Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Guitar Lesson #2 - Night of the Guitar Live!

Guitar Lesson #2

Night of the Guitar – Live

This out of print killer of a set has, arguably, 9 of the best guitar players from the era of the 60's--70's together for a live concert and what a concert it is! With people like Peter Haycock, Steve Hunter, Andy Powell, Randy California, Leslie West, Steve Howe, Steve Hunter and Alvin Lee, you can never go wrong. Leaders of supergroups from 1967 to 1977 -- Mountain, Ten Years After, Wishbone Ash, Yes, Climax Blues Band, the Doors, Spirit, The Police, get the picture! You may not know all the names but you might know the bands. This is a must for your collection, a hard to get gem. Great songs, great guitars, from some of the greatest guitar players put in one place. This is part of the live tour to promote the now gone I.R.S. label’s incredibly daring “No Speak” series of mostly instrumental rock by some of the world’s best musicians. More of the series will be posted later on – this is the preview.

The different styles of guitar playing are in display through the whole set. Not a real dog anywhere, although it does take some getting used to hearing Robbie Krieger sing the Jim Morrison part in the Doors songs. Extra mention to Stewart Copeland, whose drumming is crucial to the music here (and elsewhere, too). For classic rock fans and guitar fans of all kinds.

1. Dr. Brown I presume - Pete Haycock 2. The Idler - Steve Hunter with Pete Haycock 3. Lucienne - Pete Haycock with Steve Hunter 4. Groove thing - Randy California with Steve hunter 5. Hey Joe - Randy California 6. Love me two times - Robby Krieger with Steve Hunter 7. The King will come - Ted Turner and Andy Powell 8. Theme from an imaginary western - Leslie West 9. Sketches in the sun - Steve Howe 10. Wurm - Steve Howe with Pete Haycock 11. No limit - Alvin Lee 12. Ain't nothin' shakin' - Alvin Lee 13. All along the watchtower - All artists



While you are catchin' the groove with these tunes, help yourself to a tasty Big Bad Voodoo Kooler :

2 oz Malibu® coconut rum
1 splash soda water
1 oz rum
1 oz Midori® melon liqueur
2 fingers orange juice
2 fingers pineapple juice

Sling Malibu, rum and Midori in a highball glass filled with ice. Top off with Orange, pineapple juices and a splash of soda. Mix it up with your swizzle stick and Go Daddy-O!

For classic rock, add a nice Montecristo White Especial No. 1. The classic No. 1 is a Lonsdale that features medium bodied Dominican fillers and binders inside a slow-burning Connecticut USA wrapper. Generally on the milder side, slightly sweet -- perfect companions to a long night of guitar mania.

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