Monday, September 3, 2007

Labor Day Labors - More Tribute to RYP

Labor Day Labors

Hi everyone. We've been working hard at the Lounge cleaning up our mess, and now things are starting to get back in order. We're gearing up for regular hours and have lots of exciting offerings on our plate for today. We're serving up some hot and nasty specials to you -- all free of charge. Come on in, grab some punch and get ready to rumble.

Blue Hawaiians – Live At Lava Lounge 2

Get this baby now!!! A later show by one of my favorite surf-exotica-rockers with a slightly dark edge to their sound. This is an incredibly energetic show, kickin’ in at track 1 with “My Favorite Martian” at over 9 minutes of reverb jam. They really show their musical chops here, almost all the cuts here are extended and the rockers have a full psychedelic buzz that was not as apparent on Live #1. “Dick Tracy” is over 15 minutes long compared to the 6 so it was on the last volume. Not as many vocals here, either. This performance is right up there with the Mermen’s live shows – the best modern surf has to offer.

1 My Favorite Martian Fuller 9:24

2 Deadman's Fontana, Gough 5:31

3 Swingin' Hula Girl/Women in Chairs Fontana, Weaver, Welzig 7:09

4 Our Man Flint Goldsmith 3:09

5 Human Jungle Barry 6:14

6 Highlife Goldsmith 6:41

7 Banzai Pipeline Mancini 6:32

8 Beat Girl Barry 2:34

9 Dick Tracy Edwards, Taylor, Vogel, Wilson 15:26

10 Hot Rods to Honolulu Fontana, Gough 4:23

11 Experiment in Terror Mancini 11:03

BHLL2 act 1

BHLL act 2

no reserved seats (pw)

RISQUE RHYTHYM -- Nasty 50's R&B

RYP isn't the only one who can get down hot and nasty. Here is probably the best single collection of great, great, great songs from the early R&B era of the late forties to the mid-fifties which were a little risque, to say the least. Some are well-known such as "Ten-Inch Record," "Sixty Minute Man," and "Work With Me Annie," but other cuts are rare and seldom heard. The songs are catchy, easy to dance to or sing to, and are hilarious. "Sixty Minute Man" is true bravado. " "Big Long Slidin Thing" has the same effect as "Baby Let Me Bang Your Box." Add "Big Ten Inch Record" and 14 others and you have one truly great set. Rhino, of course, does a good job of transferring these songs to a digital format. A good bang for your bucks. If you're hip to double-entendre and euphemisms, you'll roll with laughter and joy at songs like "Walkin' Blues," "Butcher Pete," "10 Inch Record," "Keep On Churnin," "I Love To Play Your Piano," etc. Modern rappers should listen to this to see that you don't have to blatantly curse to be funny. The songs touch on a few taboos of the era. Allusions to homoeroticism are included with "Butcher Pete-Pt.1" by Roy Brown & His Mighty-Mighty Men (unfortunately, Part 2 isn't included on the disc) and "Mountain Oysters" by Eddie "Lockjaw" Davis with The Bill Doggett Trio. These references to homosexuality are more subtle than "Sissy Man Blues" coming up in a later post as part of the Lounge's Blue Light Special.

All the songs are ... suggestive but "Work With Me Annie" by The Royals wins the award for the one tune that puts you into the ... act itself. Listen to the rocking beat, especially the refrain, and tell me you don't believe yourself to be flowin' with the motion and movin' with the groovin.' The beat feels "so good, so good, so good, so good, so good" you know that song is directly responsible for making some babies.

Perhaps the most surprising to me was THE Dinah Washington crooning two sophisticated melodies, "Big, Long Slidin' Thing" and then she expresses her oral tendencies with "Long John Blues." From "Big Ten-Inch Record" by Moose Jackson, the tune that sets the tone for the rest of the collection, to "(I Love To Play Your Piano) Let Me Bang Your Box" by The Toppers, you can't help but get the urge to merge. Let it RYP.

