Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Last Call For Clean Up

Sorry guys - yep, doing is definately harder than reading about it. To clear up a few issues:

1. A different file in Burt is corrupted this time -- so I'm assuming it's equipment malfunction, I'll try to get another version that's clean.

2. Sometimes I too smart for my own good -- There is no password needed on any of these files to open -- even though I screwed up with the language on the Blue Hawaiians. In these early posts -- if they don't open without a password -- the secret code password is --- fcclounge
3. Thanks for the nice comments and constructive alerts -- as I get more familiar with managing the Lounge, things will smooth out. More exciting music and goodies are on the way. The menu is just starting to open up.


sandman said...

Congrats on you new blog, already some great posts. Great to see you were kick started by Sandys Surf Blog

Brandonio! said...

the first part which is labeled part two does not open with your password or without. oh yeah i'm talking about Blue Hawaiians. well just see what you can do.

Brandonio! said...

actually I take that back about the Blue Hawaiians. the problem with the first part is that the tracks are unplayable because there is no time listed with each track. i hope you can understand what I'm saying . let me know.

Unknown said...

sweet blog start so far! will check back often, good luck. also looking forward to the burt surf trib whenever you can iron it out :)

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