Saturday, April 24, 2010

Man Made Brain Vector Based Fiction - MOAM Spinoff Exclusive

Spinoff with members of MOAM, More towards the grunge electronic side of MOAM.

The Man Made Brain / Vector-Based Fiction Track Title 1. Glue 2. Glitter 9000 3. At The Sound Of The Tone 4. Tiramisu 5. Cartoon Horror 6. Houston, We Have A Problem


Man Or Astroman - Project Infinity

Another exhilarating slice from Man or Astroman? This being their 4th full length album, is as good as their predecessors. The members of Man or Astroman? at this time are Birdstuff, Star Crunch, CoCo the Electronic Monkey Wizard, and Captain Zeno. Project Infinity is a blast, it has cover and original songs, the covers being The Man from U.N.C.L.E., Manta Ray, and a great cover of The Surfaris classic called Surfari, renamed Alpha Surfari.

Escape Velocity nicely opens the set and it just lets the listeners know just what they're in store for. Another great song is the one named (Classified) which in the Cd version is actually number 3 in between Sferic Waves and Transmissions from Venus. In the Cd version, Mach One is also a track that you can't hear, being the jesters that Man or Astroman? are with their sense of humor.

A great album. Just remember that if you didn't find their previous albums entertaining, don't expect to hear something different and new. This is just classic Man or Astroman? in their best years of their recording careers.

1. Escape Velocity 2. Sferic Waves 3. (Classified) 4. Transmission from Venus 5. Max Q 6. Inside the Atom 7. Philip K. Dick in the Pet Section of a Wal-Mart 8. Put Your Finger in the Socket 9. Complex 34 10. Man from U.N.C.L.E. 11. Tomorrow Plus X 12. Manta Ray 13. Point Blank 14. Special Agent Conrad Uno 15. Alpha Surfari 16. Mach One


Man or Astroman - Made From Technetium

To like this album takes an appreciation for the subtleties that separate the songs as each as that 'similar sound' feeling despite the songs being very different. This album is probably geared more for Astro-Man fans than the casual listener. However, there are some nice gems that anybody would like such as the sound waves reversing with it's cleverly inserted 50's sci-fi quotes. Lo-Battery is a cool intro to the album and one of the few times you'll hear Astro-men singing. But what really makes this album stand out from earlier Astro-Man offerings is the raw guitars. Gone is the twang.

Made From Technetium is about as close to present day modernism as the Astro-Men have travelled. Earlier efforts were obviously from the past while later efforts illustrate what happens when you don't watch your step and fall into a wormhole. Those looking for more 'edge' from the Astro-Men will find it here in full gamut. Took me a great while to accept this album. The tempos are appropriately placed along the album's length not tiring the listener's ear out before it's over. Think of a slow steady build in the background as opposed to an extravert's spotlight. Starts fast, slows down for a while keeping a steady pace, then picks it up again at the end after a brief rest for the final kick.

More singing on this album than any other Astro-man album if that means anything....but I wouldn't call it singing as much - voice acting probably more accurate. Much like the accompanying EP of it's time, 1000x, Made from Technetium integrates sound FX more into the songs instead of merely laying them on top, or at the head/tail like on previous efforts. This album is a very cohesive effort by the Astro-Men even if it is a change in direction.

1. Message from the Cd / Message from the LP 2. Lo Batt. 3. Jonathan Winters Frankenstein 4. Don't Think What Jack 5. Junk Satelite 6. 10 Years After World War 4 7. A Saucerful of Sucrets 8. Breathing from Oxide Man Or Astroman? 9. Muzak for Cybernetics 10. Structo 11. The Sound Waves Reversing 12. Theoretical Sounds of Slow Motion 13. Static Cling 14. Evert 1 Pipkin 15. Weightless at Zero Return


Servotron - I Sing the Body Cybernetic

Birdstuff and Dexter X hiding out in here. Good scifi.

