Saturday, April 17, 2010

R Crumb - Singing In The Bathtub

This is a thoroughly delightful disc, one I listen to frequently. It's also one of the two Cheap Suits' discs that you can easily find, at least in my experience. Grab it and growl. Crumb has nice 20's falsetto voice that does the material enjoyable justice and the instrumentals are lovingly played. Yeah, there are a few missed notes here and there, but this is just super stuff. Thanks to R. Crumb for pointing us in the direction of this music. There are hundreds and hundreds of discs coming out with rarities that used to only be heard in the basements of collectors. Learn more about the beauties of American music before WW2. You can start right here.

1 Singing in the Bathtub 2 Chile Blues 3 Dream of Heaven 4 Suits Crybaby Blues 5 Collier Medley: Ben Hur March & Napoleon March 6 Shopping Mall 7 Yearning and Blue 8 Hula Girl 9 Pedal Your Blues Away 10 La Gima Polka 11 Sing Song Girl 12 Home 13 My Gal Sal 14 Hano Hano Hawa


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