Wednesday, September 23, 2009

VA - Bikini World

Can't get enough of these surf comps! Gonna be postin' some KLASSIC stuff over the next few weeks, old and newish. Real easy way to hear good groups and begin a serious collection. Some of you may have these - others will want them. ENJOY all.

Bikini World is especially cool. As a collection, it's uniformly hot spit, especially Untamed Youth's blow torch summer epic, "Tube City" and the painfully-punned "Surfs You Right" by Finland's finest, Laika & the Cosmonauts. "Scalpin' Party" by Jackie & the Cedrics has some of the most percolating percussion I've ever encountered, but, disappointingly, they just fade out instead of come up with a proper ending. "XKE!" from Seattle's own Boss Martians, is, as you might expect, eerie and extradimensionally cool. You may think you've heard this stuff a million times, but we both know that's not enough. Gnarly, dude.

1. Sloth in Molasses - The Phantom Surfers 2. Aphrodesia - Trashwomen 3. Tube City - The Untamed Youth 4. Rumors of Surf - Southern Culture on the Skids 5. It's a Bikini World - Boardwalkers 6. Surfs You Right - Laika & the Cosmonauts 7. Hipster 8. Scalping Party - Jackie & the Cedrics 9. Xke! - Boss Martians 10. Surfer's Deal - Daytonas 11. Renegade - Hillbilly Soul Surfers 12. Fathomless - Fathoms 13. Calhoun Surf - Los Straitjackets 14. Time Bomb - The Bomboras 15. Chaeto



Carlos Fernando said...

hello, i love your blog...i like you re-upload some cd's:

do you know a band called "los jorobados" the sing a great song "maniac" (su fonema es meniac)

sorry for my bad english and thank you very much

Carlos Fernando said...

atanase said...

hi, really like this blog. perfectly takes care of my needs of surf music. many thanks for your efforts...

just wanted to check something. can't find link to the second part of this compilation. can you please point me in the right direction, cos i only got first 9 song from this record... thanks again

DaBoss said...

There is no second part - just downloaded the file and all 15 cuts were there. Please try again and maybe use a different unzip program. It's a great comp - worth getting all of it.

hotrodmike said...

Haven't seen this one before so a big thanks for posting it. Good stuff.

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