1. I Sing the Body Cybernetic
2. Genetic Engineering
3. Image Created
4. Power of Electricity
5. Red Robot Refund (The Ballad of R5-D4)


Moonbuggy - Infinity Loop

Not MOAM related - more electronic oriented scifi rock. More on the melodic side.

1. Out of Phase 2. Loss Magnet 3. Flyswatter 4. Vortexvex 5. Reverse the Flow 6. zero Gravity 7. Egg 8. Antenna 9. Plulse 10. Slipstream 11. Dead Air 12. Hour Before Dawn

Both parts now - sorry.


inloops 2

Audio Prehistory ST

Not MOAM related? - more electronic oriented scifi rock. Some interesting use of percussion and sound structures here. Worth a listen. On same private label as Man Made Brain, by someone named Treasure Tolliver. Any MOAM relation?

1. The Busy Machines 2. Amphluma 3. Trouble in the Kitchen 4. Spider Leaf 5. I Have This Bucket 6. Most Viruses 7. Bathtub Tidal wave 8. Creek Blob 9. IRARI 10. Creole 11. Under Sajnd 12. 5.4.2000 13. Devil Muzak


Saturday, April 17, 2010

R Crumb - Sampler Repost

We're having a happy music theme today, since it's been raining around here all week –and I couldn’t resist this gem to start things off right. It is from the R Crumb Handbook and is a greatest hits comp – sort of. Contains selections recorded by the various groups he was with from 1972 – 2003. This includes R. Crumb and his Keep On Truck’in Orchestra, The Cheap Suit Serenaders, Fiddlin’ Ian McCamy Quartette, Les Primitifs Du Futur, and the Crumb Family.

These amazing bands of well humored and talented musicians bring an all too forgotten music back to life. These guys tackle old time music with such enthusiasm, musical talent, and just plain "hepness", that this collection is entertaining without any sense of feeling like a museum piece. Their talent and pure love of music are unmistakable in the instrumentation and vocal work of these songs. Their playing is flawless (you probably haven't heard the steel guitar, banjo mandolin, or musical saw played with such virtuosity as here), the tunes are mostly fun and spirited, and the music styles are varied. This set resurrects instruments and music long past, but is never out of style. Mr. Robert Crumb has certainly left his mark on this world in very unique ways and in the hands of the Cheap Suits, and the other groups he’s been associated with -- old-time music is alive and well. A+

River Blues, Wisconsin Wiggles, Get A Load of This, Cheap Suit Special, my Girl's Pussy, Suit's Crybaby Blues, Fine Artiste, Hula Medley, Wild Horse, 3 in 1 Two Step, Creole Belles, Georgia Camp Meeting, Cruelle Tendresse, Valse D'Amour, Mazurkas, Schottische, In The Pines, St. James Infirmary, Little Buttercup, Baby Face


R Crumb and His Cheap Suit Serenaders ST

The hard to find 1st one by Crumb and Company. Enjoy.

1 Laughing Rag 2 True Blue Lou 3 Little Rascals Medley 4 Willie the Chimney Sweeper
5 Kiwi Bump 6 Cuckoo Waltz 7 Sweet Lorraine 8 I'm Gonna Get It 9 Lucille 10 I Had but Fifty Cents 11 Down in Jungle Town 12 Get a Load of This 13 Cheap Suit Special 14 I'll See You in My Dreams


R Crumb - Singing In The Bathtub

This is a thoroughly delightful disc, one I listen to frequently. It's also one of the two Cheap Suits' discs that you can easily find, at least in my experience. Grab it and growl. Crumb has nice 20's falsetto voice that does the material enjoyable justice and the instrumentals are lovingly played. Yeah, there are a few missed notes here and there, but this is just super stuff. Thanks to R. Crumb for pointing us in the direction of this music. There are hundreds and hundreds of discs coming out with rarities that used to only be heard in the basements of collectors. Learn more about the beauties of American music before WW2. You can start right here.

