Saturday, April 24, 2010

Man Made Brain Vector Based Fiction - MOAM Spinoff Exclusive

Spinoff with members of MOAM, More towards the grunge electronic side of MOAM.

The Man Made Brain / Vector-Based Fiction Track Title 1. Glue 2. Glitter 9000 3. At The Sound Of The Tone 4. Tiramisu 5. Cartoon Horror 6. Houston, We Have A Problem



waffle said...

Thanks for this and the Audio Prehistory album. The Moonbuggy album is missing part 2 though.

By the way, did you recently get these on eBay? I only ask because there was a lot of pretty much all these albums that sold a few days ago that I was going to buy myself but didn't get a chance to bid on in time.

DaBoss said...

Moonbuggy fixed. Yes - get win them on youpay - one of the many places I scour looking for new and exciting sounds to bring to my fellow listeners. Hope you enjoyed them.

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