Saturday, April 17, 2010

R Crumb - Sampler Repost

We're having a happy music theme today, since it's been raining around here all week –and I couldn’t resist this gem to start things off right. It is from the R Crumb Handbook and is a greatest hits comp – sort of. Contains selections recorded by the various groups he was with from 1972 – 2003. This includes R. Crumb and his Keep On Truck’in Orchestra, The Cheap Suit Serenaders, Fiddlin’ Ian McCamy Quartette, Les Primitifs Du Futur, and the Crumb Family.

These amazing bands of well humored and talented musicians bring an all too forgotten music back to life. These guys tackle old time music with such enthusiasm, musical talent, and just plain "hepness", that this collection is entertaining without any sense of feeling like a museum piece. Their talent and pure love of music are unmistakable in the instrumentation and vocal work of these songs. Their playing is flawless (you probably haven't heard the steel guitar, banjo mandolin, or musical saw played with such virtuosity as here), the tunes are mostly fun and spirited, and the music styles are varied. This set resurrects instruments and music long past, but is never out of style. Mr. Robert Crumb has certainly left his mark on this world in very unique ways and in the hands of the Cheap Suits, and the other groups he’s been associated with -- old-time music is alive and well. A+

River Blues, Wisconsin Wiggles, Get A Load of This, Cheap Suit Special, my Girl's Pussy, Suit's Crybaby Blues, Fine Artiste, Hula Medley, Wild Horse, 3 in 1 Two Step, Creole Belles, Georgia Camp Meeting, Cruelle Tendresse, Valse D'Amour, Mazurkas, Schottische, In The Pines, St. James Infirmary, Little Buttercup, Baby Face


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