Saturday, September 29, 2007

Must Have Surf/Spy - The Blue Hawaiians - Sway

The Blue Hawaiians -- Sway

Must have surf/ spy for any good collection. One of my favorite surf-exotica-rockers with a slightly dark edge to their sound. This is their first studio effort, slightly more restrained that their live shows. Even with some nice vocals, these guys know they are really a surf band and they do their stuff admirably with covers of Mancini's Banzai Pipeline and Ritchie Polodor's Quiet Surf -one of the most beautiful renditions of this piece I've ever heard. They rock out on Deadman's and add a little bit of spy with Searchin' For Da Cat. Element 86 is an incredible 7 minute psychedelic swirl. This one is a keeper.

1. Last Days of Summer 2. Searchin' For Da Cat 3. Banzai Pipeline 4. Casino 5. Deadman's
6. Quiet Surf 7. Martini 5 0 8. Swinging Hula Girl 9. Drop The Hammer Max! 10. Sharkskin Saddle 11. Charade 12. Tortolla 13. Drunk Man Noodle 14. Da Cat 15. Element 86

bhsway 1


Crime Fighters -- Batman and Robin

Batman and Robin - The Sensational Guitars of Dan and Dale

This is a cash-in album originally released in 1966 to exploit the Batman fad. It has gained some notoriety over the years, because Sun Ra and members of The Blues Project played on it. Batman and Robin over the Roofs is almost seven amazing minutes long. The disc is all over the place with Jazz, Blues, Rock, Surf (Punk) Guitar! There is not a real bum track here except maybe the overly silly "Flight of the Batman" with the penny whistle (?) sound effects. The guitar in The Penguin Chase is pure Surf Guitar! Dig the harmonica in there too. If he's been alive I'd swear that Joe Meek would have been behind this! Most of it is jams not a lot of true “songs”, which I like for background music. Still fun. BIFF! POW! SOCK!

1. Batman Theme 2. Batman's Batmorang 3. Batman and Robin Over the Roofs 4. Penguin Chase 5. Flight of the Batman 6. Joker Is Wild 7. Robin's Theme 8. Penguin's Umbrella 9. Batman and Robin Swing 10. Batmobile Wheels 11. Riddler's Retreat 12. Bat Cave

Friday, September 28, 2007

Must Have Surf - The Duo-Tones

The Duo-Tones Plugged in and Live

The spies get a break for a bit because of my buddy Tru at TRUSTAR VIBRATIONS.

He has one of the best surf and rock sites out there ( go visit him please) and I swear, he can read my feeble mind. Everytime I get an idea of what to post , he beats me to it. This is the third time in a row, with his post of the Duo-Tones Surf Music Unplugged. Enough is Enough.

Here's the live, electric version -- slightly more edgy with an amplified punch and more reverb. Still on the quiet side of surf, great to sneak in at parties, or to simply chill to. Phil Dirt gave this 5 stars and it is worth every one. The musicianship is simply excellent. Tru has the long review over at his place -- get them both and you have the set. You will not be disappointed.

1.Pipeline 2:53 2.Mr. Moto 2:07 3.Apache 3:08 4.Penetration 3:24
5.El Conquistador 2:39 6.Forty Miles of Bad Road 4:12 7.Perfidia 2:05 8.Ramrod 1:55 9.Baja 3:13 10.Squad Car 2:12 11.Hide Away 3:33 12.Vamonos 2:37 13.The Lonely Bull 3:42 14.Lullaby of the Leaves 2:00 15.Beach City Bop 2:51 16.Baja Nights 3:20 17.The Wedge 2:03 18.Little Wing 4:24 19.Crystal "T" 3:11

thedts 1

thedts 2

Thursday, September 27, 2007

The Spy-Fi Soundz of The Omega Men

The Omega Men – The Spy – Fi Sounds of
Try combining Booker T. & the MG's, The Ventures, Love (they cover "She Comes in Colors" very well) and The Prisoners (obscure but great garage band from England) and you have The Omega Men sound. "The Spy Fi Sounds.." is great garage rock n roll that's 60's based, but produced in modern yet not too polished fashion. The band performs 15 tracks- 11 originals and 4 covers (including an excellent version of "Beat Girl" by The John Barry 7). Their original material rocks and swings (as in the swingin' A Go-Go 60's) with soul (very good Hammond organ by Susan Mackey), jangle-full guitars (by Rhythm guitarist Mark Ebeling)and raspy-raw vocals (by singer/guitarist Jonathan Sipes).Check out the surfy "Theme from XKE", the cool mod-fest that is "My favorite Dean Martian" and the growling vocal number, "Mania for Blondes"! “The Spy Fi Sounds of The Omega Men" is the one, baby! GW Amazon

1. Mania For Blondes 2. Beat Girl 3. She Comes In Colors 4. Theme From Custom XKE 5. Susan Goes To Work 6. Cat Robot 7. Soul Dressing 8. G Marks The Spot 9. Sack O' Woe 10. Slow Traffic 11. My Favorite Dean Martian 12. Diablo Sandwich 13. Flat Tire 14. You'll Never Miss Me 15. Spectre Of The Gun Omega

Spies Like Us -- The Crime Lounge

For some more of the classiest and coolest spy, crime, and thriller sounds check out The Crime Lounge run by THXJAY. He as an awesome collection of vintage crime and spy jazz that will add a thrill to your evenings and make those long drives soooo much more fun. He's kindly allowed me to repost some of his great scores and comps -- what a great way to classy up the place. Of course, I will be continuing my own posts here so all of you detectives out there get the best of the modern and the classic.

No better way to settle down to some hard crime jazz that to sip a classic martini. As a refresher -- here's how it's done.

2 1/2 oz gin or vodka ( your preference)
1/2 oz dry vermouth
1 green olive or lemon twist for garnish

Pour the ingredients into a mixing glass with ice cubes.
Shake well
Strain into a chilled cocktail glass
Garnish with the olive or lemon twist.

Add a dark as night Onyx Reserve cigar and you have a killer combination. What makes the Onyx Reserve so good, what gives it its “got to have” rich smoky spicy flavor is its Connecticut Broadleaf wrapper, the most expensive wrapper to be found anywhere. It is aged and processed to produce the black-as-coal Maduro wrapper. This is the Connecticut Broadleaf that has earned Onyx Reserve 90-plus ratings. MMMMMMMMM, MMMMMMMMM Good!

