Saturday, March 27, 2010

The New Mastersounds-This Is What We Do

'After gaining respectability through backing jazz funk masters like Lou Donaldson, and popularity through opening for groups like the Greyboy Allstars, NMS have, on their third release, hit their stride. Much like their American counterparts Soulive, NMS know how to work tight riffs and taut melodies into wild, extended jams.' (Japan Times)
'Tight old-school funk from Britain, with healthy dollops of soul-jazz and a little blues mixed in. It's all instrumentals and all live (no samplers or turntables required, thank you), with a solid 60s/70s sound that'll make you think of The Meters. A rollicking good time!' (KZTU Review)

1. Zambezi (3:51) 2. All I Want (Right Now) (4:15)3. Tin Drum (Featuring Sam Bell) (3:33)4. You Got It All (2:58)5. Land Of Nod (7:48)6. Ain't No Telling (3:00)7. Minx (4:53)8. Afternoon At Gigi's (3:43)9. Pure (Featuring Sam Bell) (4:08)10. La Cova (2:51)11. Baby Bouncer (3:13)12. Vandenburg Suite (3:38)


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