1 Singing in the Bathtub 2 Chile Blues 3 Dream of Heaven 4 Suits Crybaby Blues 5 Collier Medley: Ben Hur March & Napoleon March 6 Shopping Mall 7 Yearning and Blue 8 Hula Girl 9 Pedal Your Blues Away 10 La Gima Polka 11 Sing Song Girl 12 Home 13 My Gal Sal 14 Hano Hano Hawa


R Crumb - Chasing Rainbows

Since the late '70s the Cheap Suit Serenaders--an ever-changing group of hardcore 78-collecting friends--have been playing what they love--old-time jazz, folk, string-band, Hawaiian, and ragtime music. Best known for having two of the best comix artists ever in their lineup--Robert Armstrong and R. Crumb--the Cheap Suits aren't slouches in the instrument-proficiency department (Armstrong's musical saw ended up on the One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest soundtrack, and occasional bandmate Bob Brozman has made an entire career out of touring and playing music). On Chasin' Rainbows, some of the group's finest moments are captured. Classic songs like "Persian Rug" and the title track are played alongside CSS originals like "Fine Artiste Blues." You'll never hear these fun tunes (usually relegated to CD compilations of 78s) played in a higher fidelity, nor will you probably hear them this spirited. A great resurrection of lost music by a group of guys dedicated to the stuff. --Jason Verlinde

1 Alabama Jubilee 2 Chasin' Rainbows 3 Fine Artiste Blues 4 Hula Medley 5 I Want a Little Girl 6 Persian Rug 7 Mysterious Mose 8 Crying My Blues Away 9 She Lived Down by the Firehouse 10 Diane 11 Make My Cot Where the Cot-Cot-Cotton Grows 12 Moana March


VA The Stuff Dreams Are Made of...

Sometimes powers from above seem to guide your life. I don't know where I learned about this very special project, titled The Stuff That Dreams Are Made Of, a 2CD release, packed in a beautiful cover. The picture on the cover was made by Robert Crumb, artist, jazz musician and record collector. I found out that the man in front of the cover, a balding, bearded man in his 50s, wearing glasses, excited because of the record he has found, had a striking resemblance. The man, sitting in a junk shop, searching in a box of Just Arrived After Months Of Tedious Negotiations finds an E. cond. record and thinks After Forty Years, At Last It's Mine !! .........

Forty years ago, I must have been a teenager, like the man on the cover, I bought my very first records. The drawing on the cover expresses the feeling you have when you find a record, you always wanted to have, a item you have dreamed of - an issue that completes your life.

This is a great release of old-time recordings. hillbilly music, blues, ballads, gospel, & jug band music; all presented in fantastic sound quality. if you don't have any old-time music in your house, this would be a good 1st purchase. if you have lots of old-time music already, you will need to add this to the collection. one of the best reissues over the past few years. I've got to say, though, that it was the R. Crumb cover art that pulled me in.

Git it!

Disc: 1
1. FREENY'S BARN DANCE BAND: Croquet Habits 2. SON HOUSE: Mississippi County Farm Blues 3. GEORGIA POT LICKERS: Up Jumped the Rabbit 4. MEMPHIS MINNIE & JOE McCOY: I'm Going Back Home 5. WILMER WATTS & THE LONELY EAGLES: Fightin' In the War With Spain 6. JOHN BYRD: Old Timbrook Blues 7. ERNEST PHIPPS AND HIS HOLINESS SINGERS: A Little Talk With Jesus 8. TOMMY JOHNSON: Slidin' Delta 9. THE THREE STRIPED GEARS: Alabama Blues 10. JACK GOWDLOCK: Rollin Dough Blues 11. KENTUCKY RAMBLERS: Ginseng Blues 12. OLLIS MARTIN: Police and High Sheriff Come Ridin' Down 13. ROY HARVEY & JESS JOHNSTON AND THE WEST VIRGINIA RAMBLERS: John Hardy Blues
14. LONG "CLEEVE" REED & LITTLE HARVEY HULL - The Down Home Boys: Original Stack O' Lee Blues 15. AMEDIE ARDOIN & DENNIS McGEE: Two Step De La Prairie Soileau 16. ANDREW & JIM BAXTER: Operator Blues 17. J.D. HARRIS: The Grey Eagle 18. MEMPHIS JUG BAND: Jim Strainer Blues 19. GRAYSON COUNTY RAILSPLITTERS: Ain't That Trouble In Mind (unissued) 20. DOCK BOGGS: Old Rub Alcohol Blues 21. JAYBIRD COLEMAN: Mistreatin' Mama 22. HENRY WHITTER: It's a Rough Road to Georgia (unissued) 23. REV. B.L. WIGHTMAN WITH LOTTIE KIMBROUGH & CONGREGATION: Live the Life