Naked City -- John Zorn

Zorn is definately a post-modernist. And as a post-modernist, he has a need to include nearly EVERYTHING on this music, 60's film themes, Ornette Coleman covers, country and western (he likes both kinds of music!), cartoon music, film noir music, name it, Zorn includes it. While to me, this post-modern mishmash doesn't work on his string quartets and other "classical" pieces, seeming more pretentious than interesting, here it is absolutely hilarious...there's an almost playful quality to the referencing, much like an episode of the Simpsons. And like the show, he is fast. You miss much on the first listen...even on the fourth or fifth listen.
Most of this disc is a sonic whirl through the musical styles of the past 40 years...held together by the vision of an incredibly unique New York Improviser. This group is joined on several tracks by vocalist Yamataka Eye as they explore, pretty much everything, musically. The accomplishments on this record are stunning. Tackling material by Morriconi, Henry Mancini, Ornette Coleman, Jerry Goldsmith, John Barry ("The James Bond Theme") and a series of Zorn originals, the band moves genres effortlessly.

The opener on the album sets the stage for the rest of the record-- "Batman" begins with a crazed guitar figure, then moves underneath a wailing sax to a driving rhythm and backbeat, maintains this sort of pseudo-swing feel but structures itself such that it occasionally collapses into hard core noise. There are also some really serious beautiful moments as well. Zorn's cover of Chinatown starts as an almost ambient piece and then goes into the familiar Jerry Goldsmith theme with absolute seriousness and soulfulness. And even the James Bond Theme, which is campy to the max, is also quite brilliantly played and ultimately treated as a serious vehicle for improvisation. "The Sicilian Clan" is delightful. Even though there is noise (the entire middle of the album-- all hardcore songs under a minute featuring Eye), sometimes all in the same song ("Snagglepuss"), it adds to the dreadfulness of being alone in a dark alley. Someone once said-- "if you don't like Naked City, wait ten seconds, it'll sound completely different", and its really quite accurate. This music requires a certain level of fearlessness (and probably a healthy dose of bravado) combined with virtuoso performers who are willing (and capable) of expressing themselves in any form. But really, in order to pull this off, both the composer and the musicians have to know when to let loose and have fun-- when serious is too serious, and John Zorn does know this.

Probably one of the most important things to remember about this disc is that it really bears repeated listens-- there's a lot here, I've played it often over the years, and I'm still finding new and exciting moments in it. There are people who didn't "get it" at first, and eventually, it sunk in and made sense. Give it a try or two or three, skip anything that really bothers you and come back to it later, this is not easy music, but it is brilliant and highly rewarding. If you are a fan of unique, creative, improvised, or just downright interesting music, you owe it to yourself to check out this recording.

If you truly want to have your musical ideals challenged and your ear expanded, I wholeheartedly recommend this album. It takes you farther than you thought possible.

1.Batman 2. The Sicillian Clan 3. You Will Be Shot 4. Latin Quarter 5. A Shot In The Ejaculation 6. Reanimator 7. Snagglepuss 8. I Want To Live 9. Lonely Woman 10. Igneous 11. Blood Duster 12. Hamerhead 13. Demon Sanctuary 14. Obeah Man 15. Ujaku 16. Fuck The Facts 17. Speedball 18. Chinatown 19. Punk China Doll 20. N.Y. Flat Top Box 21. Saigon Pickup 22. The James Bond Theme 23. Den Of Sins 24. Contempt 25. Graveyard Shift 26. Inside Straight Dark



Crime Scene - Night Time at the Lounge

This is the real deal -- some of the best true crime/spy jazz out there to sink your ears into.

Crime Scene

Here is a touch of late night in the dark alley of the Lounge. Crimes Scene from the exquisite Ultra Lounge Series --

"The Untouchables" theme by Nelson Riddle is quite nice, and truly conveys the Crime Scene I think Ultra-Lounge is trying to evoke; this is the signature track for this CD. The "Mission: Impossible" theme is excellent too, starting off true to TV form, with no variations or deviations in arrangement, but then moves on to some good solos with a nice, fat backing from the band. There’s the hard-boiled yet mysteriously exotic, boss, crime-waltz version of "Mister Kiss Kiss Bang Bang" and the bossanova take on the "James Bond Theme." The best part of this entire album is the last (real) track, "Music to Be Murdered By." Jeff Alexander is credited, but the track is introduced by the Master of Suspense and Macabre himself, Sir Alfred Hitchcock, who assures us that "naturally, the record is long playing, even though you may not be." It puts you in the right mood. With jazzy and slick tunes, this one doesn't fail to please. Theme songs to TV shows and movies alike make up a refreshingly familiar and cool set of tunes.

Dragnet/Room 43 - Ray Anthony 2. I Spy - Earle Hagen
3. Thinking Of Baby - Elmer Bernstein
4. From Russia With Love - Count Basie
5. Big Town - Laurindo Almeida & The Danzaneros
6. Man With The Golden Arm - Billy May
7. The Untouchables - Nelson Riddle
8. The James Bond Theme - Leroy Holmes
9. Mission: Impossible - Billy May
10. Harlem Nocturne - Spike Jones New Band
11. Walk On The Wild Side - Si Zentner
12. Mister Kiss Kiss Bang Bang - Elliott Fisher
13. The Wild Ones - Lou Busch
14. Staccato's Theme - Elmer Bernstein
15. Search For Vulcan - Leroy Holmes
16. Peter Gunn Suite - Ray Anthony
17. The Silencers - Vikki Carr
18. Music To Be Murdered By - Jeff Alexander With Alfred Hitchcock
19. Bonus Track - Ultra-Lounge Volume 7: The Crime Scene

1.Dragnet/Room 43 - Ray Anthony 2. I Spy - Earle Hagen 3. Thinking Of Baby - Elmer Bernstein 4. From Russia With Love - Count Basie 5. Big Town - Laurindo Almeida & The Danzaneros 6. Man With The Golden Arm - Billy May 7. The Untouchables - Nelson Riddle 8. The James Bond Theme - Leroy Holmes 9. Mission: Impossible - Billy May 10. Harlem Nocturne - Spike Jones New Band 11. Walk On The Wild Side - Si Zentner 12. Mister Kiss Kiss Bang Bang - Elliott Fisher 13. The Wild Ones - Lou Busch 14. Staccato's Theme - Elmer Bernstein 15. Search For Vulcan - Leroy Holmes 16. Peter Gunn Suite - Ray Anthony 17. The Silencers - Vikki Carr 18. Music To Be Murdered By - Jeff Alexander With Alfred Hitchcock 19. Bonus Track - Ultra-Lounge Volume 7: The Crime Scene

Crime 1

crime 2

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Fun Spy - The Nelsonics reup

The Nelsonics
Imagine the trademark sound of the great surf bands of the '60s. Now add one classic Farfisa combo organ to the mix and four guys who really know how to bash together a super soulful surf arrangement with clever rhythms and you have the Nelsonics.
You can't help but get moving when THE NELSONICS take the stage. Their infectious sound combines influences ranging from 60s mod to surf rock into one soulful go-go groove. This the band's debut LP - which received rave reviews for its blend of instrumental grooves, organ-based R&B, Latin rhythms, big beat hooks and reverb-drenched guitar.

