunes were often far more interesting to listen to.

At the same time he was recording under his own name for United Artists, Caiola was arranging and leading the Living Guitars for producer Ethel Gabriel's series of Living groups (Strings, Voices, Marimbas, etc.) on RCA's budget label, Camden. A quick glance at the discography below suggests that like fellow session maniacs Dick Hyman and Phil Kraus, Caiola never left the studio between 1961 and around 1972.

Beginning in the 1980s, Caiola cut back on his schedule and began to take a few touring jobs. In 1985, he was the lead guitarist in the band that accompanied Frank Sinatra on his tour of Europe, and he regularly appears with Steve Lawrence and Eydie Gorme in their nightclub and concert performances.

Caiola's best album is undoubtedly Sounds for Spies and Private Eyes, which features a stellar Caiola original, "Underwater Swim," that rates as one of the all-time best spy music tunes and has been included on Capitol's Ultra Lounge series of compilation CDs. Most of the other UA albums are worth a listen, and The Power of Brass, which teams Caiola with a Miami-based brass ensemble of the same name, is a terrific example of genuine "now sounds" music.

01 - Watermelon Man 02 - Temptation 03 - Can't Stop Loving You 04 - Feliz Brailia (Happy Brasilia) 05 - I Can't Give You Anything But Love Baby
06 - Be Mine Tonight 07 - All Of Me 08 - Sugar Island 09 - Alley Cat
10 - Under A Blanket Of Blue


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Interkosmos Liftoff

Wanted to start with something different this week. This is a space rock, psychedelic, jam band from Eastern Europe that's really good. All instro, not as dense as Hawkwind - more like early Pink Floyd with a more modern approach. I was pleasantly surprised with the depth of song construction and musicality. Try it and let me know what you think.

01. Lift Off
02. Hypnotizer
03. Edentrip
04. Kosmos Amigos
05. Floatboat
06. Rockit (not a cover of the great Herbie Hancock song).


Tumbleweeds Dead Man's Hand

Finally some modern surf /instro for you all. Decent, competent twangy instros with a bit of spagetti western feel. Good for background, ipods, car, parties, just not for serious surfin' out. Still worthwhile.

1. Holy Smoke 2. Humble Deeds 3. Sting 4. It's the Mummy! 5. What's on TV This Week? 6. Boogey Man 7. Roll the Dice 8. They Came from the Swamp 9. Hick Dagger 10. Fernandez Hideout 11. Pig Farmer 12. King of Fools 13. Ghost Snake


Thai Funk V1

More goofy goodies from the land of smiles. Some of the bar lounge vocals are hilarious. Enjoy.

1 Pu Yai Lee - Louis Kennedy
2 Luk Ron - Meesak Nakaratch
3 Chee Vit Kon Dum - Chantana Kittiyapan
4 Kun Rod Fai , Pai Rod Bus , Kee Chang , Kang Tent - The Hot Pepper
5 Ka Ma Kon Deay - Ongart Jeerapan
6 Sam Bai - Plearn Promdam
7 Yang Hai Mun Kong - Royal Sprite 8 Kod Hang Kam - Kana TNT 9 5000 Nut - Panadda Chayapark 10 Chown Thur Ten Rum - Pranee Thanasri 11 Rus Pu Tin - Panadda Chayapark 12 Disco Tour - Nakplang Krumklowna 13 Arai Arai Kor Disco - Champoo 14 Sheng Ra Bert - Buppa Saichol 15 Khow Tai Doey Loak Puin - Chairai Chaiyata / Sawanee Pattana 16 Sa Ra Wan - Chantana Kittiyapan 17 Nam Man Pang - Sroeng Santi 18 Do It (Till Your Satisfied) - The Impossible


Strictly Instrumental v6

More great instros from the 50's and 60's.

