Wednesday, September 23, 2009

VA - Bikini World

Can't get enough of these surf comps! Gonna be postin' some KLASSIC stuff over the next few weeks, old and newish. Real easy way to hear good groups and begin a serious collection. Some of you may have these - others will want them. ENJOY all.

Bikini World is especially cool. As a collection, it's uniformly hot spit, especially Untamed Youth's blow torch summer epic, "Tube City" and the painfully-punned "Surfs You Right" by Finland's finest, Laika & the Cosmonauts. "Scalpin' Party" by Jackie & the Cedrics has some of the most percolating percussion I've ever encountered, but, disappointingly, they just fade out instead of come up with a proper ending. "XKE!" from Seattle's own Boss Martians, is, as you might expect, eerie and extradimensionally cool. You may think you've heard this stuff a million times, but we both know that's not enough. Gnarly, dude.

1. Sloth in Molasses - The Phantom Surfers 2. Aphrodesia - Trashwomen 3. Tube City - The Untamed Youth 4. Rumors of Surf - Southern Culture on the Skids 5. It's a Bikini World - Boardwalkers 6. Surfs You Right - Laika & the Cosmonauts 7. Hipster 8. Scalping Party - Jackie & the Cedrics 9. Xke! - Boss Martians 10. Surfer's Deal - Daytonas 11. Renegade - Hillbilly Soul Surfers 12. Fathomless - Fathoms 13. Calhoun Surf - Los Straitjackets 14. Time Bomb - The Bomboras 15. Chaeto


VA - Beyond th Beach

Great contmporary surf comp. It has a good variety of styles and sounds, ranging a from the classic Ventures type sound to psychobilly, and garage punk a la Ramones. There wasn't a track on it that I didn't like. Some of it was unexpected and surprizing, but there's power, lots of energy, and excitement. I thought it all worked pretty well together. It's turned me on to a bunch of bands that I explored further - it might do the same for you. This is definitely not bedtime lullaby music. If Quentin Tarantino was to use this music for the basis of a future "Pulp Fiction" sequel, we'd all in for one bizzare, wild ride. May need to be institutionalized in an instru-mental ward.....
All kidding aside, I'd say this is a must-have for anyone that enjoys guitar oriented music - surf or otherwise.

1. Go! - Daytonas 2. Depth Charge 3. Drive Through at Molly's Reach 4. Ocean Beach - Mermen 5. Flash Flood - The Woggles 6. Spanish Blue - Aqua Velvets 7. Bowling Ball Gardens - The Halibuts 8. Meximelt - Southern Culture on the Skids 9. Outbound - The Golden Tones 10. Global Village - Laika & the Cosmonauts 11. Flesh Hammer - Hillbilly Frankenstein 12. Volcano Juice - Insect Surfers 13. Tsunammi - Paul Johnson 14. Twango - Teisco del Rey 15. Nitrous Burn Out 2112 - Man or Astro-man? 16. Spy Beach - Spies Who Surf 17. Needles on the Beach - Tin Machine 18. Straight Arrow [Davie's Theme] - Ultras 19. Shadow Land - The Falcons


VA - Surf Sand Sun

Decent comp is a collection of a lot of classic surfing recordings made in the 60's, PLUS 2 cuts by modern bands The Halibuts and Los Straightjackets. More filler than killer, this is what happens when you get a label trying to cash in on a trend that they don't understand. The classic stuff is a combination of hits and more obscure stuff so it's worth picking through for collectors. If you like surf music, this a good collection to start, with sides by The Ventures, The Challengers, The Belairs, and others.

1. High Tide (Tranquilizer) - The Lively Ones 2. Wipe Out - The Surfaris 3. Let's Go Trippin' - Dick Dale & the Del-Tones 4. Underwater - The Frogmen 5. Church Key - Barbara Adkins, Revels 6. Mr. Moto - The Bel-Airs 7. Surfer's Stomp - Mar-Kets 8. Bullwinkle, Pt. II 9. Let's Go - Routers 10. K-39 - The Challengers 11. Balboa Blue - Mar-Kets 12. Surfin' Bird - The Trashmen 13. Penetration - The Pyramids 14. Mr. Mysterioso - The Halibuts 15. Hawaii Five-O - The Ventures 16. Pacifica - Los Straitjackets


Tuesday, September 15, 2009

The Shi-Tones Live Park Chalet November 25, 2004

Small combo guitar groups don't get much better than this. The Shitones are a surf-inspired band featuring Shigemi "Shig33" Komiyama on drums, Jennifer Burnes on bass, and Jim Thomas on guitar. The Shitones have been going strong for almost 10 years, performing weekly at the Beach Chalet for many years, and at the Sandbar prior to that. Jim Thomas, classically trained guitarist for the Mermen fronts this group. More interested in playing classic tunes from the golden age of surf music than the jamming psychedelic surf style of the Mermen this group is a lot of fun and must be great live.
Anyway here's a superbly recorded set with almost NO audience noise. A combo of old and new surf.

