Friday, September 14, 2007

Spies Who Surf -- spy surf by request part 1

This is a fun disc. Dark and ominous sounds crawling out of the corner ready to pounce at a second's notice. Even Phil Dirt likes it -- 4 stars --This 1993 release by Chicago based Spies Who Surf is a classic mix of jazz and surf. very good musicianship and writing, well produced tracks, and interesting ideas. Some infectious material, some acquired taste, but all very well done.

Picks: Spy Beach, Cyanide Junkie, Suicide Spree, Destroy All Pollution, Evacuation Earth 2000, Stakeout, Calling All Martians, Xenophobia, The Creep, Black Earth, Surf Nazi Clambake, Necrophiliac
Intro: Walk of the Zombie 2. Spy Beach 3. Cyanide Junkie 4. Ecology Trilogy: Suicide Spree/Destroy All Pollution/Evacuation ... 5. Boss X Blowout 6. Stakeout 7. Calling All Martians 8. Xenophobia 9. Keys to Her Ferrari 10. Creep 11. Black Earth 12. Surf Nazi Clambake 13. Necrophiliac
Special Fat City Boss Bonus -- Spies Who Surf version of Hocus Pocus by Focus -- say that 3 times fast. This is from a really crappy compilation of modern alt covers, it is the best thing on the disc and the only other existing cut they did. Enjoy.


Brandonio! said...

daBoss, holy smokes dude you have heard of these guys.[ spies who surf] man am i stoked. Thanks for posting this superior spy/surf slab o cool . Yes I am saying it, I think this is a better representation of the Spy/Secret Agent genre. I will admit I have become a fan of the Fuzz Busters since listening . There are some really trippy almost lounge feeling songs ,some moments where i almost thought I was listening to lost Laika and the Cosmonauts album. Does anyone else make that connection?[ especially the song "Bunny Lounge"]Though I while have to also say Spies Who Surf have just as much variety as you claim Fuzz Busters do. I'm curious what other people who read and submit comments on this blog think. I can't wait for more people to catch on to this great site, more instro junkies the better I say.

DaBoss said...

Yes, they are cool. Spies are more guitar oriented while Fuzz Busters is more combo keyboards and guitars. They do move into more "loungey" territory which is why I seem as more cinematic than Spies. I like your comparison the lost Laika and theb Cosmonauts -- their last effort - Global Warming -- is more trippy with a wider variety of styles and instruments than previous efforts. Most fans don't like it because it is so different than what the usual Laika surf. That's what evolution is all about. Expanding the boundries-- which is what I'm trying to do here. The spy music is just the tip of a really big iceberg of way cool instrumental music from ALL genres and time periods. That's why the blog is a virtual lounge -- you can hear many different kinds of music in one day/night in a really good club/lounge -- most of it you have not heard before. So be prepared -- the groovy ride is just about to begin. Surf and it's cousins will always be featured, they will now start to have more company. Be srtong, be brave and be adventurious -- and you will have a great time.
More instro junkies the better. Thanks for your time and attention Brandonio, it is greatly appreciated.

zillagord said...

This was a shocker! Never heard of 'em, but when I saw brandonio's comments I thought I should check 'em out (brandonio and I have had a few meetings in the past-- good guy!).
So, thanks for this. Offbeat but not off the beat. Count me as another instro junkie.

Trustar said...

On my feed list for sure.

Just stumbled on in today after seeing your site as a referrer to mine. Who forgot to tell me you were here!!!???

Fantastic stuff to be had.

On my feed listing for sure.

Thanks for sharing.


Trustar Vibrations

philip said...
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philip said...
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