Saturday, September 29, 2007

Crime Fighters -- Batman and Robin

Batman and Robin - The Sensational Guitars of Dan and Dale

This is a cash-in album originally released in 1966 to exploit the Batman fad. It has gained some notoriety over the years, because Sun Ra and members of The Blues Project played on it. Batman and Robin over the Roofs is almost seven amazing minutes long. The disc is all over the place with Jazz, Blues, Rock, Surf (Punk) Guitar! There is not a real bum track here except maybe the overly silly "Flight of the Batman" with the penny whistle (?) sound effects. The guitar in The Penguin Chase is pure Surf Guitar! Dig the harmonica in there too. If he's been alive I'd swear that Joe Meek would have been behind this! Most of it is jams not a lot of true “songs”, which I like for background music. Still fun. BIFF! POW! SOCK!

1. Batman Theme 2. Batman's Batmorang 3. Batman and Robin Over the Roofs 4. Penguin Chase 5. Flight of the Batman 6. Joker Is Wild 7. Robin's Theme 8. Penguin's Umbrella 9. Batman and Robin Swing 10. Batmobile Wheels 11. Riddler's Retreat 12. Bat Cave


hax said...

hey DaBoss! thanks for your visit... you were right about my tastes, I've really enjoyed your shared albums. Let's exchange links!
btw, 'the surf coasters' link is already there.

Matt Strawbridge said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Matt Strawbridge said...

Thank you so much for posting this!

But could you please repost it?

I had this album a few years back and lost it. Was thrilled to see that you had it available... yet now I'm bummed again because I can't get the link to work.


Anonymous said...

mmmh, link is dead ...

I found another one on my hd, it's

The Batman Theme played by The Marketts

digit! - and post it - if you like it!


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