You can get ANOTHER great Shi-tones show here:

A big thanks to Xtabay for that show - and that fact that I "borrowed" some of his review since he said it better than me.
And thanks to the Shi-tones and the original taper for sharing this. Always cool when the bands let the fans participate. Support the bands, see them live and get their stuff.

The Shi-Tones
Date: November 25, 2004
Venue: Park Chalet
Location: San Francisco, CA
Source: Schoeps MK8 Blumlein>KC5>CM6>Lunatec V3 (24/44.1)>Digigram VXPocket>Sony Vaio HD using SoundForge 5.0
Lineage: Wavelab 4.0 (normalized with Waves L2, dithered to 16-bit using Apogee UV22HR)>CDWav>Flac Frontend>.flac (no DAE)
Taped by: Steve Brown
Transferred by: Steve Brown

Disc 1/Set1
Theme From Endless Summer, Lost In The Shadows, Quiet Surf, Intro>Madagascar, Drume Negrita, Penetration, Krill Slippin', ?, Raglan, Diamond Head
Disc 2/Set 2
Harlem Nocturne, Apache, El Aguila, Pipeline, Sleepwalk, Jack The Ripper (with Tequila jam)*, 1983... (A Merman I Should Turn To Be), Drums A GoGo, Scrambler, "That Neil Young Thing", Ghost Riders In The Sky, Black Mountain Rag, Bumblebee


the Surf Coasters Live Brookdale Lodge April 16, 2004

This trio of young guys from Japan play classic surf tunes and great sounding originals with passion and precision. They can hold their own with any American (or Scandinavian) surf band. Their love of playing and energy make for a wonderful show. Very powerful and commited lead guitar, tight and agressive rythm section. If you like Dick Dale, the Ventures, ect. you will love these guys. Recording quality is good, live energy, performance, and atmosphere are great!
Surf Coasters
Date: April 16, 2004
Venue: Brookdale Lodge
Location: Brookdale, CA
Source: Shure VP-88 M-S Mike>MIO 2882>F/W>Mac G4 PB>Peak 4.1 24 Bit
Lineage: MacFlac 16 Bit
Taped by: Rev. Willis
Transferred by: Rev. Willis

T01--Introduction T02--Tsunami Struck T03--Bikemen T04--Crash T05--Shark Man T06--? T07--Link Wray Medley: Rumble/Jack the Ripper T08--Baja
T09--Dreams T10--Dick Dale Medley: Let's Go Trippin'/Surf Beat
T11--Miserou T12--Riding High T13--Beach Monster T14--Fly Up
T15--Bumblebee T16--Summertime Blues T17--Intruder


Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Surfin' Gorillas - New Adventures

With demented marvels like 'The Surfin' Gorilla' and 'Bahia Del Diablo', as well as the splendid cover of 'Drums A Go-Go', this band has begun to stretch out. I had only previously heard their 'Surfin' Gorilla' on the 'Fury-Mental' compilation, so I was anticipating a solid release. I wasn't disappointed, though the demo sound could have been better. All this instro-maniacal work is augmented with garage vocals like the Sonics' 'Strychnine', the Cramps' 'Bikini Girls With Machine Guns', and the classic 'Justine'. Reverb Central

"Hot diggedy dog, The Surfin' Gorillas are undeniably, unarguably the big kahunas of sizzlin' surf-rock musical madness in today's uninspiring world of predictable contemporary pop-saturation! They incite, they inspire, they arouse, they exhilirate, they damn well drive me ape! They cacophonously conjure a more innocent era (the dawning days of the pre-Fab Four 1960s) when endless summers seemed to forever run rampant along the sun-splashed shores of California; when golden-haired bronze-tanned beachbums and their bikin-clad babes blissfully basked in the euphoric joy of their wide-eyed youth; when groovily painted dune-buggies wildly careened through the glistening scorched coastal sands; when the roaring warmth of late night bonfires on the beach inspired weeny-roasts and frolicking teen-aged hanky-panky; when the sultry carousin' sounds of The Ventures, The Champs, The Chantays, and The Surfaris (all of which are given a hearty run for their money by these here Surfin' Gorilla characters, by the way!) robustly blasted from many a static-ridden low-wattage AM radio. Man oh man, this is an aurally awe-inspiring and skillfully crafted jaunt into all-out ear-titillating pleasure: low-rumble skull-rattlin' bass, salaciously juicy saxophones, brawny big-bad-daddy drum poundings, wipin'-out tide-tumblin' guitar riffs ragin' with frenzied wave-crashin' swagger, and the occasional injection of hot 'n' bothered wavy-gravy vocals ala Jerry Lee Lewis, Lux Interior, and Evan Johns (all that, plus a couple of cool crazed covers includin' The Sonics Strychnine and The Cramps' Bikini Girls With Machine Guns!). Woweee, surf's up! So c'mon, gang! Grab your well-scrubbed boards and ride the big one with The Surfin' Gorillas (from Sweden!)." Roger Moser, Jr.

