Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Surfin' Gorillas - New Adventures

With demented marvels like 'The Surfin' Gorilla' and 'Bahia Del Diablo', as well as the splendid cover of 'Drums A Go-Go', this band has begun to stretch out. I had only previously heard their 'Surfin' Gorilla' on the 'Fury-Mental' compilation, so I was anticipating a solid release. I wasn't disappointed, though the demo sound could have been better. All this instro-maniacal work is augmented with garage vocals like the Sonics' 'Strychnine', the Cramps' 'Bikini Girls With Machine Guns', and the classic 'Justine'. Reverb Central

"Hot diggedy dog, The Surfin' Gorillas are undeniably, unarguably the big kahunas of sizzlin' surf-rock musical madness in today's uninspiring world of predictable contemporary pop-saturation! They incite, they inspire, they arouse, they exhilirate, they damn well drive me ape! They cacophonously conjure a more innocent era (the dawning days of the pre-Fab Four 1960s) when endless summers seemed to forever run rampant along the sun-splashed shores of California; when golden-haired bronze-tanned beachbums and their bikin-clad babes blissfully basked in the euphoric joy of their wide-eyed youth; when groovily painted dune-buggies wildly careened through the glistening scorched coastal sands; when the roaring warmth of late night bonfires on the beach inspired weeny-roasts and frolicking teen-aged hanky-panky; when the sultry carousin' sounds of The Ventures, The Champs, The Chantays, and The Surfaris (all of which are given a hearty run for their money by these here Surfin' Gorilla characters, by the way!) robustly blasted from many a static-ridden low-wattage AM radio. Man oh man, this is an aurally awe-inspiring and skillfully crafted jaunt into all-out ear-titillating pleasure: low-rumble skull-rattlin' bass, salaciously juicy saxophones, brawny big-bad-daddy drum poundings, wipin'-out tide-tumblin' guitar riffs ragin' with frenzied wave-crashin' swagger, and the occasional injection of hot 'n' bothered wavy-gravy vocals ala Jerry Lee Lewis, Lux Interior, and Evan Johns (all that, plus a couple of cool crazed covers includin' The Sonics Strychnine and The Cramps' Bikini Girls With Machine Guns!). Woweee, surf's up! So c'mon, gang! Grab your well-scrubbed boards and ride the big one with The Surfin' Gorillas (from Sweden!)." Roger Moser, Jr.

1.Go go gorilla 2.Penetration 3.Bahia del diablo 4.Strychnine 5.The water gate 6.Bikini girls with machine guns 7.Zero-nine 8.One in a million 9.Drums a go go 10.Ramcharger 11.Movin' 12.Summertime surf 13.Hot rod hooker 14.The twilight zone 15.Pintail phantom 16.Justine 17.The surfin' gorilla



Brandonio! said...

I've been digging this record for a few years.I think I'll have to bust out my copy tonight.

DaBoss said...

Sounds like a good idea to me. You have a super collection of great stuff thanks for sharing at RockisDead/RIP. Best GW

Anonymous said...

if I ever start posting albums, this will be one of the first.
This album is GREAT!


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