Saturday, March 6, 2010

Interkosmos Liftoff

Wanted to start with something different this week. This is a space rock, psychedelic, jam band from Eastern Europe that's really good. All instro, not as dense as Hawkwind - more like early Pink Floyd with a more modern approach. I was pleasantly surprised with the depth of song construction and musicality. Try it and let me know what you think.

01. Lift Off
02. Hypnotizer
03. Edentrip
04. Kosmos Amigos
05. Floatboat
06. Rockit (not a cover of the great Herbie Hancock song).



Pedro Homero said...

thank you DaBoss - i+m getting several albuns out of your blog, all seem great. Keep up the good work, it is highly appreciated, even if i don't usually comment. Greetings from Europe!

alexg said...

found your blog today and i really like it...

just a little info about 'interkosmos'... they are not eastern european, they are from austria. ik is a side-project of a psych-band called 'sula bassana'... if you're interessted in more infos, have a look at

greetz from hamburg/germany

DaBoss said...

Thanks, Alexander. always glad to get correct info. Thanks for discovering - please tell your friends and come visit again.

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