1. Agent Longboard
2. Chitlin
3. Theme from Miss Fortune
4. Bikini Bullfight
5. Relaxed Ambassador
6. 20 Fathoms Down
7. Spice
8. Savage
9. Late Date


Monday, September 24, 2007

Wilson Chance -- The Sound of Danger -- spyfi

For Brandonio -- the start of a spy comp -- have not had time to do one myself --so this is a good substitute for now --

Wilson Chance – The Sound of Danger --
The CD is a sampler for the Hammondbeat roster of artists and it is an amazing blend of Vic Flick’s score (yes, guitarist of "The James Bond Theme"!!) with the hottest SPY-FI, MOD, and ORGAN bands around to today. An international affair including The Link Quartet (Italy), The Special Agents (England), The Men From S.P.E.C.T.R.E. (Switzerland), The Yards (USA) and Mike Painter & The Family Shakers (Italy). Also included, as a bonus is the never-before-released Wilson Chance title song "Take A Chance", breathtakingly sung by Linda Jackson and performed by Vic Flick and Les Hurdle. Good stuff through out.

Cleared and Accepted (dialogue) 2. The Sound of Danger - The Link Quartet 3. Chasin' Chance - Mike Painter & The Family Shakers 4. Last Chance - The Men From S.P.E.C.T.R.E. 5. Greased on Delta Street - The Link Quartet 6. A Spy in the Ointment - The Special Agents 7. Krambambuli '67 - The Men From S.P.E.C.T.R.E. 8. Tinker, Tailor, Surfer, Spy (prelude) – The Special Agents 9. Copacabinsky - Vic Flick 10. Tinker, Tailor, Surfer, Spy - The Special Agents 11. An Agent in Danger (dialogue) 12. Wilson Chance Theme - The Special Agents 13. Something About This Music (dialogue) 14. Muchimoo Boogaloo - The Yards 15. Chance in Mexico - Vic Flick 16. I Have a Gun (dialogue) 17. Soul Hunter - Mike Painter & The Family Shakers 18. Souvenir de Macon - The Link Quartet 19. I Won't Hold it Against You (dialogue) 20. Deliquesced by Devonshire - The Link Quartet 21. Kitty's Rendezvous - Mike Painter & The Family Shakers 22. Skill and Luck (dialogue) 23. Targets - The Men from S.P.E.C.T.R.E. 24. The Lunar Sea (part 2) - The Special Agents 25. Take a Chance - Vic Flick 26. Secret Agents Have Needs (dialogue)



Friday, September 21, 2007

Guitar Zone - Head Food

Opening with fret master Andy Summers, "Monk Hanks Ten" (from Synaethesia), Guitar Zone sets itself out as a daring and perceptive overview of the most expansive and important work done with guitar composition. Each track is off a full-length CMP release. This is no exhibition of mere solo guitar -- each piece is equally demanding of all the instruments involved. The Summers piece relies heavily on the talents of drummer Greg Bissonette and keyboardist Mitchell Forman. This example of contemporary progressive rock is well mated with another state of the art creation that shows off guitarist Allan Holdsworth and drummer Chad Wackerman. Not everything is over the top and born of modern studio capabilities, though -- the duo of Miroslav Tadic (guitar and classical slide guitar) and Mark Nauseef (drums and gongs) gives a sparse, skeletal piece whose serpentine undulations nicely reflect the title of its source album, The Snake Music. Inexplicably, Jack Bruce is given three tracks here. Because Bruce works with excellent personnel (Eric Clapton and the ex-Zappa Fowler Brothers horn section) his keyboard-drenched forays sound too '80s compared to the rest of the selections. Also unforgettable is the ubiquitous Bill Frisell joining Wayne Horvitz (organ) and Michael Shrieve (drums). Guitarist extraordinaire Nicky Skopelitis puts the sounds of over a half dozen instruments into one three-minute song for a very hopeful and positive-sounding piece. David Torn makes a one-man show on "Spell Breaks with the Weather." Here "guitars and guitar-like thingies" soar magnificently above deep, deep bass sounds. Also present is Bernie Worrell (Hammond B-3) and Buckethead (guitar) on the requiem-like "The Mask." All sixteen tracks push the limits of guitar possibility. all music

1. Monk Hangs Ten - Andy Summers 2. Hamburg 2 - Miroslav Tadic/Mark Nauseef
3. Holiday Insane - Chad Wackerman 4. Willpower - Jack Bruce 5. Sam The Man - Michael Shrieve 6. Uncle Herbie's Dance - Sonny Sharrock/Nicky Skopelitis
7. Spell Breaks With The Weather - David Torn 8. Middle Rose - Victory Of The Better Man
9. Manini - Trilok Gurtu 10. The Mask - Bernie Worrell 11. Life On Earth - Jack Bruce
12. Born Under A Bad Sign - Jack Bruce 13. Envelopes Of Dispair - Jimi Sumen
14. Steller Rays - Michael Shrieve 15. Nardis - Mick Goodrick/Wolfgang Muthspiel/Dave Liebman 16. Sleep My Love - Phillip Catherine/Charlie Mariano/Jasper V. Hof



The Amino Acids Rip It Up

The Amino Acids
Destroy The Warming Sun

Combining aspects of Devo, Dick Dale, and los Straitjackets, this masked, predominantly instrumental quartet charges through 15 nitro-burning punkabilly surf rockers in less than 25 minutes. With the reverb and volume cranked to maximum, the band revs up and churns out tunes that barely give you time to inhale before the next one comes barging in. Truthfully though, at a whopping 11 seconds and 46 seconds, respectively, it's a stretch to call pieces such as "Destruct" and "Mars Needs Women" songs. They are more like hyperactive power riffs in search of a larger context that the band decided wasn't worth pursuing. Occasional spoken word introductions along with song titles such as "Return of the Attack of the Curse of the Son of the Astrosquid Part XIV Chapter Six" (all 55 seconds of it) and theramin bring out the trashy, '50s/'60s sci-fi aesthetic, as do the inside graphics, like Man or Astroman. But the meaty guitars and frantic rhythms combine the best of '70s punk with the reverb-drenched guitar of acts such as the Mermen, the Aqua Velvets, and the primal power of Link Wray. Quentin Tarantino would probably approve. When things finally relax for a comparatively languid "Fear the Future," the group's spaghetti Western roots get a chance to come up for air. Those moments are few and far between, though, on this frenetic disc that whips you around like a roller coaster run amuck. The album's abbreviated length only adds to the intensity. Take a deep breath, strap in, hang on, and enjoy the ride. allmusic