Disc: 2
1. YANK RACHEL WITH SLEEPY JOHN ESTES & JAB JONES: Sweet Mama 2. CROWDER BROTHERS: We All Love Mother (unissued) 3. SON HOUSE: Clarksdale Moan 4. ASHLEY & FOSTER: Bull Dog Sal (unissued) 5. JESSE "BABYFACE" THOMAS: Down In Texas Blues
6. GEORGIA POT LICKERS: Chicken Don't Roost Too High 7. WILLIAM HARRIS: I'm Leavin' Town (But I Sho' Don't Wanna Go) 8. ASA MARTIN & ROY HOBBS: Wild Cat Rag 9. KING SOLOMON HILL: Whoopee Blues (alternate take) 10. CHUBBY PARKER: Davey Crockett 11. GEESHIE WILEY: Skinny Leg Blues 12. SWEET BROTHERS: I'm Gonna Marry That Pretty Little Girl 13. BLIND ROOSEVELT GRAVES & VAROY GRAVES: I Shall Not Be Moved 14. SMITH & IRVINE: Lonesome Road Blues 15. LUKE JORDON: If I Call You Mama 16. GRAYSON & WHITTER: My Mind Is To Marry (unissued) 17. OSEY HELTON: Green River 18. LOTTIE KIMBROUGH: Don't Speak To Me 19. WADE WARD: Married Man's Blues (unissued) 20. KEN MAYNARD: Sweet Betsey From Pike (unissued) 21. JAYBIRD COLEMAN: Boll Weevil 22. BILL SHEPHERD WITH HAYES SHEPHERD & ED WEBB: Bound Steel Blues 23. MIDDLE GEORGIA SINGING CONVENTION NO. 1: Bells Of Love



Saturday, April 10, 2010

Best of Rockabilly Instrumentals V1

Not all great rockabilly sides had vocals. Here are 21 examples. This CD features a rare Tennesse Two instrumental, Luther Perkins "Blues For Two", one of the few times that Johnny Cash was not singing when the Tennessee Two were playing. Another guitar legend, James Burton, gives his unique style to "Mystery Train". Plus, the CD includes Ritchie Valens as Arvee Allens doing "Fast Freight". Yes, somebody from the Rock-A-Teens goes "Woo-Hoo" all through the recording, but it is still an instrumental. Some stuff you might have, some new - all excellent sound quality and rockin'. Boogie down all. HEEHAWWWWW!
Dance Contest Link Wray & The Wraymen
Guitar Boogie Arthur Smith
Bulldog Johnny & The Impalas
Mystery Train James Burton
Lemon Time Henry & Casperon Stewart
Scat Car Scat Jaguars
Blues For Two The Tennessee Two
Woo-Hoo The Rock-A-Teens
Flip, Flop, And Bop Floyd Cramer
Crossfire Johnny & The Hurricanes
Fast Freight Arvee Allens (Ritchie Valens)
Weeping Willow Rock The Hi-Tombs
Rebel Rouser Duane Eddy
Boogie Medley Evelyn & The Ivorytones
Termite Firebirds
Wild Bird The Jiv-A-Tones
Bloodshot The String Kings
Dragster Johnny Fortune
Juke Box Shuffle Hardrock Gunter & The Pop-Corn Poppers
Red Ants Off Beats
Forty Miles Of Bad Road Duane Eddy


Best of Rockabilly Instrumentals V2

The Best of Rockabilly Instrumentals vol 2
As Volume 1 of "The Best of Rockabilly Instrumentals showed," not all great rockabilly sides had vocals. Here are 21 more examples. This CD also features a rare Tennesse Two instrumental, Luther Perkins "Bandana", who needed the Man In Black to be singing. Town Hall Party's Joe Maphis is heard on this CD playing "Guitar Rock & Roll". There are even a couple of hot rod instrumentals included, "Flashin' Red" and "Road Runnah". Rock on!

