Saturday, April 24, 2010

Man Or Astroman - Project Infinity

Another exhilarating slice from Man or Astroman? This being their 4th full length album, is as good as their predecessors. The members of Man or Astroman? at this time are Birdstuff, Star Crunch, CoCo the Electronic Monkey Wizard, and Captain Zeno. Project Infinity is a blast, it has cover and original songs, the covers being The Man from U.N.C.L.E., Manta Ray, and a great cover of The Surfaris classic called Surfari, renamed Alpha Surfari.

Escape Velocity nicely opens the set and it just lets the listeners know just what they're in store for. Another great song is the one named (Classified) which in the Cd version is actually number 3 in between Sferic Waves and Transmissions from Venus. In the Cd version, Mach One is also a track that you can't hear, being the jesters that Man or Astroman? are with their sense of humor.

A great album. Just remember that if you didn't find their previous albums entertaining, don't expect to hear something different and new. This is just classic Man or Astroman? in their best years of their recording careers.

1. Escape Velocity 2. Sferic Waves 3. (Classified) 4. Transmission from Venus 5. Max Q 6. Inside the Atom 7. Philip K. Dick in the Pet Section of a Wal-Mart 8. Put Your Finger in the Socket 9. Complex 34 10. Man from U.N.C.L.E. 11. Tomorrow Plus X 12. Manta Ray 13. Point Blank 14. Special Agent Conrad Uno 15. Alpha Surfari 16. Mach One



Andy Rampage said...

'SOUNDS' flippin' AMAZING!!"

Andy Rampage said...

Still SOUNDS "GRRReat!"
any CHANCE Of Getting.. "YOUR WEIGHT".. Oh, NEVERMIND, I 'found' IT!! THANKS!

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