Saturday, April 24, 2010

Man or Astroman - Made From Technetium

To like this album takes an appreciation for the subtleties that separate the songs as each as that 'similar sound' feeling despite the songs being very different. This album is probably geared more for Astro-Man fans than the casual listener. However, there are some nice gems that anybody would like such as the sound waves reversing with it's cleverly inserted 50's sci-fi quotes. Lo-Battery is a cool intro to the album and one of the few times you'll hear Astro-men singing. But what really makes this album stand out from earlier Astro-Man offerings is the raw guitars. Gone is the twang.

Made From Technetium is about as close to present day modernism as the Astro-Men have travelled. Earlier efforts were obviously from the past while later efforts illustrate what happens when you don't watch your step and fall into a wormhole. Those looking for more 'edge' from the Astro-Men will find it here in full gamut. Took me a great while to accept this album. The tempos are appropriately placed along the album's length not tiring the listener's ear out before it's over. Think of a slow steady build in the background as opposed to an extravert's spotlight. Starts fast, slows down for a while keeping a steady pace, then picks it up again at the end after a brief rest for the final kick.

More singing on this album than any other Astro-man album if that means anything....but I wouldn't call it singing as much - voice acting probably more accurate. Much like the accompanying EP of it's time, 1000x, Made from Technetium integrates sound FX more into the songs instead of merely laying them on top, or at the head/tail like on previous efforts. This album is a very cohesive effort by the Astro-Men even if it is a change in direction.

1. Message from the Cd / Message from the LP 2. Lo Batt. 3. Jonathan Winters Frankenstein 4. Don't Think What Jack 5. Junk Satelite 6. 10 Years After World War 4 7. A Saucerful of Sucrets 8. Breathing from Oxide Man Or Astroman? 9. Muzak for Cybernetics 10. Structo 11. The Sound Waves Reversing 12. Theoretical Sounds of Slow Motion 13. Static Cling 14. Evert 1 Pipkin 15. Weightless at Zero Return

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