Saturday, February 27, 2010

Va Thai Beat Agogo v1

More wild and funky instros and psyche intreprtations from the land of smiles. You won't be hearing these at your local thai eatery. Frak your guests out royally. Cheers.

1 Johnny Guitar - Kratae
2 Payom Moogda - Tamai Dern Sae (Why Do You Walk Like A Drunkard)
3 Vichan Maneechot - Dance, Dance, Dance
4 Sodsai Chaengkij - Shake Baby Shake
5 Cat - Meow 6 Starlight - Day Tripper
7 Johnny Guitar - Bangsaen '66
8 Der Dong Dang - Yipmerdai
9 Son Of P.M., The - Boongatanyon
10 Payom Moogda - Loomsiah
11 Viking Band, The - Phom Rak Khoon Tching Thing (I Really Do Love You)
12 Son Of P.M., The - James Bond Theme 13 Cat - Do The Watusi 14 Louis Kennedy - Poo Yai Lee 15 Johnny Guitar - Supannahong 16 Silver Sand - Kaw-Liga 17 Johnny Guitar - Klongyao 18 Paiboo - Yom Pha Barn Norn Pahwaa (Satan's Nightmare)
19 Cat - Hit The Road Jack 20 Jiraphand Ong-Ard - Muay Thai


va Holland Rock and Roll Instros

Cool instros from Holland excellent for collection. THE FIREDONS (Filipino): The Shell Beat, Go Well Ala Latino / THE EVERGREENS: Es Lilin / THE IVY'S: Ivy's March, Come A Little Closer / LITTLE HENNY & THE SHAKIN' BOYS: Passion Flower, Home On The Range / THE SIX TORNADOS: Kiddie's Hully Gully Time / THE REVOLTS: Pelita / THE RICOCHETS: The Honeymoon Song, Springtime / THE ROLELRS: Rollers Express, Violetta / THE ROYAL TEENS: A Spanish Legend, Driving Guitars (= Sunny River) / THE CONDORS: Humoresque / THE SOUND MAGIC'S: Foot Tapper, Round And Round / THE SPECIALS: Kootanda / THE SILHOUETTES: Silhouette Walk / THE TRIFFIDS: Il Silenzio / FLIP WILLEMSEN: Terang Boelan / THE WHITE JUMPERS: San Antonio Rose / THE JUMPERS (Belgian): Chariot, Chapel In The Moonlight / THE SWALLOWS (Belgian): Sea Nymph / CEES & HIS SKYLINERS: Golden Earrings / Rockin' To Telstar (yes, this is the Golden Earrings of Radar Love fame)


va Strictly Instrumental 4

more. 01. The Jet Tones - Twangy 02:28
02. The Shut Downs - Straight Away 01:40
03. Jeujene & The Jaybops - Thunderin' Guitar 02:0804. Frankie Gem - Crystal Rock 02:2305. The Pilt Down Five - The Tick 02:4606. Johnny Skiles & Bob Hill - Lasseon 0 2:0907. Jeujene & The Jaybops - Arroongah 01:5608. Dominic & The Dominos - Dominic's Inferno 01:43
09. Stan Vincent & The Dwains - The Snark 01:59 10. The Orbit Rockers - Rock It 01:5711. Kenny & The Night Riders - Swamp Rat 02:2412. The Premiers - Frantic 02:4513. Renegades V - Love And Fury 03:0514. Mic's Masters - Sandstorm 02:46
15. Gary Vallet & The Vallets - Guitar Bass Boogie 02:2616. The Onbeats - Catastrophe 02:1017. The Vectors - Downhill 02:1418. The Rockin' R's - The Beat 02:5119. The Swanks - Ghost Train 02:0620. The Pearlescents - Ronnie's Night House 01:5121. The Silver-Tones - High Hat Rock 02:0122. Highminded - The New 'E' 03:1723. Bill Friel - Fort Lauderdale, U.S.A. 02:0324. Carl Newman - Tom-Tom 01:3525. The Continental Four - Scramble 02:2826. The Gamblers - Moon Dawg! 02:1627. The Chancellor's - Jam 01:4528. The Rockin' R's - Mustang 01:53
29. The Dissonaires - Blitzkrieg 02:1030. The Nightcaps - Nightcap Rock 02:29


Reverend Horton Heat Reverend Ogandrum

Short, sharp blasts of grinding R&B, jazz chestnuts, and movie themes are the order of the day for this band. Comprised of guitarist Jim Heath (Reverend Horton Heat), organist Tim Alexander and drummer Todd Soesbe, the group was originally designed to just be a side project, but it then took on a life of its own. Old school rhythm and blues is where the band makes its mark and has the most success. Ray Charles' classic "I Got a Woman" is taken at an intense and churning pace, while "Honky Tonk (Side A & B)" is fueled by a roadhouse guitar solo and "Can't Be Still" gives the drummer some, leaving Soesbe in space for an over the top solo. Jam session jazz standards "C Jam Blues" and "Night Train" work well, as does the unexpected addition of Rahsaan Roland Kirk's "The Black and Crazy Blues." The only soft points on the disc occur when Heath steps up to the microphone to sing in a faux-hipster manner that quickly becomes tiresome. But this is only on a few tracks and is compensated for with the fun movie soundtrack covers "James Bond Theme" and the music from the atmospheric spaghetti western "Hang 'em High." This was a fun and enjoyable album, the group plays very well, but never takes themselves too seriously. The must be a hoot to hear live, and hopefully their next album will document their live performance.

