Saturday, March 27, 2010

The Denvermen Avenger VI Let's Go Surfside 2fer

The Denvermen
Australia has long been a Mecca for surfers. They also have been more influenced by the Euro sound (Shadows, et. al.) than the American surf sound.

On the one hand, the Avengers VI were a relatively small time band that connected to some interesting promotional opportunities not availed to others. And while not a stellar album, it is amazing to see this finally out on CD, and from tape sources instead of vinyl. Infinitely richer sounding than the LP, this is an important part of the surf epic, and a fascinating glimpse into the lower echelon bands of the era. They didn't actually release their album as a commercial release. Both this album, and the Mrs. Faruki's Suzuki collection were issued strictly as promotional devices for Good Humor and Suzuki, and not for general sale. Some tracks were not well recorded, and some not well mixed, while others were brilliant slices of trad surf. The band was from Southern California, with Jim Ferguson - lead, Jim Goodwin - rhythm, Rick Bastrup - rhythm, Curt Pickles - bass, Mike DeYoung - keyboards, and Bob Gallant - drums. "Time Bomb" c/w "Slaughter On Tenth Avenue" were issued as Mark 56 single 202 in February, 1966. This album came out in 1964.

To get the cover art for the Avengers IV go to Black Sea Surfer - another way cool surf etc blog - he posted it along with the covers of other klassic surf albums.


1.Surf City Stomp2.On The Beach3.Mystery Wave4.Surfside Romance
5.Ho-Dad 6.Surfers Cha Cha 7.Back Rip 8.Lets Go Surfin 9.Spanish Sands
10.Quiet Beach 11.Surf Patrol 12.Surfers Blues


1.Heartbeat 2.Downtown 3.Mr.Lucky 4.None But The Brave 5.Good Humor Stomp 6.Slaughter On 10th Avenue 7.Pipeline 8.Summer Place 9.Peter Gunn 10.Time Bomb



1.FCN said...

is there any picture of the "avenger VI"included inside the booklet?
maybe you want to add it to your post?

thanks a lot for the avenger VI tracks

Sonido said...

Rock on ! Thanks a million for the TOP tunes.

Oldie said...

Chance for a re-up ... new link?

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