Fickle Chicken The Atmospheres
Ad Lib Galaxies
Dogfight The Jokers
Outta Tune Big Four
Spooner Darnells
Bulldog The Fireballs
Rudy's Rock Bill Haley & His Comets
When a Man Loves a Woman Arlen Roth
Last Date Floyd Cramer
Cannonball Duane Eddy
Raunchy Bill Justis
Roll 'em D.D. Dorothy Donegan
Rumble Link Wray & The Wraymen
Bandana The Tennessee Two
Red River Rock Johnny and The Hurricanes
The Green Mosquito The Tune Rockers
Flashin' Red The Esquires
Tranquilizer Boogie Rex Qual
Lonesome Wortham Watts
Road Runnah Road Runners
Guitar Rock & Roll Joe Maphis


Hillbilly Boogie

This set clearly demonstrates the evolution of Western Swing into what would later be called Rockabilly. These are the original recordings and while most of them sound great, there is some distortion on several tracks. Don't let the fact you might never of heard of most of these artists or songs deter you from getting this set - it's toe-tapping boogie at its best! You'll prefer some tracks, but the amazing thing about this 4CD set is that at no stage will you need to rush over and hit the FFWD button (despite it being such a large compilation selected by some complete stranger). All tracks are upbeat with no soppy ballady crud...great for boppin'.

Each disc has its own art in folder.

Disc 1 - Travellin' Boogie
1. Travelling Boogie 2:37 - Turner, Zeb
2. Freight Train Boogie 2:29 - Tyler, Johnny & The Riders Of The Rio Gr&e
3. Streamliner Boogie 2:45 - O’Neal, Jimmie & The Colorado Hillbillies
4. Pan American Boogie 2:40 - Glosson, Lonnie
5. Louisiana Boogie 2:22 - Choates, Harry
6. Tennessee Boogie 2:34 - Durham, Jeff & His Rhythm Playboys
7. Tennessee Boogie 2:49 - Turner, Zeb
8. Georgia Boogie 2:53 - Williams, Curley& His Georgia Peach Pickers
9. Texas Boogie 2:20 - O’Quinn, Gene
10. Mississippi Boogie 2:06 - Pleasant, Red & The Southern Serenaders
11. Oakie Boogie 2:27 - Guthrie, Jack & His Oklahomans
12. Dixieland Boogie 2:12 - Hardrock Gunter
13. Kentucky Waltz Boogie 2:28 - Burke, Pete/Trio
14. Mobile Boogie 2:41 - Delmore Brothers
15. Colorado Boogie 2:04 - Rocky Rauch & His Western Serenaders
16. Fort Worth Boogie 2:25 - Davidson, Jean
17. Waxachachie Boogie Woogie Dishwasher Boy 2:26 - Boyd, Jim
18. Del Rio Boogie 2:43 - Raney, Wayne & The Delmore Brothers
19. Downtown Boogie 2:21 - Milo Twins
20. Out Of Town Boogie 2:37 - Hughes, Billy/Buckaroos
21. North Pole Boogie 2:37 - Briggs, Billy
22. Three Way Boogie 2:38 - Cooley, Spade
23. Smokey Mountain Boogie 2:39 - Ford, Tennessee Ernie
24. Humble Road Boogie 2:17 - Rash, Curley & His South Texas Playboys
25. Peach Tree Street Boogie 2:39 - Delmore Brothers