1. Moovin' N' Groovin 2. Strollin' With Bones 3. A Shot In The Dark 4. Night Train 5. Honkey Tonk(Side A & B) 6. James Bond Theme 7. Bim Bam Baby 8. Can't Be Still 9. Experiment In Terror 10. Mardis Gras Mambo 11. Theme To Route 66 12. Hang 'Em High 13. Black And Crazy Blues 14. Ain't That A Kick In The Head 15. C Jam Blues 16. I Got A Woman 17. Groovin' 18. Time Is Tight


va Strictly instrumental 5

More. 01. The Four Unknowns - Fearless 02:24 02. Fat Daddy Holmes - Where Yo Is 01:48 03. Little Ellis - Barb Wire 02:37
04. The Typhoons - Typhoon Twist 02:06
05. Ritchie & The Rebels - Rebel Rock 02:45 06. Tex Pederson & His Sunset Ramblers - Rockelene 02:08 07. The Masonics - Call It a Day 02:28 08. The Royaltones - Seesaw 02:06 09. Gene Parsons Band - Toy Guitar 01:39 10. The Bop Cats - Here Comes The Fuzz 02:02
11. The Royals - 2 + 2 02:05 12. Terry Blue & The Deltones - Untitled 01:35
13. Alton Joseph & The Jokers - The Other Place 01:56 14. The Noblemen - Dragon Walk 01:50 15. Jimmy McConville - Scorpion 02:24 16. The Aztecs - The Aztec Rock 01:49 17. Andy Doll - Stockade Rock 02:02 18. The Spacemen - Blast Off 02:46
19. The Shadows (US) - Ketchy 02:28 20. Tiny Lyman & His Jukes - Left Overs 02:45
21. The Carnations - Scorpion 02:11 22. The Cruisers - Crusin' 02:03 23. The Ramblin' Rebels - Impact 02:05 24. The Dynatones - Moon Shot 02:20 25. The Noblemen - Thunder Wagon 01:58 26. Red Garrison - Moonshine 02:24 27. The Carnations - Fireball Mail 02:02 28. The Dynatone - Hawaiian War Chant 02:20
29. The Naturals - Jive Note 02:06 30. The Mysterions - Amnesia 02:28


Va Disco Not DISCO v3

If the Jameses (Ford and Murphy) have taught the fluoroid droid masses one thing, it’s that there’s more to euphoric disco than a septum-burning noseful of The White Stuff. In 2007 The New Rave Contingent took their finals, graduated with flying colours and are now considering their options; if they choose to do an MA, they could do a lot worse than starting with this comp. Pinpointing a time when Madonna hung out with Sonic Youth at New York’s Danceteria club, this is a Venn diagram of multimusical everything. Kitchen synching it with no wave, post-punk and skag ska (all with plenty of cowbell), ‘Disco No Disco’ is an essential compendium of cult should-have-beens for people who don’t know who ESG are, find themselves foxed by Tom Tom Club and think Grace Jones is a jockey. NME review

If you're down with the history of popular dance music, this is a pretty seminal collection of some of the oddities and classics that made their way into deejay record crates back in the day. Put this one on at your next party and freak some heads with your all-knowing koolness!

01 Vivien Goldman – Launderette 02 Delta 5 – Mind Your Own Business 03 Shriekback – My Spine Is The Bassline 04 Konk – Your Life 05 Isotope – Crunch Cake 06 James White & The Blacks – Contort Yourself (August Darnell remix)
07 Quando Quango – Love Tempo (remix) 08 Gina X Performance – Kaddish
09 Material – Don’t Lose Control (Dance version) 10 Kazino – Binary 11 Liaisons Dangereuses – Los Ninos Del Parque (12” mix) 12 A Number Of Names – Sharevari (Instrumental) 13 Six Sed Red – Beat ‘Em Right 14 Maximum Joy – Silent Street / Silent Dub


Saturday, February 20, 2010

Lamajamal Gypsy Surf

Going International this week in tribute to the Olympics. Some gold medal slabs that shine brilliantly through the haze of modern pop junk. Let's get started ---

Drawing upon the music of Turkey, the Arab world, the Balkans and even further afield, Lamajamal play an eclectic mix of modern and traditional that really defies categorization. With multi-lingual vocals, strong percussion, Klezmer-styled clarinet, the 'oud and even cumbus, Lamajamal is as diverse as they are fun to see live.

This, their first (and so far only) recording, is a good taste of what to expect from their live shows. They do everything from Greek rembetika (on 'Aidhenikos Horos') to covers of classical Arabic music by Fairuz and Muhammad Abdel Wahhab ('Nasam Alayna el Hawa' and 'Balad el Mahbub,' respectively). But the best highlight is on 'Cocek 80,' a vibrant Macedonian folk dance that'll REALLY get you going. The name 'Gypsy Surf' is appropriate, not only because of the far-flung influences here, but also because this isn't really 'traditional' music in the strictest sense, but rather creative re-interpretations done by artists who REALLY understand the cultures and what they are doing with them. The result is woth checking out.

