Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Reverberation - Blue Stereo Music

Reverberation Blue stereo music

This album is a self contained unit of sound. Each track flows into the next making the whole thing a series of movements part of a greater whole. It's almost a touch of Pink Floyd with a little Hawaiian sauce served at cool room temperature of consciousness expanding auditory insight. Modern psyche with a laid back approach.

1. Cross Your Sky 2. Fancy Swim 3. Blue Ensemble 4. Let It Blow On 5. When the Ships Come Down 6. It's All Over Now 7. Roses Céleste (Hommage): Pt. 1 While the Rain Gently Falls/Pt. 2 ... 8. Big Ship 9. Autogyre 10. Been Tumbling Down 11. So Glad to Go 12. Doctor, Doctor 13. Nite Time (Slight Return) 14. Oscillations Astrales 15. Just a Little Bit Scared16. Turning Back to Blue


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