1 Dunked in the Think Tank 2 Trafalger #42 3 Return of the Attack of the Curse of the Son of the Astrosquid 4 The Lost Coordinate 5 Cycle's Pin 6 Man's Reach 7 Fear the Future 8 Destruct 9 Like Sheep to the Moon 10 13013 11 Vesspa 12 Mars Needs Women 13 Gas the Verig-Men 14 Bowling in Roswell 15. Destroy The Warming Sun


Music For a Punky Day - No Age

This is a great disc to listen to when you a really pissed off and want to destroy something.

An unsung classic of the avant-garde music scene, No Age is, on the surface, simply a compilation of experimental instrumental music. The difference, though, is that most of the musicians who participated on the album came not from the jazz world, but from punk rock or an underground even the most adventurous listeners rarely visited. Though SST is a California label, there is little evidence of the reverbed Stratocasters and dance party music of old. Instead, the listener finds a cornucopia of melodic, rhythmic, harmonic, and most importantly, sonic textures that constantly challenge and surprise. The variety here is nothing short of stunning. From Greg Ginn's inside-out Deep Purple riffs with Black Flag/Gone to the scenic Cali-jams of Pell Mell, Paper Bag, Lawndale, & the Alter-natives to the NYC art-damage scene via Renaldo, Sharp, & Kaiser to the free jazz crescendos of Universal Congress Of--this album blew my mind when it first came out, & still does. For those who tire easily of completely improvised, aimless noodling, there are several pieces based on more traditional melodic and harmonic concepts. For those looking for complete freak-out music, that's here too. In some ways, this album is one of the most successful comps of all time in that it effectively presents a cohesive yet comprehensive overview of an incredibly diverse genre, all the while remaining eminently listenable. Overall, No Age is an absolute must-have for any fan of left-of-center music that has heart and soul.
Allmusic, GW

1.Southern Rise - Black Flag 2. Dark and Light - Blind Idiot God 3. Sugagaki for Conlon - Henry Kaiser 4. Shopping Maul - Elliott Sharp 5. Florida Power - Lee Ranaldo 6. March of the Melted Army Men - Lawndale 7. Vista Cruiser - Glenn Phillips 8. Cinnecitta - Pell Mell 9. Faith Opaque - Paper Bag 10. Let's Go Places and Eat Things - Scott Colby 11. Days of Pup and Taco - Lawndale 12. Priests on Drugs - Paper Bag 13. Chasing - Universal Congress Of 14. Johnny Smoke (Swamp Thing) - Steve Fisk 15. Left Holding Bag - Gone 16. Over the Counter Culture - Alter-Natives 17. Diurnal - Elliott Sharp 18. Trace - Fred Frith, Henry Kaiser 19. Insidious Detraction – Gone



Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Guitar Lesson #2 - Night of the Guitar Live!

Guitar Lesson #2

Night of the Guitar – Live

This out of print killer of a set has, arguably, 9 of the best guitar players from the era of the 60's--70's together for a live concert and what a concert it is! With people like Peter Haycock, Steve Hunter, Andy Powell, Randy California, Leslie West, Steve Howe, Steve Hunter and Alvin Lee, you can never go wrong. Leaders of supergroups from 1967 to 1977 -- Mountain, Ten Years After, Wishbone Ash, Yes, Climax Blues Band, the Doors, Spirit, The Police, get the picture! You may not know all the names but you might know the bands. This is a must for your collection, a hard to get gem. Great songs, great guitars, from some of the greatest guitar players put in one place. This is part of the live tour to promote the now gone I.R.S. label’s incredibly daring “No Speak” series of mostly instrumental rock by some of the world’s best musicians. More of the series will be posted later on – this is the preview.

The different styles of guitar playing are in display through the whole set. Not a real dog anywhere, although it does take some getting used to hearing Robbie Krieger sing the Jim Morrison part in the Doors songs. Extra mention to Stewart Copeland, whose drumming is crucial to the music here (and elsewhere, too). For classic rock fans and guitar fans of all kinds.

1. Dr. Brown I presume - Pete Haycock 2. The Idler - Steve Hunter with Pete Haycock 3. Lucienne - Pete Haycock with Steve Hunter 4. Groove thing - Randy California with Steve hunter 5. Hey Joe - Randy California 6. Love me two times - Robby Krieger with Steve Hunter 7. The King will come - Ted Turner and Andy Powell 8. Theme from an imaginary western - Leslie West 9. Sketches in the sun - Steve Howe 10. Wurm - Steve Howe with Pete Haycock 11. No limit - Alvin Lee 12. Ain't nothin' shakin' - Alvin Lee 13. All along the watchtower - All artists



While you are catchin' the groove with these tunes, help yourself to a tasty Big Bad Voodoo Kooler :

2 oz Malibu® coconut rum
1 splash soda water
1 oz rum
1 oz Midori® melon liqueur
2 fingers orange juice
2 fingers pineapple juice

Sling Malibu, rum and Midori in a highball glass filled with ice. Top off with Orange, pineapple juices and a splash of soda. Mix it up with your swizzle stick and Go Daddy-O!

For classic rock, add a nice Montecristo White Especial No. 1. The classic No. 1 is a Lonsdale that features medium bodied Dominican fillers and binders inside a slow-burning Connecticut USA wrapper. Generally on the milder side, slightly sweet -- perfect companions to a long night of guitar mania.

Guitar Lesson - Danny Gatton Live 9/9/94

Danny Gatton In Concert 9/9/94

Danny Gatton is pretty much considered to be one of the absolute best guitarists ever -- he's almost always rated in the top 20 by the critics -- unfortunately he was not very well known beyond the Washington D.C. area. This is a real treat.

