Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Fun Spy - The Nelsonics reup

The Nelsonics
Imagine the trademark sound of the great surf bands of the '60s. Now add one classic Farfisa combo organ to the mix and four guys who really know how to bash together a super soulful surf arrangement with clever rhythms and you have the Nelsonics.
You can't help but get moving when THE NELSONICS take the stage. Their infectious sound combines influences ranging from 60s mod to surf rock into one soulful go-go groove. This the band's debut LP - which received rave reviews for its blend of instrumental grooves, organ-based R&B, Latin rhythms, big beat hooks and reverb-drenched guitar.

1. Agent Longboard
2. Chitlin
3. Theme from Miss Fortune
4. Bikini Bullfight
5. Relaxed Ambassador
6. 20 Fathoms Down
7. Spice
8. Savage
9. Late Date


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