1. Plevensko 2. Balad El Mahbub 3. Cocek 80 4. Nasam 5. Kopanitsa 6. Karsilama 7. Gankino 8. Agir 9. Razbole 10. Oud Taksim 11. Aidhenikos


va Shadow Music from Thailand

Shadow Music" was a broad term given to the Thai guitar pop movement of the 1960s and the groups that came out of it -- all under the profound influence of early Western rock and roll. British instrumental wonders The Shadows (as in Cliff Richards & The Shadows) were the origin of the genre's title -- also coined "Wong Shadow" or early Thai "string" music. Shadow records were often marketed as "Thai Modernized Music" which it was in the truest sense. Traditional Thai melodies were given the Shadow treatment -- incorporating rock, surf, a-go-go, exotica, soul, blues, Latin and otherworldly styles of the times. Inventive compositions and instrumental genius meet the occasional odd vocal arrangement and the results range from plaintive guitar and organ-driven lullabies to full-blown electric garage folk-psychedelia! Featured on this collection are a handful of the leading recorded artists from the time; P.M. Pocket Music, The Son of P.M., P.M.7, Jupiter and Johnny Guitar. Throughout the 1960s, these groups forged a unique and highly self-referential Thai sound. This is a one-time pressing of 1500 LP copies and each of these beauties comes in a full-color, heavy-duty tip-on gatefold jacket featuring gorgeous original Thai Shadow LP artwork, and of course, 180 gram vinyl -- so don't sleep on this one.

The subtitle, by the way, is "Full Monophonic Teenblast From America's Mid-60's Garage Explosion." The first CD in the Garage Punk Unknowns Series is crammed fulla mind-meltin' rock n roll magic. These 31 songs rock harder and louder than just about anything else you've ever heard- they're sloppy, exuberant, violent, brutal, and brilliant, more mercilessly fun than- oh, I don't know... heroin (I'm not speaking from experience). Songs of particular note include Fink-Muncx Nine's deranged "Coffee, Tea, or Me," the Teddy Boys' lean, mean, ominous "Jezebel," and the Hard Times' "I Can't Wait 'Til Friday Comes," which is both nasty and hilarious. And then there's the Temptations' (no, not THOSE Temptations) cover of "Hey! Bo Diddley," which starts out as a bit of punk rock a capella before launching into an amazingly catchy rock n roll pound-fest. The End reduce Buddy Holly's classic "Not Fade Away" to its most basic elements: A primal beat and some truly primitive vocals. The King Beez's groovin' "Now," is another highlight, as is the Ravens' schizophrenic "Don't Press Your Luck." There's also the Landels' surf-tinged cover of "The Witch," and the Big Beats' heavy, pummeling "Beware." These are only a few highlights of what is easily one of the best garage rock discs ever assembled. Pick it up and enjoy!

This is the kind of sleazy RnB that would have rocked Bangkok's less salubrious establishments back in the late sixties.Yumm.

1 The Son Of P.M. - Luk Tung Klong Yao 2:50 2 P.M. Pocket Music - Kack Toi Mor 2:35 3 The Son Of P.M. - Koisun Ching 2:20 4 P.M. Pocket Music - Pama Rum Kwan 3:15 5 Johnny Guitar - Mon Du Dow 3:10 6 The Son Of P.M. - Klong Yao 2:15 7 The Son Of P.M. - Taloong Jun Loum 2:55 8 P.M. 7/Jupiter - Susie Wong 1:55 9 P.M. 7/Jupiter - Pone Tala Pone (Indian) 2:05 10 The Son Of P.M. - Lhow Lenum 2:45 11 The Son Of P.M. - Cho Cho Chan 2:30 12 P.M. 7/Jupiter - Sawan Bangkok 2:35 13 Johnny Guitar - Lao Kratob Mai 3:10 14 The Son Of P.M. - Plaeng Yiepoun 2:20
15 The Son Of P.M. - Lum Jow Praya 2:50 16 P.M. 7/Jupiter - Pone Tala Pone (Twee Sak) 2:45 17 Johnny Guitar - Bangkok By Night 2:35


Strictly Instrumental v2

As requested. More goodness. Nuff said.

01. The Dawnbeats - Midnight Express 02:07 02. The Rockin Continentals - 2-3-4 02:38
03. Terry Dunavan - Earthquake Boogie 02:14 04. The Sounds - Bedlam 02:13 05. Lord Dent & His Invaders - Wolf Call 02:33 06. The Casuals - Upspring 01:56 07. The Vi-Kings - The Viking Twist 02:20 08. The Vibrations - Moanin' Bass 02:35 09. The Corvettes - Shaften 01:59 10. The Premiers - Firewater 01:51 11. The Variatones - Roulette Rock 02:01 12. B. Goode - Sabotage 02:19 13. The Daywins - Heartbeat 01:43 14. The Galaxis - Ad Lip 02:30 15. The Off Beats - Red Ants 01:52 16. The Dawnbreakers - Deep In The Heart Of Texas Rock 01:58 17. The Royal Notes - Spitfire 02:31 18. The Celts - Confusion 02:36 19. Larry Reynolds - The Flea 01:57
20. The Rollettes - Venus Rock 02:02 21. The Rovin' Gamblers - Do The Fly 02:00
22. The Crew - Hot Wire 02:59 23. Fat Daddy Holmes - Chicken Rock 01:59 24. The Millionaires - Rock And A Half 01:47 25. St. John's Cardinals - The Rise 02:00 26. The Impacts - Speed Zone 02:21 27. The Night People - The Troubled Streets 01:56 28. The Enchanters - Everybody Twist 02:25 29. J. L. Williams & The Crowns - Wibcee 02:47