Recorded a month before his tragic suicide, this new trio of Danny's plays mostly jazz at this date (with some rockabilly thrown in; Danny was never far away from bluegrass). He opens with a fast blues, as usual, and plays numbers that he has played many times before. One difference is that he is playing on a new guitar: with two necks, one a regular Tele, and the other a six string bass. The music is superb. "Secret Love" is achingly beautiful. "Blues Newburg" done very slow. Of course, the "Surf Medley" is worth the price of admission alone. "Caravan", another standard, is given a rousing treatment. And "Orange Blossom Special Medley", Danny's usual ending number is a wonderful romp through bluegrass, funk, and jazz. I also like that it was mixed and produced by his band, so what you get is what they what they intended you to hear. It's sad that he's gone but this is what it was like when he was alive.

1. Intro/Sunnymoon for Two 2. Land of Make Believe 3. Blues Newburg 4. 88 Elmira 5. Secret Love 6. Apache/Surf Medley 7. Caravan 8. Linus and Lucy 9. Orange Blossom Medley



Surfabilly Anyone?

Rick Lawndale Band - Surfabilly Rock

The music of the Rick Lawndale Band is a unique hybrid of 50's & 60's styles, including surf, rockabilly, blues, jazz, and psychedelic rock. Group founder and chief composer Rick Lawndale pens clever ditties with a campy sense of musical fun and satirical lyrics. Beginning his career as a solo acoustic performer, Rick went on to form instrumental surf psychedelic unit Lawndale, releasing 2 Lp’s on SST, which you can get at Eek’s and RYP’s at Twilightzone. This is his third and last effort under his own name. A combination of whacky vocals and soild surf instrumentals, fun if nothing else.

Lead guitarist Ricky Sepulveda has collaborated with artist Ray Pettibone in the "Ray Pettibone Super Sessions", and has performed with experimental combo Nervous Gender. Bassist Marcel Loera has performed widely in L.A.'s rock scene. Drummer Dave Rodriguez was a member of influential 80's surf group The Surf Raiders.

1. Riot At the Beach 2. Surf Instrumental 3. Ricki Lake 4. Around the World 5. Road Rage 6. Mobster 7. Nasty Habits 8. My Other Car 9. Rock Until I Die 10. Shoshone 11. Truck Drivin' Man 12. Tijuana O


Monday, September 17, 2007

Special Agents - Bulletproof Beat

The Special Agents – Bulletproof Beat

England's Special Agents pose an interesting question... just how far can you push the surf 'n' spy connection. While the first track here is spy oriented, the last one is downright mean lumbering monster.

Slowly rising from the inaudible depths of espionage, "Double-O-Surfin'" becomes a fine surf instro, with stinging guitar playing a catchy riff over a solid ominous spy backtrack. Adventurous and solid, with glissandoes and excellent drums. It hints just a tad at "Secret Agent Man."

Slow moody soundscapes ooze from the effected guitar swells as "The Lunar Sea" flows across the ocean's surface. This is really spooky, and very cool indeed. Haunting, mysterious, ominous, and chilling. The keys are ghostly, and the careful use of stereo reverb in the mix places you in a huge place from which you may not escape. Excellent.

A Spy in the Ointment 2. Our Man on Mars 3. Calling All Agents 4. Cast Your Spell 5. Come in, Agent 45 6. Do the Wiggle 7. Death Probe 8. Double-0-Surfin' 9. Shufty 10. The Tingler 11. Soul Agent 12. The Spectre Walks 13. The Lunar Sea


Friday, September 14, 2007

Fuzz Busters - spy surf part 2

More spy music - this time moving towards the cinematic style of surf with lots of hard beats and organs. Kind of like a soundtrack to a funky imaginary movie, with more varied styles than Spies Who Surf. From the producer of The Spies Who Surf, The Insiders, Material Issue, and Ministry, Retro-Sonic Music for the Moderns was recorded at Jay O’Rourke's home ADT project studio, on a houseboat in Starved Rock, at Acme studios with Mike Zalenko (Material Issue) sitting in on drums, and "live" at the Boulevard Cafe in Chicago. Good stuff.

1. Operation Scorch 2. Beatbox Bassa Nova 3. Funny Farm 4. Bunny Lounge 5. Wild Trip 6. Mercy Mercy Mercy 7. To Sir With Love 8. Fuzzy & Wild 9. Cherry 10. Menthol 11. Greased Lightning 12. Mr. Twig n' Berries 13. Let's Do It Again



Spies Who Surf -- spy surf by request part 1

This is a fun disc. Dark and ominous sounds crawling out of the corner ready to pounce at a second's notice. Even Phil Dirt likes it -- 4 stars --This 1993 release by Chicago based Spies Who Surf is a classic mix of jazz and surf. very good musicianship and writing, well produced tracks, and interesting ideas. Some infectious material, some acquired taste, but all very well done.

Picks: Spy Beach, Cyanide Junkie, Suicide Spree, Destroy All Pollution, Evacuation Earth 2000, Stakeout, Calling All Martians, Xenophobia, The Creep, Black Earth, Surf Nazi Clambake, Necrophiliac
Intro: Walk of the Zombie 2. Spy Beach 3. Cyanide Junkie 4. Ecology Trilogy: Suicide Spree/Destroy All Pollution/Evacuation ... 5. Boss X Blowout 6. Stakeout 7. Calling All Martians 8. Xenophobia 9. Keys to Her Ferrari 10. Creep 11. Black Earth 12. Surf Nazi Clambake 13. Necrophiliac
Special Fat City Boss Bonus -- Spies Who Surf version of Hocus Pocus by Focus -- say that 3 times fast. This is from a really crappy compilation of modern alt covers, it is the best thing on the disc and the only other existing cut they did. Enjoy.

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

More Modern Surf

Modern Surf Soundz

A nice surf instrumental compilation of contemporary bands assembled by David Arnson of the Insect Surfers for Orange Records -- the private label of Tower Records in Japan. He even wrote the liner notes. Various styles and tempos are represented here, some tracks don't totally sound "surf" at all. They pretty much represent the best that modern surf instrumental music had to offer at the time -- around 2000. Sadly the label and company are no more , but many of the bands still are... ENJOY.

1. surf cruiser- sultans of surf 2. stingray- insect surfers 3. el conquistador- death valley 4. el rey- satan's pilgrims 5. moon patrol-boardwalkers 6. swept away- shig n' buzz7. soul penetration- hillbilly soul surfers 8. pipeline to bagdad- 3 balls of fire 9. top fueler stomp- boss martians 10. western stars- the reventlos 11. krakatoa-the volcanos 12. angel with a devil's heart- davie allan and the arrows 13. insecticide -pollo del mar 14. another odd job- galaxy trio 15. raglan -the mermen


Monday, September 10, 2007

Twang Thang

Twang Fight ---

Today we have the battle of the twangs -- old vs. new. Two fun tributes to the Shadows -- one by non surf guitarists and one by modern surf groups.