01. Bobby Mizzell - Knockout 02:46
02. The Nobles - Black Widow 02:29
03. The Runabouts - Lobo 02:18
04. Mike Pettit & The Stags - It's A Reamer 02:29 05. The Runabouts - After Effects 02:16 06. The Nobles - Jaguar 02:28
07. The Rock Kings - Runaway 02:37
08. Bernie Moore - Rock Guitar Rock 02:17 09. The Darts - Rocking 01:53 10. Red Coats - Monongahela 02:03 11. The Diminshuns - Firewater 02:31 12. Percy & The Rockin' Aces - Dizzee 02:21 13. Red Coats - Midnight And Paul Revere 02:08
14. The Tree Tops - Tinkel Bones 01:33 15. Rohny Lofton & The Damangos - El Diablo 02:26 16. The Vi-Kings - Desert Boots 02:10 17. The Royaltones - Creeping Thunder 02:29 18. Pete Ronstadt & The Nightbeats - Nightbeat 02:00 19. The Poor Boys - Driftin' 01:53 20. The Nevegan's - Russian Roulette 02:06 21. The S&H Scamps - Swampin' 01:49 22. Tony Sperry & The Quarter Notes - The Shock 02:29
23. The Imperials - Avalanche 02:32 24. The Five Sounds - Clumsy Dragon 02:31
25. The Strangers - This Brave New World 02:23 26. Hank Hankins - My Old Kentucky Home Rock 02:15 27. The Revels - Comanche 02:11 28. Night Owls - Stompin' 02:07 29. Jimmy & Stan - Tahiti 02:30 30. The Nevegan's - One-Armed Bandit 02:20


High Fly Orchestra Mambo Atomico

The Hi-Fly Orchestra means all-acoustic jazz with a totally infectious and heavy dancegroove that always get the crowd on the floor. The great sound of 60's jazz, latin and samba, returning to its grooviest roots! THFO was founded in 2005 by Jerker Kluge and Florian Riedl. Though played by young musicians, who are influenced by all kinds of todays music, the intent was to create music that sounds as hip as the classic jazz records of the blue note era. Music to dance, without Dj's, electronics or samples, just pure acoustic music! The heavy and rough rhythms are played by drums, double-bass, congas and piano, supporting the wonderful horn-lines by sax and trombone. The high musicality of the 6 members of THFO and the original sound of their instruments assure the most authentic perfomance with absolute high-energy playing!

1. Carioquinha (4:43) 2. Polonesa (3:37) 3. Crosstown Traffic (3:25) 4. Mrs Shing a Ling (4:16) 5. Hi Fly Stomp (3:20) 6. Mambo Atomico (6:14) 7. Afro-Boo (4:39)
8. Chove Chuva (3:49) 9. Gettin' Down (3:59) 10. The New B! (4:52) 11. Sp Samba (3:22)


Strictly Instrumental v7

You Know what you get.

01. The Rialtos & Freddie Thomas - Like Thunder 02:15
02. The Ox Tones - Mickey 01:52
03. Hial King & His Newports - Death Valley 02:08
04. Phil Baugh - Bumble Twist 01:43
05. Ted Russel & His Rhythm Rockers - Brang 02:12 06. Ted Russel & His Rhythm Rockers - Real Cool 02:18 07. The Astronauts - Blues Beat 01:49 08. Uncle Hix & The Happy Six - C Boogie 02:03
09. The Down Beats - Craig's Crazy Boogie 02:38 10. Freddy Countryman - The Raven 02:15 11. Hayward Davis & His Quintet - Bubble Gum Rock 03:12
12. The Deltones - Hit & Run 01:55 13. Freddy Countryman - Back Up And Push 02:38 14. The Jesters - Side Track 02:08 15. The Storms - Thunder 02:23 16. The Titans - Reveille Rock 02:38 17. The Devrons - Battle Hymn 01:52 18. The Monarchs - Friday Night 02:06 19. The Rhythm Rockers - Madness 02:36 20. The Devrons - Brand X 01:36 21. The Tarantulas - Like Spellbound 01:44 22. King Rock & The Knights - Scandal 02:11 23. B.B. Cunningham - Pagan Rock 02:10 24. Rangers - Four On The Floor 01:45 25. Tommy Hudson & The Savoys - Rock It 02:32 26. The Prem Airs - Premier Rock 02:06 27. The Savoys - Slappin' Rods And Leaky Oil 02:03
28. King Rock & The Knights - Send-Di 01:59 29. H.E. Ferrell & His No.1 Boys - She Giggles 02:42 30. The Bobby Nelson Quartet - Dum Drums 01:

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