Friday, September 28, 2007

Must Have Surf - The Duo-Tones

The Duo-Tones Plugged in and Live

The spies get a break for a bit because of my buddy Tru at TRUSTAR VIBRATIONS.

He has one of the best surf and rock sites out there ( go visit him please) and I swear, he can read my feeble mind. Everytime I get an idea of what to post , he beats me to it. This is the third time in a row, with his post of the Duo-Tones Surf Music Unplugged. Enough is Enough.

Here's the live, electric version -- slightly more edgy with an amplified punch and more reverb. Still on the quiet side of surf, great to sneak in at parties, or to simply chill to. Phil Dirt gave this 5 stars and it is worth every one. The musicianship is simply excellent. Tru has the long review over at his place -- get them both and you have the set. You will not be disappointed.

1.Pipeline 2:53 2.Mr. Moto 2:07 3.Apache 3:08 4.Penetration 3:24
5.El Conquistador 2:39 6.Forty Miles of Bad Road 4:12 7.Perfidia 2:05 8.Ramrod 1:55 9.Baja 3:13 10.Squad Car 2:12 11.Hide Away 3:33 12.Vamonos 2:37 13.The Lonely Bull 3:42 14.Lullaby of the Leaves 2:00 15.Beach City Bop 2:51 16.Baja Nights 3:20 17.The Wedge 2:03 18.Little Wing 4:24 19.Crystal "T" 3:11

thedts 1

thedts 2


Trustar said...

Big Boss Man

Thanks for the plug.

Sorry if I got a jump on your feeble mind lately but like they say, feeble minds must stick together. Glad to see this plugged in version last night. Not too sure how they will attack their tunes tomorrow. I'll be ready for anything.

Looking forward to hearing some great goodies from you for the scariest of holidays.



gerrysb said...

Great posts. However, the links on this post don't work. Could you please update the links?

Thank you.

Gerry B

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