VA Cazumbi: African Sixties Garage, Vol. 1

This is not an Afro Beat or Afro Rock compilation, the music on this record is strictly 60's garage! You probably always thought such countries, except South Africa, had nothing to contribute the 60's garage scene.....but seems our little world still has virgin places for the obscure garage 45s diggers before going to Mars!!! Here you have a surprising compilation of very, very rare tracks taken from 45s released in Congo, Angola, Mozambique and South Africa. Garage rock, garage surf, powerful 60's R&B... an amazing collection with groups such as H20 (Mozambique) who had even carton boxes among their instruments, a rare track by the A-Cads, the incredibly rare Kriptons from Angola, an Italian sung (!!!) great cover of the Prunes' "I Had Too Much To Dream" by Conjunto Oliveira Muge in Mozambique, the eerie French sung "Eh Bien Mon Ami" by African Fiesta…mucho coolo.

01. A-Cads - Down The Road (South Africa) (1:54) 02. Docteur Nico & African Fiesta - Save Me (Congo) (2:10) 03. Conjunto de Oliveira Muge - Suspensa A Un Filo (Mozambique) (3:07) 04. Gino Garrido & Os Psicodélicos - Baby I Love You (Angola) (2:43) 05. Impacto - Knock On Wood (Mozambique) (3:20) 06. Them - I Want To Be Rich Again (South Africa) (1:42) 07. Kriptons - Billy Boom (Angola) (1:46) 08. Conjunto Night Stars - She Only Wants A Friend (Mozambique) (2:09)
09. Os Gambuzinos - Aida (Angola) (2:43) 10. Orquestre Veve - Venus (Congo) (3:05)
11. Os Rebeldes - Murder By Contact (Mozambique) (2:16) 12. John E. Sharp - Monkey Shine (South Africa) (2:30) 13. African Fiesta - Eh Bien Mon Ami (Congo) (3:16) 14. Kriptons - Manga Madura (Angola) (1:34) 15. The Invaders - No Money, No Honey (South Africa) (2:18) 16. Os Rocks - Wish I May (Angola) (1:58) 17. Os Inflexos - Furtivo Olhar (Mozambique) (2:22) 18. Les Krakmen - Krakmen Twist! (Congo) (2:45) 19. H2O - Rien De Mots (Mozambique) (4:07) 20. Teta Lando - Muato Wa N'Gingila (Angola) (3:51) 21. Os Gambuzinos - Kalumba (Angola) [Bonus Track] (3:23) 22. Os Inflexos - You're Much Too Proud (Mozambique) [Bonus Track] (2:57) 23. Os Rocks - I Put A Spell On You (Angola) [Bonus Track] (3:15)


Va Shuba Duba - Russian Easy Listening 1962-1971

Been looking for this for a long time - nice comp of the Soviet version of space age pop/lounge.
Nice addition to any classic lounge collection.