Disc 2 Boogie Blues
1. I've Got The Boogie Blues 2:38 - Arthur, Charline
2. Pretty Baby Boogie 2:28 - Briggs, Billy
3. Slick Chick Boogie 2:47 - Maston Music Makers
4. Mother-In-Law boogie 2:36 - Songer, Earl
5. Mean Mama Boogie 2:52 - Bond, Johnny & His Red River Valley Boys
6. James, Jesse Boogie 2:31 - James, Jesse
7. Old Macdonald Boogie 2:11 - Tyler, Johnny & The Riders Of The Rio Grande
8. Baby Buggie Boogie 2:08 - Milo Twins
9. George's Playhouse Boogie 2:40 - Maddox Brothers & Rose
10. Long Tom Boogie 2:15 - Kizziah, Tommy & His West Coast Ramblers
11. Jack & Jill Boogie 2:46 - Raney, Wayne
12. Boogie Woogie Lou 2:38 - Turner, Zeb
13. Zeb's Mountain Boogie 2:31 - Brady, Brad
14. Boogie Woogie Blues 2:21 - Gunn, Art & His Arizona Playboys
15. Riramsey Boogie 2:42 - Ramsey, Rip & His Texas Wanderers
16. Richey Boogie 2:33 - McCoy, Walt & His Western Wonders
17. Porky's Boogie Woogie On Strings 3:10 - Rhythm Boys
18. T.Texas Boogie 2:28 - Tyler, T.Texas
19. Paper Boy Boogie 2:16 - Strength, Texas Bill
20. Cowboy Boogie 2:35 - McCoy, Walt & His Western Wonders
21. Lost John Boogie 2:38 - Raney, Wayne
22. Merle's Boogie Woogie 3:00 - Travis, Merle
23. Bennie Hess Boogie 2:50 - Hess, Bennie & His Nation Playboys
24. G.I. Boogie 2:23 - Whitney, Don G.I.
25. Hal Billy Boogie 2:48 - Dyson, Dick & His Blue Bonnet Boys


Disc 3 Boogie Man Boogie
1. Boogie Man Boogie 2:46 - Atkins, Chet
2. Boogie Woogie 2:36 - Barfield, Johnny
3. Boog Boog Boogie 2:42 - Turner Bros (Red & Lige)
4. Super Boogie Woogie 2:48 - Irby, Jerry & His Texas Ranchers
5. Boogie Woogie In The Village 2:45 - Village Boys
6. Doin' The Boogie Woogie 2:40 - Barfield, Johnny
7. Hillbilly Boogie 2:42 - Delmore Brothers
8. Boogie Barn Dance 2:30 - Bryant, Jimmy
9. Dream Band Boogie 2:50 - Harral, Hank & His Palomino Cowhands
10. Hayride Boogie 2:40 - Franks, Tillman
11. Boogie Woogie On A Saturday Night 2:45 - Hardrock Gunter
12. Country Boogie 2:57 - Smith, Arthur/Sensational Trio
13. Hillbilly Boogie 2:31 - Irby, Jerry & His Texas Ranchers
14. Green Tree Boogie 2:47 - Haley, Bill & The Saddlemen
15. No Shoes Boogie 2:58 - Harri, Charlie With R.D.Hendon's Western Jamboree Cowboys
16. Shufflin' Shoes Boogie 2:48 - Holly, Wes
17. Juke Box Boogie 2:24 - Big Jeff & The Radio Playboys
18. Juke Box Boogie 2:26 - Burns, Freddie & His Ranch Boys
19. Boogie Woogie Baby 2:45 - Delmore Brothers
20. The Texas Wrangler Boogie Woogie Gal 2:19 - Padgett, Jack
21. Cornbread Boogie 2:46 - Gunn, Art & His Arizona Playboys
22. Catfish Boogie 2:36 - Raney, Wayne
23. Goatburger Boogie 2:51 - Sanders, Cousin Deems & His Goatherders With Walt McCoy
24. Sundown Boogie 2:27 - Haley, Bill & The Saddlemen
25. Alarm Clock Boogie 2:22 - Briggs, Billy