Who will win? Your votes will tell!!!!

In this Corner -- TWANG

Another comp of Shadows songs – this time from non-surf oriented guitarists. It offers a different taste from the Nivram Tribute – which is fun. This is a fantastic CD in itself and serves as a good bookend to the Shadows. Knopfler and Blackmore are particularly good here, as is Hank Marvin himself. I don’t think there is a bad song on this compilation (a rare thing to say about any tribute album). It's not the kind ultra frenetic guitar slinging that leads to so many speeding tickets; instead it's more like the perfect background music for work or kicking back at the end of the day with the headphones on. Gutsy, melodic, and soulful stuff for anybody who digs the sound of a strat guitar.

1. Apache - Ritchie Blackmore 2. FBI - Brian May 3. Wonderful Land - Tony Iommi 4. The Savage - Steve Stevens 5. The Rise And Fall Of Flingel Bunt - Hank Marvin 6. Midnight - Peter Green 7. Spring Is Nearly Here - Neil Young And Randy Bachman 8. Atlantis - Mark Knopfler 9. The Frightened City - Peter Frampton 10. Dance On - Keith Urban & Stewart Copeland 11. Stingray - Andy Summers 12. The Stranger - Bela Fleck And The Flecktones

twang 1

twang 2

Evening in Nivram

16 top instro/ surf/ garage bands paying tribute to one of the legendary instrumental bands of the 60's. Features a rare solo track by Concrete Blonde guitarist Jim Mankey, along with other rippin' instros by Omega Men, Tiki Tones, Falcons, Aqua Velvets, Satan's Pilgrims, Davie Allan & The Arrows, Fathoms, Boss Martians and more.

This CD is quite impressive--all of these artists demonstrate fine musicianship throughout. What’s really cool is while we get excellent versions of big hits like "Apache" and "Man of Mystery", a number of the more obscure Shadows tunes from EPs and LPs were selected as well. In many cases, there is no attempt to duplicate the original versions--these artists put their own "stamp" on them, which is why I like this tribute set.

My fave tracks --the Aqua Velvets' lovely "Atlantis", Jim Mankey's ( a reare cut from the guitarist of Concrete Blonde) "Back Home" and the Space Cossacks' blistering "The Savage". All this music is good though, and the sound quality good all way thru.

Main Theme - Omega Men 2. Apache - The Falcons 3. Gonzales - Huntington Cads 4. Atlantis - Aqua Velvets 5. Man of Mystery - Fathoms 6. Savage - Space Cossacks 7. Don't It Make You Feel Good - Boss Martians 8. Lute Number - Troubadours 9. Evening Comes- The Alohas 10. Tomorrow's Cancelled - Tiki Tones 11. Tales of a Raggy Tramline - Davie Allan & The Arrows 12. The Traveller’s of Time - Maroc 7 13. Rise and Fall of Flingel Bunt – Satan’s Pilgrims 14. Zambesi - The Deoras 15. Theme for Young Lovers - Teisco del Rey 16. Back Home - James Mankey


niv 2

Sunday, September 9, 2007

Happy Birthday Kool Kat EEK

Happy Birthday, Eek!
Hope you are havin' a rockin' good time.

Even though The Twilightzone was my first real exposure to the world of music blogs --- EEK is my best friend. He is truly one KOOL KAT. He's knowledgeable, friendly and generous to a fault with his time, expertise, and music. He's like the brother I never had. The best. He's just as nice in person as he is in his blog -- what you see is really what you get - one kool kat. Have fun, dude.

Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Hawiian Blues Surf

This is Danny Morris' debut CD. Prior to this, he was the guitarist in D.C.'s popular night club band the NightHawks, replacing Jimmy Thackery. Even tough he has a strong blues background, the Hawaiian shirt and Tiki girl decal on his red strat, hints that this is not your traditional blues CD.

He begins with a Freddie King number "Head's Up" from King's 1961 release "Let's Hide Away and Dance Away". Morris introduces the classic number to some waves which make it barely recognizable. He then takes Ike Turner's "Do You Mean It" from Texas shuffle to surf twang in under 3 minutes. Chuck Berry's "Memphis" is relocated from Tennessee to the beaches of the West Coast mid-song. You can tell he's having fun surfin' up these classics. There are some very good bluesy numbers -- Morris originals "Misery Tears" and "I Won't Worry" and a few pure surf tunes such as Mancini's "Banzai Pipeline" and "Latinia".

Danny knows how to make a guitar sing. His guitar style, while unique, teases his audience with hints of Hendrix, Stevie Ray Vaughan, and Dick Dale. This is a breezy strut that works well on a sunny afternoon with the wind blowing in your hair.

1. Heads Up
2. Do You Mean It
3. Fireball
4. Misery Tears
5. Navajo Spaceship
6. Miss Ann
7. Experiment In Terror
8. I Won't Worry
9. Miserlou
10. Memphis
11. The Stalker
12. Real Cool Kitty
13. Latina
14. Pills (Rock & Roll Nurse)
15. Banzai Pipeline



Blue Blue Blue Hawaiians

Ok, peoples, we are going to try again for the Blue Hawaiians. Brand new everything --- so hopefully, you can properly hear this great band. Nothing fancy, no pw, just click and go.

bhlive2 part 1

bhlive2 part 2

I don't know what's caused all these problems, I do apologize for the hassles and am working diligently to iron them out. Thanks for your patience, it will be worth it eventually.

While you are listening to the sounds -- why not enjoy the namesake drink.

Blue Hawaiian

Blend light rum, blue curacao, pineapple juice, and cream of coconut with one cup ice in an electric blender at high speed. Pour contents into a highball glass. Decorate with the slice of pineapple and a cherry. Yum. Yum.

Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Last Call For Clean Up

Sorry guys - yep, doing is definately harder than reading about it. To clear up a few issues:

1. A different file in Burt is corrupted this time -- so I'm assuming it's equipment malfunction, I'll try to get another version that's clean.

2. Sometimes I too smart for my own good -- There is no password needed on any of these files to open -- even though I screwed up with the language on the Blue Hawaiians. In these early posts -- if they don't open without a password -- the secret code password is --- fcclounge
3. Thanks for the nice comments and constructive alerts -- as I get more familiar with managing the Lounge, things will smooth out. More exciting music and goodies are on the way. The menu is just starting to open up.