01. Зима (Э.Ханок - С.Островой) - Лола Хомянц, 1970 г. Winter (E. Hanoch - C. Islands) - Lola Homyants, 1970
02. 02. Насчет шубы (Э.Ханок - С.Кирсанов) - Владимир Макаров, 1969 г. As for coats (E. Hanoch - S. Kirsanov) - Vladimir Makarov, 1969
03. 03. Сердце на снегу (А.Бабаджанян - А.Дмоховский) - Лев Барашков, 1969 г. Heart of the snow (A. Babadzhanyan - A. Dmochowski) - Leo Barashkov, 1969
04. 04. Мелодия из музыки к мультфильму "Варежка" (В.Гамалия) - Владимир Чижик и инструментальный ансамбль, 1967 г. Melody from the music to the animated film "Varezhka" (V. Hamalia) - Vladimir Siskin and instrumental ensemble, 1967
05. 05. Хлоп-хлоп (П.Бюль-Бюль Оглы - М.Пляцковский) - Полад Бюль-Бюль Оглы, 1971 г. Clap-clap (P.Byul-Bul oglu - M. Plyatskovsky) - Polad Bulbuloglu, 1971
06. 06. И-ха-ха (В.Корнев) - оркестр "Голубой экран" п/у К.Титара, 1967 г. I-ha-ha (V. Kornev) - Orchestra "Blue Screen" p / u K. Titarov, 1967
07. 07. Песенка о медведях из к/ф "Кавказская пленница" (А.Зацепин - Л.Дербенев) - Аида Ведищева, 1967 г. Song about bears from movie "The Caucasian Captive" (A. Zatsepin - L. Derbenev) - Aida Vedishchev, 1967
08. 08. Каза-нова (И.Гранов) - оркестр "Голубой экран" п/у К.Титара, 1967 г. Casa Nova (I. Grahn) - Orchestra "Blue Screen" p / u K. Titarov, 1967
09. 09. Это любовь (Э.Кузинер - А.Ольгин) - Анатолий Королев, 1969 г. This love (E. Kuziner - A. Holguín) - Anatoly Korolev, 1969
10. 10. Редлав (Ю.Гайдер) - оркестр "Голубой экран" п/у К.Титара, 1967 г. Redlav (J. Haider) - Orchestra "Blue Screen" p / u K. Titarov, 1967
11. 11. Снежинка (Ю.Саульский - П.Леонидов) - Нина Бродская, 1971 г. Snowflake (Yu Saulsky - Leonids AP) - Nina Brody, 1971
12. 12. В кафе "Молодежном" (тер-ри-кон) (Б.Троцюк) - оркестр "Голубой экран" п/у К.Титара, 1967 г. The café "Youth" (ter-ri-con) (B. Trotsyuk) - Orchestra "Blue Screen" p / u K. Titarov, 1967
13. 13. Царевна-Несмеяна (Г.Шангин-Березовский) - Майя Кристалинская, 1962 г. Princess Nesmeyana (G.Shangin-Berezovsky) - Maya Kristalinskaja, 1962
14. 14. С тобой до рассвета я хочу танцевать (тер-ри-кон) (И.Королев) - оркестр "Голубой экран" п/у К.Титара, 1967 г. With you till dawn I want to dance (ter-ri-con) (VI Korolev) - Orchestra "Blue Screen" p / u K. Titarov, 1967
15. 15. Девушка и кувшин (Т.Бабаев - Ю.Энтин) - Луиза и Батыр Закировы, 1970 г. A girl and a jug (T. Babayev - J. Entin) - Louise and Batyr Zakirov, 1970
16. 16. Лимбо (трад.) - оркестр "Голубой экран" п/у К.Титара, 1967 г. Limbaugh (trad.) - Orchestra "Blue Screen" p / u K. Titarov, 1967
17. 17. Непонятная любовь (В.Кулаков - С.Льясов) - Борис Гуджунов, 1968 г. Incomprehensible love (V. Kulakov - S. Lyasov) - Boris Gudzhunov, 1968
18. 18. Просто так (В.Шеповалов - К.Рыжов) - Нелли Богуславская (пение), 1968 г. Just because (V. Shepovalov - K. Ryzhov) - Nelly Boguslavskaya (singing), 1968
19. 19. Лирический дуэт (вокализ) из к/ф "Эти невинные забавы" (С.Пожлаков) - Н.Фокина и Е.Новикова, 1969 г. Lyrical duet (vocalization) from movie "Those innocent fun" (S. Pozhlakov) - Fokin and E. Novikova, 1969


Va Roots of Chicha: Psychedelic Cumbias From Peru

Chicha started out in the late 60's, in the oil-boom cities of the Peruvian Amazon. Cumbias Amazonicas, as they were first known, were loosely inspired by Colombian cumbias but incorporated the distinctive pentatonic scales of Andean melodies, some Cuban guajiras, and the psychedelic sounds of surf guitars, wah-wah pedals, farfisa organs and moog synthesizers.

Chicha, which is named after a corn-based liquor favored by the Incas, quickly spread to Lima. It became the music of choice of the mostly indigenous new migrant population - mixing even further with rock, Andean folklore and Peruvian creole music.

Very much like Jamaican Ska or Congolese Soukous, Chicha is western-influenced indigenous music geared toward the new urban masses who wholly identified with the new hybrid . Chicha is at once raw and sophisticated --and until now, it had never been released outside of Peru. An amazing compilation! Guaranteed: you'll love Chicha!

01.Sonido Amazónico 02.Linda Nena 03.Cariñito 04.A Patricia 05.Sácalo Sácalo 06.El Miagro Verde 07.Para Elisa 08.Linda Munequita 09.Muchachita del Oriente 10.Elsa 11.Vacilando con Ayahuesca 12.El Guapo 13.Mi Morena Rebelde 14.Si Me Quieres 15.Me Robaron mi Runa Mula 16.La Danza de Los Mirlos


Strictly Instrumental v3

Surprise!!!!! Wanted to see how many of you go all the way to the bottom of a long post. YES - you have been heard and I feel your need. So much - that I ACTUALLY paid the big bucks and bought the last ones to have a complete series for all to enjoy at high bit rates. This is the only place that will happen.

I have an idea to float out about another blog of mine and want to hear comments about high bit rates. Any interest in something higher than 320 for special shares?