Disc 4 Crazy About the Boogie
1. Crazy About The Boogie 2:45 - Morris, Vance & His Alabama Playboys
2. Crazy Boogie 2:45 - Travis, Merle
3. Crazy Baby Boogie 2:31 - Mack, Bill
4. Guitar Boogie 3:22 - Smith, Arthur/Hot Quintet
5. Mandolin Boogie 2:55 - Armstrong Twins
6. Joe's Mandolin Boogie 2:57 - Friar, Hubert & Hillybilly Hicks
7. Piano Pete's Boogie 2:18 - James, Jesse & Band
8. Banjo Boogie 2:41 - Smith, Arthur/Hot Quintet
9. Be Bop Boogie 2:20 - Mustard & Gravy
10. Real Hot Boogie 2:36 - Raney, Wayne
11. Red Hot Boogie 2:32 - Whitney, Don
12. Hula Boogie 2:52 - Durden, Tommy & The Westernaires
13. The Shotgun Boogie 2:33 - Ford, Tennessee Ernie
14. Hot Rod Shotgun Boogie #2 2:46 - Franks, Tillman & His Rainbow Boys
15. Doghouse Boogie 2:40 - Hawkins, Hawkshaw
16. Dirty Boogie 2:49 - Hall, Roy & His Cohutta Mountain Boys
17. Snake Dance Boogie 2:03 - Hogsed, Roy
18. Rhumba Boogie 2:46 - Snow, Hank
19. Hadacol Boogie 2:45 - Nettles, Bill & His Dixie Blue Boys
20. Playboy Boogie 2:16 - Doss, Buster & His Arkansas Playboys
21. Hesitation Boogie 2:28 - Hardrock Gunter
22. New Broom Boogie 2:36 - Dexter, Al & His Troopers
23. Hangman Boogie 2:32 - Cowboy Copas
24. Mule Boogie 2:37 - Hall, Roy & His Cohutta Mountain Boys
25. I'm Too Old To Boogie Anymore 2:38 - Paige, Butterball


Rarest Rockabilly & Hillbilly Boogie: The Best of Ace Rockabilly

This compact disc combines two Ace Records vinyl compilations of choice 1950s material. Rarest Rockabilly & Hillbilly Boogie anthologizes rockabilly history through the prism of the vanity pressing. For a hundred dollars or so, an Elvis wannabe could cut a couple songs and get back a small pressing for their efforts. Once copies were distributed to nearby radio stations, promoters, and juke box operators, the remaining stash was given away to fans and relatives or sold at dances. Texas-based Starday Records was a hotbed for this; in a period of six years, they issued over 500 titles on their Dixie label or vanity labels, and these are this basis for this compilation. As primitive as some of these are, the music is just fine. Most of the artists collected here are just names on labels of a phonograph record company, yet the inclusion of two early rockin' sides from Jimmie Dale Gilmore are most illuminating. This compilation errs on the side of hillbilly boogie but if cowboy boots stand in for blue suede shoes, there's still pep aplenty in selections like Bill Mack's "It's Saturday Night" and Buddy Shaw's "Don't Sweep That Dirt on Me." Best of Ace Rockabilly returns to the classic sound and is loaded with collector's prizes. Sonny Fisher's "Rockin' Daddy" and "Sneaky Pete" are raw Texas style rockabilly at its best, while Louisiana is represented by Link Davis' "Trucker From Tennessee" and Jimmy Johnny's "I Can't Find the Doorknob." The big ticket items are two of George Jones' rare excursions into the deep waters of the big beat, "Rock It" and "How Come It." All in all, a superlative compilation that truly gives a sense of rock & roll's ground-floor incarnation in the wake of Elvis. ~ Cub Koda

Good stuff from Ace once again.