Monday, September 3, 2007

Bad, Bad Burt -- Three is the Charm?

Our buddy Burt does not want to cooperate -- if this keeps up he'll get a serious spanking. Not the fun kind, either. I'm very annoyed that he won't sing properly for everyone who wants to hear him and he's causing me great consternation.
So -- here is another try -- from scratch -- to coax him to sing on key. Please let me know what happens. I might have to call in the big guns on this one if he has a bad voice again.
Sorry for the inconvenience.



Labor Day Labors - More Tribute to RYP

Labor Day Labors

Hi everyone. We've been working hard at the Lounge cleaning up our mess, and now things are starting to get back in order. We're gearing up for regular hours and have lots of exciting offerings on our plate for today. We're serving up some hot and nasty specials to you -- all free of charge. Come on in, grab some punch and get ready to rumble.

Blue Hawaiians – Live At Lava Lounge 2

Get this baby now!!! A later show by one of my favorite surf-exotica-rockers with a slightly dark edge to their sound. This is an incredibly energetic show, kickin’ in at track 1 with “My Favorite Martian” at over 9 minutes of reverb jam. They really show their musical chops here, almost all the cuts here are extended and the rockers have a full psychedelic buzz that was not as apparent on Live #1. “Dick Tracy” is over 15 minutes long compared to the 6 so it was on the last volume. Not as many vocals here, either. This performance is right up there with the Mermen’s live shows – the best modern surf has to offer.

1 My Favorite Martian Fuller 9:24

2 Deadman's Fontana, Gough 5:31

3 Swingin' Hula Girl/Women in Chairs Fontana, Weaver, Welzig 7:09

4 Our Man Flint Goldsmith 3:09

5 Human Jungle Barry 6:14

6 Highlife Goldsmith 6:41

7 Banzai Pipeline Mancini 6:32

8 Beat Girl Barry 2:34

9 Dick Tracy Edwards, Taylor, Vogel, Wilson 15:26

10 Hot Rods to Honolulu Fontana, Gough 4:23

11 Experiment in Terror Mancini 11:03

BHLL2 act 1

BHLL act 2

no reserved seats (pw)

RISQUE RHYTHYM -- Nasty 50's R&B

RYP isn't the only one who can get down hot and nasty. Here is probably the best single collection of great, great, great songs from the early R&B era of the late forties to the mid-fifties which were a little risque, to say the least. Some are well-known such as "Ten-Inch Record," "Sixty Minute Man," and "Work With Me Annie," but other cuts are rare and seldom heard. The songs are catchy, easy to dance to or sing to, and are hilarious. "Sixty Minute Man" is true bravado. " "Big Long Slidin Thing" has the same effect as "Baby Let Me Bang Your Box." Add "Big Ten Inch Record" and 14 others and you have one truly great set. Rhino, of course, does a good job of transferring these songs to a digital format. A good bang for your bucks. If you're hip to double-entendre and euphemisms, you'll roll with laughter and joy at songs like "Walkin' Blues," "Butcher Pete," "10 Inch Record," "Keep On Churnin," "I Love To Play Your Piano," etc. Modern rappers should listen to this to see that you don't have to blatantly curse to be funny. The songs touch on a few taboos of the era. Allusions to homoeroticism are included with "Butcher Pete-Pt.1" by Roy Brown & His Mighty-Mighty Men (unfortunately, Part 2 isn't included on the disc) and "Mountain Oysters" by Eddie "Lockjaw" Davis with The Bill Doggett Trio. These references to homosexuality are more subtle than "Sissy Man Blues" coming up in a later post as part of the Lounge's Blue Light Special.

All the songs are ... suggestive but "Work With Me Annie" by The Royals wins the award for the one tune that puts you into the ... act itself. Listen to the rocking beat, especially the refrain, and tell me you don't believe yourself to be flowin' with the motion and movin' with the groovin.' The beat feels "so good, so good, so good, so good, so good" you know that song is directly responsible for making some babies.

Perhaps the most surprising to me was THE Dinah Washington crooning two sophisticated melodies, "Big, Long Slidin' Thing" and then she expresses her oral tendencies with "Long John Blues." From "Big Ten-Inch Record" by Moose Jackson, the tune that sets the tone for the rest of the collection, to "(I Love To Play Your Piano) Let Me Bang Your Box" by The Toppers, you can't help but get the urge to merge. Let it RYP.

  1. Big Ten-Inch Record - Moose Jackson
  2. Big Long Slidin' Thing - Dinah Washington
  3. Laundromat Blues - The '5' Royales
  4. The Walkin' Blues (Walk Right In, Walk Right Out) - The Jesse Powell Orchestra
  5. Wasn't That Good - Wynonie Harris
  6. Butcher Pete-Pt. 1 - Roy Brown & His Mighty-Mighty Men
  7. It Ain't The Meat - The Swallows
  8. Sixty-Minute Man - The Dominoes
  9. Lemon Squeezing Daddy - The Sultans
  10. Work With Me Annie - The Royals
  11. Keep On Churnin' - Wynonie Harris
  12. Silent George - Lucky Millinder & His Orchestra
  13. Long John Blues - Dinah Washington
  14. Mountain Oysters - Eddis Davis
  15. My Man Stands Out - Julia Lee & Her Boy Friends
  16. Toy Bell - The Bees
  17. Rocket 69 - Todd Rhodes & Orchestra
  18. (I Love To Play Your Piano) Let Me Bang Your Box - The Toppers With Orchestra



free pass

Pulp Rock Instros

Great instro music from the usa & europe, past & present. Even the nonsurf tunes will expand the horizons of surf fans. Both old and new surf styles are represented here in all their twangy glory.

