Saturday, March 20, 2010

Ekseption ST

In their eight year existence, Ekseption came as close as any group from the European continent ever did to stealing the thunder of early classical-rock outfits such as the Nice and rivaling the early work of Emerson, Lake & Palmer. In Holland they charted singles based on classical compositions and released successful concept albums, and were -- along with Focus -- the top progressive rock band in the Dutch-speaking world.This is their first album - someone other than Yes and ELP in the classical prog rock area. Decent.

Link fixed - solly'boutdat.

01 - The 5th 02 - Dharma For One 03 - Little X Plus 04 - Sabre Dance
05 - Air 06 - Brutal Fire Dance 07 - Rhapsody In Blue 08 - This Here
09 - Dance Macabre Opus 10 - Canvas


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