Saturday, March 13, 2010

La Otracina - Blood Moon Riders

Have you ever had the feeling that music just overwhelms you so much it’s like being hit by the Stendahl syndrome? Well, I’m once again overwhelmed by La Otracina. Not just because the music is astoundingly brilliant, but also because they once again change their musical direction. It’s still founded in über well played progressive spacerock, but this record is more floating and more drowned in a wall of sonic overdrive than previous efforts.

The backbone is the completely fit rhythm group of Adam Kriney and Evan Sobel. On top you have magnificent guitar work by Ninni Morgia and layers of epic electronics to melt it all together. The band describes their music as: “a swirling myth of hard-psych witchery, progressive rock insanity, fuzzed-out jazz-rock wizardry, and epic space-metal fantasy!” Ohhh yeah, that comes pretty close …

Most captivating is the 15 min monstrous work of “Inner Mind Journey” that for sure takes your senses to a long spacey inner journey. This is progressive acid space rock making Sun Ra look like a midget – well, maybe not, but get the idea of a band able to freak completely and more competently than most modern avant garde artists. Another brain blast is “Zunblazer” led by monstrous pumping bass and drums with swirling guitar on top for 3:30 min before turning into a dreamingly floating and melodic piece and in the end drifting away into almost dark psych.

La Otracina is a well built smooth music machine; it’s the big block motor of modern rockin' free jazz. It’s a trip – and you’re gonna like it!

1.Inner Mind Journey 2. Ballad of the Hot Ghost Mama p1 3. Zunblazer 4. Ballad of the Hot Ghost Mama p2 5 Drifted Memory


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