Saturday, March 13, 2010

Torquays Return Engagement

These tracks are extracted from the very fine previously released CD's from Garden Grove's Torquays. If you don't know about the Torquays, you need to. Steve Soest's band is staffed by superb musicians, and the writing is exceptional. All solid, tremendously well played and produced, authentic surf instrumental music with just a bit of modern sense. The Torquays take the audience to a musical era that is as fresh today as it was in the days of Hot Rods, Hodads, Greasers and Gremmies. There are some previously unreleased live tracks here too. Totally great!

Twilight At Trestles / Tide Pool Q / Dead Sea Stroll / Twitchin' / El Sleazo Chorizo / Nervous Tic / Pit Stop / Hodad / Holiday / Wig-Wham / Ding / Instant Bull / Rip Curl / Sunset Cruise / Splash Zone / 365-Day Weekend / El Baile De Los / Chupacabras / Johnny Cochino / Trilobite / Speedboat [Live] / Milagro Del Mar [Live] / The Pike [Live] / Undertow [Live] / Attack Of The Flying Squirrels [Live] / Roswell Rodeo (Rare Demo)



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marino said...

Excellent post.
More, more instrumental modern surf.

suggestion : The Torquays - Somewhere In California

Thank you !

From Brasil

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