Saturday, April 17, 2010

VA The Stuff Dreams Are Made of...

Sometimes powers from above seem to guide your life. I don't know where I learned about this very special project, titled The Stuff That Dreams Are Made Of, a 2CD release, packed in a beautiful cover. The picture on the cover was made by Robert Crumb, artist, jazz musician and record collector. I found out that the man in front of the cover, a balding, bearded man in his 50s, wearing glasses, excited because of the record he has found, had a striking resemblance. The man, sitting in a junk shop, searching in a box of Just Arrived After Months Of Tedious Negotiations finds an E. cond. record and thinks After Forty Years, At Last It's Mine !! .........

Forty years ago, I must have been a teenager, like the man on the cover, I bought my very first records. The drawing on the cover expresses the feeling you have when you find a record, you always wanted to have, a item you have dreamed of - an issue that completes your life.

This is a great release of old-time recordings. hillbilly music, blues, ballads, gospel, & jug band music; all presented in fantastic sound quality. if you don't have any old-time music in your house, this would be a good 1st purchase. if you have lots of old-time music already, you will need to add this to the collection. one of the best reissues over the past few years. I've got to say, though, that it was the R. Crumb cover art that pulled me in.

Git it!

Disc: 1
1. FREENY'S BARN DANCE BAND: Croquet Habits 2. SON HOUSE: Mississippi County Farm Blues 3. GEORGIA POT LICKERS: Up Jumped the Rabbit 4. MEMPHIS MINNIE & JOE McCOY: I'm Going Back Home 5. WILMER WATTS & THE LONELY EAGLES: Fightin' In the War With Spain 6. JOHN BYRD: Old Timbrook Blues 7. ERNEST PHIPPS AND HIS HOLINESS SINGERS: A Little Talk With Jesus 8. TOMMY JOHNSON: Slidin' Delta 9. THE THREE STRIPED GEARS: Alabama Blues 10. JACK GOWDLOCK: Rollin Dough Blues 11. KENTUCKY RAMBLERS: Ginseng Blues 12. OLLIS MARTIN: Police and High Sheriff Come Ridin' Down 13. ROY HARVEY & JESS JOHNSTON AND THE WEST VIRGINIA RAMBLERS: John Hardy Blues
14. LONG "CLEEVE" REED & LITTLE HARVEY HULL - The Down Home Boys: Original Stack O' Lee Blues 15. AMEDIE ARDOIN & DENNIS McGEE: Two Step De La Prairie Soileau 16. ANDREW & JIM BAXTER: Operator Blues 17. J.D. HARRIS: The Grey Eagle 18. MEMPHIS JUG BAND: Jim Strainer Blues 19. GRAYSON COUNTY RAILSPLITTERS: Ain't That Trouble In Mind (unissued) 20. DOCK BOGGS: Old Rub Alcohol Blues 21. JAYBIRD COLEMAN: Mistreatin' Mama 22. HENRY WHITTER: It's a Rough Road to Georgia (unissued) 23. REV. B.L. WIGHTMAN WITH LOTTIE KIMBROUGH & CONGREGATION: Live the Life



Disc: 2
1. YANK RACHEL WITH SLEEPY JOHN ESTES & JAB JONES: Sweet Mama 2. CROWDER BROTHERS: We All Love Mother (unissued) 3. SON HOUSE: Clarksdale Moan 4. ASHLEY & FOSTER: Bull Dog Sal (unissued) 5. JESSE "BABYFACE" THOMAS: Down In Texas Blues
6. GEORGIA POT LICKERS: Chicken Don't Roost Too High 7. WILLIAM HARRIS: I'm Leavin' Town (But I Sho' Don't Wanna Go) 8. ASA MARTIN & ROY HOBBS: Wild Cat Rag 9. KING SOLOMON HILL: Whoopee Blues (alternate take) 10. CHUBBY PARKER: Davey Crockett 11. GEESHIE WILEY: Skinny Leg Blues 12. SWEET BROTHERS: I'm Gonna Marry That Pretty Little Girl 13. BLIND ROOSEVELT GRAVES & VAROY GRAVES: I Shall Not Be Moved 14. SMITH & IRVINE: Lonesome Road Blues 15. LUKE JORDON: If I Call You Mama 16. GRAYSON & WHITTER: My Mind Is To Marry (unissued) 17. OSEY HELTON: Green River 18. LOTTIE KIMBROUGH: Don't Speak To Me 19. WADE WARD: Married Man's Blues (unissued) 20. KEN MAYNARD: Sweet Betsey From Pike (unissued) 21. JAYBIRD COLEMAN: Boll Weevil 22. BILL SHEPHERD WITH HAYES SHEPHERD & ED WEBB: Bound Steel Blues 23. MIDDLE GEORGIA SINGING CONVENTION NO. 1: Bells Of Love




Exeter said...

I've had this a long while and haven't yet got to even opening it!
Thanks for your post!

Unknown said...

Bravo & thnaks for all the music you post, it is awesome!

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