01. The Cubs - Ram Charger 01:44 02. The Ebbtones - Rockin' On The Range 01:58 03. Andy & The Live Wires - Maggie 02:16 04. Ray Hudson - Jackhammer 02:01 05. Keetie & The Kats - Move, Part 1 02:40 06. Clyde Arnold & The Shapes - Scrounge 02:20 07. The Hi-Tombs - Weeping Willow Rock 02:36 08. The Dell-Tones - Green Front Boogie 01:58 09. The Ebbtones - Ram Induction 02:11 10. The Thunders - Off The Wall 02:12 11. Hayward Davis - Bubble Gum Rock 03:14 12. Duke Mitchell - Strike 01:55 13. The Silver Jets - Modockin' 02:18 14. Bobby Nelson Quartet - Zapp 02:01 15. The Fugitives - Let's Go On With It 02:39 16. Dave & The Starlights - Starlight 02:40 17. The Spitoons - Polka Rock 02:57 18. The Ramrods - Slouch-ee 02:01 19. Joe Walz - Shore Party 02:15 20. Jimmy Granzberg & The Crowns - Rebel Yell 02:06 21. Rodney & The Blazers - Summertime Rock 02:04 22. The Fugitives - Fugitive 01:57 23. Earl Craig - Sunday Down South 02:34 24. The Panics - Love Riot 02:16 25. The Rhythm Kings - What's Your Number Drummer Boy 01:39 26. Earl Craig - Craigs Crazy Boogie 02:4027. The Rockaways - Normee 02:03 28. Robby Rhines & The Rogues - Port Zibee 02:12 29. Bob Taylor & The Counts - Taylor's Rock 02:18 30. Ronnie Ray's Playboys - The Vulture 02:41


Saturday, February 13, 2010

M'Lumbo - Sacrifices to the Neon Gods

Many thanks to Mr. Fab at Music for Maniacs for turning me on to these guys.

M'lumbo are a trio of talented musical jokers aided by various guest musicians and hangers-on, who are more interested in challenging themselves than in reaching a mass audience. Here they offer wackily mutated interpretations of movie and TV themes, played with a vaguely free-jazz/world-beat orientation, including voice samples, jungle noises, and multilayered instrumentation. Each piece seems to tell a story loosly based on the tv theme. Very dense - each cut has 5 or 6 layers that swirl and collide and then start something new - great with headphones. The familiarity of the tv/movie themes tie it all together so even if you are not a fan of experimental music - this should still be listenable. One of the cool things about these guys is that they can carry off their complex wall of sound live. Go see'em if you can. For those of you who like the edge of the jungle exotica - this is beach. It will grow on you like a serious drink of jungle juice - enjoy - if you dare.

1. Hawaii Five-O (Lumba Ladda Dey - In Concert) 2. Medley: Addams Family Theme-Jingle Bells-I Dream Of Jeannie-Pefidia-Night On Bald Mountain 3. Perry Mason 4. Medley: The James Bond Theme - Star Trek 5. Theme From The Jeffersons Movin' On Up - Police State 6. Mickey Mouse 7. Birds Of Fire - Love Theme From The Fourth 8. Alfred Hithcock Theme 9. Get Smart - Mussorgsky Christmas Medley 10. I Love Lucy (M'Lumbo Christmas Medley - In Concert)


new smaller links:
multvmv 1


Srtictly Instrumental V.1

Great set of comps. Haven't seen them up in a while. Mojo Repair Shop posted a few and, of course, that got me thinking. These are too good to go stale and so for Valentine's post - here's the first one in smokin' 320. I have all but #11 - so if you like.em, let me know and they'll be a regular fixture for awhile. If anyone out there has 11 in 320 or better - please pass it along - you will have my undying gratitude.

01. The Big Four - Outa Tune 01:59 02. The Ree-Gents - Downshiftin' 02:08 03. The Twisters - Bandstand Rocket 01:23 04. Ronnie Cells Continentals - Chicken 02:05 05. The Reekers - Don't Call Me Flyface 02:24 06. Harold & Bob - Spitfire 01:41 07. Howie & The Crystals - Rockin' Hall 02:17 08. The Sting Rays - Fast Track 01:39 09. The Teen Rockers - Road Block 02:06 10. Jerry & The Silvertones - Ce'ny 01:49 11. The Royal Jokers - Vibrations 02:32 12. Rex Qual - Tranquilizer Boogie 02:12 13. Billy Adkinson - Rock-A-Mo Part 1 02:36 14. The Rel Yea's - Round Rock Boogie 02:10 15. Scott Wood - Chicken Rock 01:52 16. Herb Kliebe's Nervous Kats - Devil's Run 01:58 17. Electro-Tones - Ghost Train 02:18 18. Volk Brothers - Ducks Flying Backwards 02:35 19. Nick Riehle's Lil Dynamite - Dancin' Little Thing 02:36 20. The Rhythm Rockers - Torpedo 02:00 21. The Rockaways - Rampage 01:46 22. The Rocktones - High Time 02:02 23. The Teen Rockers - Teen Rock 01:57 24. The Journeymen - Workout 02:09 25. The Off Beats - Talking Crikets 02:32 26. The Night Trains - Scramble 02:02 27. The Sensations - Wild Cat 02:15 28. The Royal Jokers - Beatnik 02:32 29. The Continental Cousins - The Robot 02:44 30. The Big Four - All Keyed Up 02:04


Deodato - Prelude

What can I say - I'm in the mood. Seminal recording by Brazillian keyboardist - Eumir Deoadato and a supergroup of jazz stars puts this one at the top of my groove list. "Also Sprach Zarathustra " was his biggest hit and still holds its own today. Good for Valentine's day.

