Saturday, September 29, 2007

Must Have Surf/Spy - The Blue Hawaiians - Sway

The Blue Hawaiians -- Sway

Must have surf/ spy for any good collection. One of my favorite surf-exotica-rockers with a slightly dark edge to their sound. This is their first studio effort, slightly more restrained that their live shows. Even with some nice vocals, these guys know they are really a surf band and they do their stuff admirably with covers of Mancini's Banzai Pipeline and Ritchie Polodor's Quiet Surf -one of the most beautiful renditions of this piece I've ever heard. They rock out on Deadman's and add a little bit of spy with Searchin' For Da Cat. Element 86 is an incredible 7 minute psychedelic swirl. This one is a keeper.

1. Last Days of Summer 2. Searchin' For Da Cat 3. Banzai Pipeline 4. Casino 5. Deadman's
6. Quiet Surf 7. Martini 5 0 8. Swinging Hula Girl 9. Drop The Hammer Max! 10. Sharkskin Saddle 11. Charade 12. Tortolla 13. Drunk Man Noodle 14. Da Cat 15. Element 86

bhsway 1



1Surfrider said...

I love these guys!

Haven't seen this one, thanks.

hax said...

hi DaBoss! glad you liked the "short music" album... I've already downloaded some amazing bond themes from you, they rock!
please, feel free to link me!

Trustar said...

Hey George

Hit me with an email when you get a chance

Thought these might work well with your page.


Next Sunday the Surfin' Sundays group will be Mister Neutron!


RYP said...

hey George,
up-to-date my fave surf/spy band - love that Hula Girl!
thank you so much

fulltext said...

Wow am I late to the party!

Any chance of a re-up?


Unknown said...

Re-up? late comer but big fan....

sexy said...

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