Peter Gunn - Dick Dale & His Del Tones

  1. Depth Charge 95 - Jon & The Nightriders
  2. Outer Surf - Davie Allan & The Arrows
  3. LSD-25 - The Gamblers
  4. Bad News - The Trashmen
  5. The Swag - Link Wray & His Raymen
  6. Lazy - Johnny And The Hurricanes
  7. The Beat - The Rockin' R's
  8. Paradise Cove - The Surfmen
  9. Tioga (Swift Waters) - The Frogmen
  10. Earthshaker - The Lancasters
  11. Tension - Jay Bee And The Kats
  12. Redondo Strand - Sandy Nelson
  13. Bikini Drag - The Boardwalkers
  14. Punkline - The Surfaris
  15. Pyramid Stomp - The Pyramids
  16. Jupiter 'C' - The Cruncher
  17. Mustang - Link Wray & His Raymen
  18. Street Action - The Vice Barons
  19. Rumble - Davie Allan & The Arrows
prinst 1

prinst 2

free show on the beach

Leapin Guitars – Rockin’ Roulette Instrumentals

Crunchy Guitar Instros From The ’60s— is an instant Saturday night kegger that features a nice array of hallowed, guitar-slinging heroes. From the eerie sounds of the Rock-A-Teens (used in commercials) to the early sides of Bill Haley and The Comets, Rockin’ Roulette Instrumentals does exactly that. Fun all the way around.

  1. Ramrod - 'Frantic' Johnny Rogers
  2. The Chase - Wild Bill & The Blue Denims
  3. Woo Hoo - The Rock-A-Teens
  4. War Paint - Bill Haley & His Comets
  5. El Rancho Grande - Duane Eddy
  6. Poor Boy - The Royaltones
  7. Cha-Hua-Hua - Eddie Platt
  8. Salty - Tony Castle & The Raiders
  9. Leapin' Guitars - The Chapparals
  10. Bikini - The Bikinis
  11. Pagan - The Rock-A-Teens
  12. Mona My Love - Wild Bill & The Blue Denims
  13. Sassy - 'Frantic' Johnny Rogers
  14. Riviera - Bill Haley & His Comets
  15. Hi Lili Hi Lo - Tony Castle & The Raiders
  16. Down Yonder Rock - The Gone All Stars
  17. Offbeat - The Rock-A-Teens
  18. Wail - The Royaltones
  19. Sincerely - Tony Caste & The Raiders
  20. Beer Barrell Rock - The Chapparals
  21. See Saw - The Royaltones
  22. Tara's Theme - Tony Castle & The Raiders
  23. Little Bo - The Royaltones
  24. Oh, My Nerves - The Rock-A-Teens
  25. Boogie Rock And Roll - The Bikinis
  26. Twangy - The Rock-A-Teens
  27. Poppa's Movin' On - Duane Eddy


free rockin' tonight

The Ultras -- Surf Pop Sludge

The Ultras are a mostly instrumental rock 'n roll trio from San Francisco formed in 1988 by guitarist Eric "Sludge" Lenchner. 1993 saw the release of the the Ultras only CD, SURF-POP-SLUDGE. Produced by Scott Mathews, the man responsible for the Dick Dale "comeback" CD's on Hightone, "Surf-Pop-Sludge" was a college radio hit, going Top Ten on numerous stations throughout the U.S. In 1995 the Ultras stopped played live shows due to guitarist Lenchner's hearing damage. They have continued to record, and their latest projects are "Rocket Jockey" (CD ROM video game), "Attack of the New Killer Surf Guitars" (compilation featuring Ultras' track "THE ULTRA FACTOR"), and "Just Write" (feature film starring Sherilyn Fenn - soundtrack features "STEEL TWIST" by The Ultras. Their version of Telstar is hilarious, kind of goofy overplayed. Mambo Italiano is a fresh take on a fave dance number. Some of their originals are very original indeed, and defy basic categorization. The sound is polished throughout, the beat is strong, and they are professionally hip.

  1. Here Come the Sludge
  2. Nice Face
  3. Clean! Bright! Fresh!
  4. Mambo Italiano
  5. King of the Sludge Guitar
  6. Magic Wand
  7. Straight Arrow
  8. Bender
  9. Death Tube
  10. Night Walk/Night Run (Third Man from the Sun)
  11. Chickens on Parade
  12. Sludge Beat
  13. Pul-Say-Tor
  14. Telstar
  15. Head Cleaner

sps 1
sps 2
on the house

Garage beat and Punk 30 years

The Garage / Beat / Punk Rock record kicks off with the weirdest soundtrack to a car ad for a long while. Have Love Will Travel, the Richard Berry classic as mangled by the Sonics, must have helped shift a pile of Land Rovers. Stable-mates the Wailers are next up and out of their trees, a pretty good way to start any garage band selection. OK the Revels is a bit earlier, but a little weirdsville never hurt anyone. These Spiders are not from Mars, but from Japan, where they were doyens of the GS scene in the 60s, as were the Zombies. The Wheels were from Belfast and you better believe it. There are three short sharp bursts of Punk Rock next. The version of Melody Lee by the Damned has never been out before. Finally a return to the garage, though this time for the 80s revival, kicking off with Billy Childish second group Thee Milkshakes and four tracks later their girlfriends the Delmonas. For four years in the early 80s these garage bands were the only people left standing up for real music by real men (& women) against a plethora of haircuts and trousers worn by men playing ironing boards. The Bugs - now they were a band that mysteriously came and went time for a fresh outing. Good solid collection. A true RYPPER.

Have love will travel -- the sonics
Out of our tree --- the wailers
Foolish woman --- the oxford circle
leepy hollow --- the last word
Outta reach --- she
Lie, beg, borrow and steal -- mouse and the traps
Intoxica --- the revels
Hey boy --- the spiders
Just out of reach --- the zombies
Bad little woman ---the wheels E
Electric shares --- the radiators (from space)
Cosmonaut -- riff raff
Melody Lee --- the damned
Out of control --- thee milkshakes miniskirt blues the vibes
I can only give you everything ---naz nomad and the nightmares
C C Rider --- the delmonas
Reaching my head ---- the prisoners
It's about time --- the bugs


Hope you enjoyed today's party selections. That concludes our tribute to RYP, I hope he likes it and finds some goodies he did not have. I always do when scoping out the great stuff he posts. Check out the Twlightzone for yourself and see.

Next up: By popular demand -- a request by our patrons -- Crime and Spy --grab your git, your fedora, and your trench coat for a trip through the dark murky smoke filled back alleys of the Lounge.

Who knows what evil lurks in the hearts of men --- The Shadow knows --- HAAAAAAHAAAAAAAAAAHAAAAAAAAAAAAAA.

Burt's Back -- repaired

Hi guys --
Burt's back from the hairdresser's with a brand new do. He was very red-faced about his first outing which mussed his perfectly sprayed helmet hair. For some reason some folks could not get in the club properly. So --- to apologize and make up --- he 's doing a return performance and added an encore -- The Strangler's excellent take on "Walk on By". It will make you forget all about Dionne.

Here's the hot spot -- no pw.

Burt's back act 1

Burt's back act 2
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