01. Also Sprach Zarathustra (R. Strauss, adapted by Deodato) - 9:01 02. Spirit Of Summer (Deodato) - 4:14 03. Carly And Carole (Deodato) - 3:41 04. Baubles, Bangles And Beads (A. Borodin, R. Wright, G. Forrest) - 5:20 05. Prelude To The Afternoon Of A Faun (C. Debussy, adapted by Deodato) - 5:13 06. September 13 (Cobham, Deodato) - 5:56

Eumir Deodato - piano, electric piano
John Tropea & Jay Berliner - guitars
Ron Carter & Stanley Clarke - basses
Billy Cobham - drums
Airto Moreira & Ray Barretto - percussion
+ strings & horns (including Hubert Laws - solo flute on Prelude To The Afternoon Of A Faun)


Danny Gatton - Redneck Jazz Explosion

These historic recordings capture the excitement of a live Danny Gatton performance. So let's waltz back to New Year's Eve, l978. Tonight the Cellar Door club, sold out weeks in advance, is owned by Danny Gatton's instrumental aggregate, the Redneck Jazz Explosion. The crowd has come to see not only the guitarist presenting his virtuosic wares in all instrumental jazz setting but his pairing with pedal steel maestro Buddy Emmons. To quote Ralph Heibutzki from his 2003 biography, "Unfinished Business-The Life Times of Danny Gatton," the December 31, l978, Cellar Door gig has assumed legendary proportions for its place in Gatton history. Swearing you were there is akin to saying you saw the Beatles at the Cavern Club or caught the Yardbird's hot, sweaty nights at the Marquee." It's a great tribute to Danny that Buddy Emmons, who had not been on the road for years, did hit the highways with the Explosion. One of the BEST from this late, great guitar hero.

1. Opus de Funk 2. Song of India 3. Raisin' the Dickens 4. Killer Joe 5. Rock Candy 6. Land of Make Believe/Tequila 7. Little Darlin' 8. Comin' Home Baby 9. Famous Blue Raincoat/ Nutcracker


Space - Best of

One of my favorite 70's "disco" groups. Infectious grooves - mostly instrumental with some actual songwritng skills and not thump heavy like so many others of that period. "Magic Fly" was a big international hit and will jog your memory when you hear it. Get your groove on - retro- that is.

01. Magic Fly (original version) (4:17)02. Running In The City (4:11)03. Just Blue (4:27)04. Carry On, Turn Me On (7:11)05. Ballad For Space Lovers (2:15)06. Air Force (4:12)07. Blue Tears (5:35)08. Secret Dreams (4:27)09. Prison (6:15)10. Let Me Know The Wonders (7:05)11. Baby's Paradise (5:22)12. Deliverance (6:36)13. Symphony (4:55)14. My Love Is Music (6:40)15. Magic Fly (Da Full radio mix '98) (3:51)


Saturday, February 6, 2010

The Russians are coming, the Russians are coming - Gulag Tunes 1

Hi all - as I post this here in the Wash. D.C. area we are getting pounded by a blizzard of historic proportions for our area. Snow is falling at a rate of 3" and hour, whiteouts are happening with some frequency, and we have over 2 feet of snow on the ground and are due for anoter foot or so before it's over. It's not such a big deal for you guys in the snow belt - but- for us wusses - it's a major weather event. Being snowbound got me thinking of other snowy places and Mother Russia hit my list.

So to ease my suffering and maybe yours,too, here's some of the best Russian surf around - both new and old - to keep you going. I know these have been around on other places thruout the blogosphere - but here theyare all in one place - my own personal rips at a higher bit rate. Enjoy. I'll be humming some of these work songs when I shovel out over the next few days.

According to misc sources there seems to be an agreement that these Gulag Tunes are actually a project by The Vivisectors. Surf instro vesrions of traditional Russian prision songs. Prison songs (called blatnjak) are very popular in Russia. They are just as popular there as country music or blues here - and similar in origin. Very melodic and surprisingly catchy numbers, very well played. Great fun - making good a bad situation. Enjoy.

1. Free Flying Birds 2. Stop That Train (I Wanna Get Off) 3. Tagunca (Old Moscow Jailhouse) 4. "Vurkuta - Leningrad" Express 5. Uncle Ivan"s Cherry Garden 6. Kolyme 7. Limunchiki 8. Kyev and Varanezh 9. New Pub On Deribasovskaya 10. Cigarette Stub (From White Kulyme Hell) 11. Two Punks Escape From Prison In Odessa 12. Bublichki 13. Night Lights 14. Gop-So-Smykom (Natural Born Thief) 15. Pigeons Flying Over Our Jail 16. Night Lights(Drunk Version).