  1. Big Ten-Inch Record - Moose Jackson
  2. Big Long Slidin' Thing - Dinah Washington
  3. Laundromat Blues - The '5' Royales
  4. The Walkin' Blues (Walk Right In, Walk Right Out) - The Jesse Powell Orchestra
  5. Wasn't That Good - Wynonie Harris
  6. Butcher Pete-Pt. 1 - Roy Brown & His Mighty-Mighty Men
  7. It Ain't The Meat - The Swallows
  8. Sixty-Minute Man - The Dominoes
  9. Lemon Squeezing Daddy - The Sultans
  10. Work With Me Annie - The Royals
  11. Keep On Churnin' - Wynonie Harris
  12. Silent George - Lucky Millinder & His Orchestra
  13. Long John Blues - Dinah Washington
  14. Mountain Oysters - Eddis Davis
  15. My Man Stands Out - Julia Lee & Her Boy Friends
  16. Toy Bell - The Bees
  17. Rocket 69 - Todd Rhodes & Orchestra
  18. (I Love To Play Your Piano) Let Me Bang Your Box - The Toppers With Orchestra



free pass

Pulp Rock Instros

Great instro music from the usa & europe, past & present. Even the nonsurf tunes will expand the horizons of surf fans. Both old and new surf styles are represented here in all their twangy glory.

Peter Gunn - Dick Dale & His Del Tones

  1. Depth Charge 95 - Jon & The Nightriders
  2. Outer Surf - Davie Allan & The Arrows
  3. LSD-25 - The Gamblers
  4. Bad News - The Trashmen
  5. The Swag - Link Wray & His Raymen
  6. Lazy - Johnny And The Hurricanes
  7. The Beat - The Rockin' R's
  8. Paradise Cove - The Surfmen
  9. Tioga (Swift Waters) - The Frogmen
  10. Earthshaker - The Lancasters
  11. Tension - Jay Bee And The Kats
  12. Redondo Strand - Sandy Nelson
  13. Bikini Drag - The Boardwalkers
  14. Punkline - The Surfaris
  15. Pyramid Stomp - The Pyramids
  16. Jupiter 'C' - The Cruncher
  17. Mustang - Link Wray & His Raymen
  18. Street Action - The Vice Barons
  19. Rumble - Davie Allan & The Arrows
prinst 1

prinst 2

free show on the beach

Leapin Guitars – Rockin’ Roulette Instrumentals

Crunchy Guitar Instros From The ’60s— is an instant Saturday night kegger that features a nice array of hallowed, guitar-slinging heroes. From the eerie sounds of the Rock-A-Teens (used in commercials) to the early sides of Bill Haley and The Comets, Rockin’ Roulette Instrumentals does exactly that. Fun all the way around.

  1. Ramrod - 'Frantic' Johnny Rogers
  2. The Chase - Wild Bill & The Blue Denims
  3. Woo Hoo - The Rock-A-Teens
  4. War Paint - Bill Haley & His Comets
  5. El Rancho Grande - Duane Eddy
  6. Poor Boy - The Royaltones
  7. Cha-Hua-Hua - Eddie Platt
  8. Salty - Tony Castle & The Raiders
  9. Leapin' Guitars - The Chapparals
  10. Bikini - The Bikinis
  11. Pagan - The Rock-A-Teens
  12. Mona My Love - Wild Bill & The Blue Denims
  13. Sassy - 'Frantic' Johnny Rogers
  14. Riviera - Bill Haley & His Comets
  15. Hi Lili Hi Lo - Tony Castle & The Raiders
  16. Down Yonder Rock - The Gone All Stars
  17. Offbeat - The Rock-A-Teens
  18. Wail - The Royaltones
  19. Sincerely - Tony Caste & The Raiders
  20. Beer Barrell Rock - The Chapparals
  21. See Saw - The Royaltones
  22. Tara's Theme - Tony Castle & The Raiders
  23. Little Bo - The Royaltones
  24. Oh, My Nerves - The Rock-A-Teens
  25. Boogie Rock And Roll - The Bikinis
  26. Twangy - The Rock-A-Teens
  27. Poppa's Movin' On - Duane Eddy


free rockin' tonight

The Ultras -- Surf Pop Sludge

The Ultras are a mostly instrumental rock 'n roll trio from San Francisco formed in 1988 by guitarist Eric "Sludge" Lenchner. 1993 saw the release of the the Ultras only CD, SURF-POP-SLUDGE. Produced by Scott Mathews, the man responsible for the Dick Dale "comeback" CD's on Hightone, "Surf-Pop-Sludge" was a college radio hit, going Top Ten on numerous stations throughout the U.S. In 1995 the Ultras stopped played live shows due to guitarist Lenchner's hearing damage. They have continued to record, and their latest projects are "Rocket Jockey" (CD ROM video game), "Attack of the New Killer Surf Guitars" (compilation featuring Ultras' track "THE ULTRA FACTOR"), and "Just Write" (feature film starring Sherilyn Fenn - soundtrack features "STEEL TWIST" by The Ultras. Their version of Telstar is hilarious, kind of goofy overplayed. Mambo Italiano is a fresh take on a fave dance number. Some of their originals are very original indeed, and defy basic categorization. The sound is polished throughout, the beat is strong, and they are professionally hip.

