Saturday, March 27, 2010

VA Mondo Drive-In

Break out your 3-D glasses boyz and grrlz. Modern surf as requested. A very hip selection. I especially recommend the Insect Surfers' cover of `Zorba's Dance' as well as the Galaxy Trio's take on `Titoli'. Also of note, Planet Seven do a swingin' rendition of `Laura's Theme', and my one of my all time favorite surf daddies, Satan's Pilgrims, tear off a fab theme from `The Godfather'. Hang on to your hats, Hodads!!

1. The Godfather - Satan's Pilgrims 2. The Ghost And Mr. Chicken - The Tiki Tones 3. Beach Party - The Surf Trio 4. The Angry Breed - The Boardwalkers
5. Casbah - The Exotics 6. Mummy Walk - Thee Phantom 5ive
7. Hold On - Boss Martians 8. Village Of The Giants - The Unclaimed
9. Muscle Beach Party - The Chesterfield Kings
10. Zorba's Dance - The Insect Surfers
11. Titoli (From 'A Fistful Of Dollars') - The Galaxy Trio
12. Bedazzled - Popdefect
13. Chariots of Foam - The Penetrators
14. Lara's Theme - Planet Seven
15. Faster Pussycat - The Neptunas
16. The Words Get Stuck In My Throat - Miss Murgatroid



Brandonio! said...

My favorites are the Boardwalkers version of Angry Breed,and "Village of the giants"by the Unclaimed,but at all cost avoid listening to the last one by Miss Murgatroid! I swear the first time I heard disc I could not hit the stop button quick enough.

DaBoss said...

Brandonio - Had a funny incident - was at the pickup/cash window at my Taco Bell picking up snacks and was listening to this disc in the car waiting for food. Just as the Taco Bellian got my bags and was starting to hand it to me through the window the Miss Murgatroid track came on and she was so FREAKED out by the soundz that she startled and dropped my food ALL over the counter. It was pretty funny - her look was priceless in her embarassment. Bad music does have it's comedic uses.

Chris Casey said...

Another great post! Thanks!
Oh..and I am with you guys on the Miss Murgatroid track. But, you have to take the good with the bad and the ugly.

Kevin Maher said...

Is the share-link active anymore? I was so excited to see this -- I had the album and loaned it to a friend who moved away. I'd love to hear it again, I was just telling someone about the great cover of the "Faster Pussycat" theme song.

Spookywolffe said...

I've been looking for this FOREVER!! So glad I found your blog. I have had need of the "Ghost & Mr. Chicken" theme. THANK YOU!!

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