01. Nothin' But a Nuthin' - Jimmy Stewart & His Night Hawks
02. Darlin' - Jimmy Dale
03. Baby Doll - Jimmy Dale
04. Pretending Is a Game - Sleepy Jeffers & The Davis Twins
05. Don't Sweep That Dirt on Me - Buddy Shaw
06. My Baby Left Me - Rock Rogers
07. Little Dog Blues - Mel Price
08. Henpecked Daddy - Ralph Johnson & The Hillbilly Show Boys
09. Umm Boy You're My Baby - Bill Johnson & The Dabblers
10. Stoney Mountain Boogie - Stoney Mountain Playboys
11. My Blackbirds Are Bluebirds Now - Sleepy Jeffers & Davis Twins
12. No More - Buddy Shaw
13. Big Black Cat - R.D. Hendon & The Western Jamboree Cowboys
14. It's Saturday Night - Bill Mack
15. Rockin' Daddy - Sonny Fisher & The Rocking Boys
16. Everybody's Movin' - Glen Glenn
17. I Can't Find the Doorknob - Jimmy & Johnny
18. My Big Fat Baby - Sonny Hall & The Echoes
19. How Come It - Thumper Jones
20. Trucker From Tennessee - Link Davis
21. Little Bit More - Sleepy LaBeef
22. Jitterbop Baby - Hal Harris
23. Let's Get It On - Hershel Almond with Al Good & His Band
24. One Cup of Coffee - Glen Glenn
25. I'm a Hobo - Danny Reeves
26. Rock It - George Jones
27. Sneaky Pete - Sonny Fisher
28. I'm Through - Sleepy LaBeef


Sunday, April 4, 2010

Happy Easter - Jesus Christ Surferstar

Hi all - busy with Holy week so a quickie - as our tradition here at FCCL get your religious groove on with one of the best surf tributes out there.

Easter - time for those who celebrate the occasion to have something other than the standard pious muck to listen to. Grab this and give to the minister, preacher, bishop, evangelist of your choice and freak them out. Hey, now is your chance to "spread the word" --

Phil Dirt:What a cool concept! Andrew Lloyd Webber's controversial rock opera Jesus Christ Superstar goes to the beach - mostly. 21 instrumentals and a handful of interesting vocals. Most of the instros are surf. The whole package is well done. Vocal tracks on this amazing CD include a delightful faux-pomp performance of "Strange Things Mystifying" by Prawns With Horns, the traditional surf backtracked "Simon Zeabotas" from Pipelines, the heavy garage fuzz and organ pound of Babyshaker's "Damned For All Time / Blood Money," the dry edged power of "The Arrest" from the HiFi Ramblers, and the Texas heavy fuzz of Johnny Vortex's "Juda's Death." Phil DirtThe songs are quite strongly melodic which play very well to the surf structure – they stand up as instrumentals. I wind up adding the lyrics in my head. One of the few tributes that stand out as a solid collection on it’s own and in some ways – depending on your mood – improves on the original. Get the original below and go with the flow on Easter, however the wind blows.Disc 11. Overture - Daikaiju2. Heaven On Their Minds - Urban Surf Kings3. What's The Buzz - The Waistcoats4. Strange Things Mystifying - Prawns with Horns5. Then We Are Decided - Breakfastime6. Everything's Alright - Susan & Surftones7. This Jesus Must Die - Atomic Mosquitos8. Hosanna - El Ray9. Simon Zealotas - Pipelines10. Poor Jerusalem - Lava Rats11. Pilate's Dream - 3 Piece Suit12. Temple, The - Ward 6913. I Don't Know How To Love Him - Crime Factor Zero14. Damned For All Time/Blood Money - BabyshakerDisc215. Last Supper, The - Hypnotic IV16. Gethsemane (I Only Want To Say) - Surfones17. Arrest, The - HiFi Ramblers18. Peter's Denial - Fabulous Planktones19. Pilate & Christ - Capacitors20. King's Herod's Song - Susan & Surftones21. Could We Start Again Please - Noseriders22. Judas Death - Johnny Vortex23. Trial Before Pilate - The Supertones24. Superstar - The Atlantics 225. Crucifixion - Longhorn Devils26. John Nineteen Forty One – Aqualads


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