  1. Here Come the Sludge
  2. Nice Face
  3. Clean! Bright! Fresh!
  4. Mambo Italiano
  5. King of the Sludge Guitar
  6. Magic Wand
  7. Straight Arrow
  8. Bender
  9. Death Tube
  10. Night Walk/Night Run (Third Man from the Sun)
  11. Chickens on Parade
  12. Sludge Beat
  13. Pul-Say-Tor
  14. Telstar
  15. Head Cleaner

sps 1
sps 2
on the house

Garage beat and Punk 30 years

The Garage / Beat / Punk Rock record kicks off with the weirdest soundtrack to a car ad for a long while. Have Love Will Travel, the Richard Berry classic as mangled by the Sonics, must have helped shift a pile of Land Rovers. Stable-mates the Wailers are next up and out of their trees, a pretty good way to start any garage band selection. OK the Revels is a bit earlier, but a little weirdsville never hurt anyone. These Spiders are not from Mars, but from Japan, where they were doyens of the GS scene in the 60s, as were the Zombies. The Wheels were from Belfast and you better believe it. There are three short sharp bursts of Punk Rock next. The version of Melody Lee by the Damned has never been out before. Finally a return to the garage, though this time for the 80s revival, kicking off with Billy Childish second group Thee Milkshakes and four tracks later their girlfriends the Delmonas. For four years in the early 80s these garage bands were the only people left standing up for real music by real men (& women) against a plethora of haircuts and trousers worn by men playing ironing boards. The Bugs - now they were a band that mysteriously came and went time for a fresh outing. Good solid collection. A true RYPPER.

Have love will travel -- the sonics
Out of our tree --- the wailers
Foolish woman --- the oxford circle
leepy hollow --- the last word
Outta reach --- she
Lie, beg, borrow and steal -- mouse and the traps
Intoxica --- the revels
Hey boy --- the spiders
Just out of reach --- the zombies
Bad little woman ---the wheels E
Electric shares --- the radiators (from space)
Cosmonaut -- riff raff
Melody Lee --- the damned
Out of control --- thee milkshakes miniskirt blues the vibes
I can only give you everything ---naz nomad and the nightmares
C C Rider --- the delmonas
Reaching my head ---- the prisoners
It's about time --- the bugs


Hope you enjoyed today's party selections. That concludes our tribute to RYP, I hope he likes it and finds some goodies he did not have. I always do when scoping out the great stuff he posts. Check out the Twlightzone for yourself and see.

Next up: By popular demand -- a request by our patrons -- Crime and Spy --grab your git, your fedora, and your trench coat for a trip through the dark murky smoke filled back alleys of the Lounge.

Who knows what evil lurks in the hearts of men --- The Shadow knows --- HAAAAAAHAAAAAAAAAAHAAAAAAAAAAAAAA.


RYP said...

hey GeorgeW,
I don't know what to say - I'm missing words...
... and I like them all! especially the Blue Hawaiians – Live At Lava Lounge 2 along with the Ultras! You know what I like!
So a big big THANK YOU for all these gems you've posted!
for sure " Fat City Cigar Lounge" got a link at TZ!

best regards

sandman said...

Hate to be a nit picker but one of the Blue Hawaiians Live Vol 2 links is incorrect it points to Live part 1. The damn thing is I don't know which one is wrong I couldn't tell from the link names.

RYP said...

I agree with Sandman: I'm able to open the second part without pw, first part refuses with or without pw! hmmm, very strange...

Unknown said...

Thank you for The Ultras! I've been searching for this band for very long time!

Mr. Trashe said...

Wow wow wow, The Ultras rules, yeah!, i heard this band 2 years ago (more and less, great guitarrist.

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