1.Go go gorilla 2.Penetration 3.Bahia del diablo 4.Strychnine 5.The water gate 6.Bikini girls with machine guns 7.Zero-nine 8.One in a million 9.Drums a go go 10.Ramcharger 11.Movin' 12.Summertime surf 13.Hot rod hooker 14.The twilight zone 15.Pintail phantom 16.Justine 17.The surfin' gorilla


Reverberation - Blue Stereo Music

Reverberation Blue stereo music

This album is a self contained unit of sound. Each track flows into the next making the whole thing a series of movements part of a greater whole. It's almost a touch of Pink Floyd with a little Hawaiian sauce served at cool room temperature of consciousness expanding auditory insight. Modern psyche with a laid back approach.

1. Cross Your Sky 2. Fancy Swim 3. Blue Ensemble 4. Let It Blow On 5. When the Ships Come Down 6. It's All Over Now 7. Roses Céleste (Hommage): Pt. 1 While the Rain Gently Falls/Pt. 2 ... 8. Big Ship 9. Autogyre 10. Been Tumbling Down 11. So Glad to Go 12. Doctor, Doctor 13. Nite Time (Slight Return) 14. Oscillations Astrales 15. Just a Little Bit Scared16. Turning Back to Blue


Heavy Bluse Classic Rock Mag Comp

Heavy Blues Classic Rock Comp
Modern hard psyche Not really much in the way of true blues - more rock with lots of fuzz changing tempos. Good overview of retrorock.

01 - Pink Snowflakes - Like Ice Cream. 02 - Stone Axe - There'd Be Days. 03 - Buffalo Kings - Buffalo Riders. 04 - Smash Fashion - Hello Lovely One. 05 - Planet Gemini - Rise Of The Red God. 06 - Taliban Airways - By The Dawns Early Light. 07 - Dragontears - Borderline.
08 - Electric 69 - Over And Over. 09 - The Freezing Fog - Sweet, Sweet Purple.
10 - Fuzz Manta - Mysterious Thoughts. 11 - Ironheel - What We Say. 12 - Nixon Now - I've Been Around. 13 - The Movements - Underdog. 14 - White Canyon Witch - Escape Pod.
15 - Nebula - The Dagger. 16 - Firebird - Caledonia.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Acid Space Psychedelic Comp

A 3-CD box set,that many would probably consider to be a cheezy compilation with second rate songs that would cost next to nil to release. And they're right,to a degree.'In Search...', has many tunes that aren't half bad some that are outright decent. On Dressed To Kill Records, are mostly 60's and early 70's groups playing what could be called psychedelic music, although some are just heavy blues songs. Many of the songs are live, so the sound quality is very lo-fi which adds to the appeal.
Some of the tracks that I liked are Gong-"Pot Head Pixies",13th Floor Elevators-"Kingdom Of Heaven", Amon Duul&Robert Calvert-"Urban Indian",Hawkwind-"Welcome To The Future" and "Silver Machine", and Daevid Allen-"Opium For The People". A few that I didn't think at ALL belonged here are Fleetwood Mac-"Got To Move",Chicago-"25 Or 6 To 4” – even if it is a rare live track. I think that the live tracks are really rare gems that any progressive rock junkie would go nuts over. They chose artists that represent a good portion of the vast array of bands that were experimenting with progressive rock themes. The live performances though aren't soundboard recordings - they do a very good job of representing the live sounds of acid rock. The Pink Fairies “Midnight Rambler” is live and a knockout – much slower and grungier that the Stones version. I enjoy this compilation warts and all, and would recommend to anyone looking for a good collection of non studio hard to find tracks.

1. Zu Zu Man - Dr. John, 2. Stoned Innocent Frankenstein - Daevid Allen 3. Pot Head Pixies - Gong 4. Kingdom of Heaven - 13th Floor Elevators 5. Zombies (Ghost Dance) - Magma 6. Master of the Universe - Hawkwind 7. Dust My Broom - Canned Heat 8. Journey (A Real Elegant Gypsy) - Jan Akkerman 9. I Was Robbed Last Night - Electric Flag 10. Got to Move - Fleetwood Mac Welcome to the Future - Hawkwind 12. Hippy Gumbo - Marc Bolan



1. 25 or 6 to 4 - Chicago 2. Hey Joe - Tim Rose 3. Midnight Rambler - The Pink Fairies 4. Fantasy Satisfier - Spooky Tooth 5. Ride and the View - Man 6. Two in One Goes - Jimi Hendrix 7. Vampire [Extract] - Arthur Brown 8. Paperplane Flyer - The Lemon Drops 9. Lovin' Up a Storm - Jimmy Page Sonic Attack - Hawkwind 11. Jonestown 12. Heart Full of Soul - The Yardbirds 13. Urban Indian - Robert Calvert



Disc: 3
1. Smashed Blocked - John's Children 2. With a Little Help from My Friends - Santana 3. Like Inobe God - Can 4. No Time to Live - Johnny Winter 5. Hard Rain's Gonna Fall - The Crazy World of Arthur Brown 6. Painting a Picture - Alice Cooper 7. Red House - Jimi Hendrix 8. Little Red Rooster - The Misunderstood 9. Shape of Things - The Yardbirds 10. Express Man - The Groundhogs 11. Out of the Pink Jam - The Pink Fairies 12. Opium for the People - Gong 13. Silver Machine – Hawkwind

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