Gulag Tunes 2

More cool Russian prison/work songs done by The Vivisectors.
GULAG TUNES-...И другие хорошие мелодии
01. Фотография (Submariner Song) 02. Шкеты (Urchins)03. Ходят кони над рекою (Horses Walking Over River)04. Раскинулось море широко (The Sea Spreads Widely)05. Серебрится серенький дымок (Grey Smoke)06. Мурка (Murka)07. Не шумите ради Б-га тише (Doves Are Kissing On The Roof)08. По приютам я с детства скитался (Raggamufin)09. На колыме (On Kolyma)10. Розамунда (Rosamunda)11. Если женщина изменит (Cigarette)12. Крутится-вертится шар голубой (Blue Scarf)13. Когда с тобою встретились (When I Met You)
14. Окурочек (Cigarette Stub)


Surfbeat Behind the Iron Curtain 1

Let me take you back to the days of the Cold War - the Berlin War, the Eastern Bloc, mutually assured destruction, some fantastic spy novels and films etc. Behind the Iron Curtain the Soviet authorities controlled everything. In this case, this includes which bands could form, what music they could play, and what instruments they could play. That so many surf-beat bands could have been permitted seems incredible, that they made such far-out music is unbelievable.

Lucifer In Coelis by The Slava Kunst Orchestra is the stand out track from this album. A bizarre twist number, featuring many of the contemporary acts from the local scene, including what sounds like an astounding enormous, steam powered distortion fueled Hammond organ (seemingly called a "Thermus"!) Very cool stuff.

Planetary Pebbles - Vol. 1 Surfbeat Behind the Iron Curtain1. Sincron - "Pe Linga Plopii Fara Sot" (2:56)2. Capras - "Beginning of Autumn" (2:19)3. T. Terauchi & Bunnys - "Theme from Unfinished Symphony" (2:45)4. Black 'N' Whites - "Komandosi" (3:24)5. Eliminators - "The Saint" (2:48)6. Mefisto - "Return of Gemini" (2:07)7. Die Sputniks - "Sputniks Thema" (2:03)8. Thunderbirds - "African Guitar" (2:41)9. The Alarm - "Nocny Alarm" (2:18)10. Boomerangs - "Crazy Guitars" (2:37)11. Trocadero Sextett - "Leicht Verdreht" (2:03)12. Orchester Charles Blackwell - "The Bumble Beat" (2:00)13. Klaus Lenz Sextett - "Corso" (2:23)14. Slava Kunst Orchestra - "Lucifer in Coelis" (4:47)15. Thunderbirds - "Twistin Safari" (2:12)16. Theo Schumann Combo - "Aladin" (2:17)17. Black 'N' Whites - "Take Blya Moja" (2:39)18. Sincron - "In Gara la Leordeni" (2:50)19. Gisha Brothers - "Werwo's Rock" (2:28)20. Constellations - "Colorado" (2:17)21. Javalins - "Javalins Rock" (2:27)22. Franke Echo Quintett - "Melodie Fur Barbara" (2:40)23. Eliminators - "Wipe Out" (3:27)24. Karel Duba & His Guitar Men - "The Coach" (2:50)


Surfbeat Behind the Iron Curtain 2

More great instros and beat from the Eastern Bloc.
1. Singing Guitars - "Torpedo" (1:48)2. Singing Guitars - "Perfida" (2:19)3. Hungarian Ensemble - "Konzert a Marson" (2:45)4. Satelliten - "Scary Night" (1:51)5. K. Duba & Guitarmen - "Winnetou" (2:28)6. Sputnicks - "So Much Love" (1:36)7. Mefistos - "I Am Coming Home Baby" (2:57) 8. Taifuns - "The West Wind" (2:33)9. Olympics - "Story of the Girl with the Bass Guitar" (1:56)10. Sputniks - "Spanish Gypsy Dance" (1:51)11. Karel Duba & His Big Beat Band - "Steps in the Sand" (2:50)12. Schumann, T. Combo - "Puszta Beas" (2:21)13. Fugaru, Cornel & Sincron - "The Jodler from Gorj" (2:32)14. Studio 6 - "Party Time" (2:44)15. Illes - "Oh Mondd" (2:23)16. Hungarian Ensemble - "Rollin' Rollin'" (2:23)17. Team 4 - "Ich Hab Ihr Ins Gesicht Gesehn" (3:40)18. Sincron - "Play with the Maiden" (2:56)19. Olympics - "Mary Mary" (2:18)20. T. Schumann Combo - "Hackepeter" (2:48)21. Amigos - "Komm, Gib Mir Deine Hand" (2:21)22. George & Beathovens - "Lez Blazniveho Basnika" (2:35)23. Mondial - "Omule" (3:00)24. Mondial - "Orbul" (3:27)


Various Artists - Voodoo Surf

This is a very generous compilation of European and Russian surf bands that deftly dive into the genre with various experimentations tagging along. Our old friends, The Vivisectors are on board and one of the first Ukrainian bands (that plays surf brilliantly) handles the uneasy task of creating some intellectual surf music. From the very first, “Night Surfers" prove that they are not afraid of instrumental experiments - bravely mixing up classic surf, The Cure-like post-punk, funk and psychedelic rock of 1960s. Of course, the other combos hold up well too on this disc. For a twist on the "surf' discipline, the CD we have here is an excellent choice for those wanting a bit more "edge" in the music. Additional instrumental comps of russian and ex-USSR surf ensembles.Here have well known and new musicians,covers and authors compositions.
Exellent example for the first meeting with russian surf-scene.

The Silver ToneZ «Surf Melody»Waikiki Makaki «Vaquero-san»B-Sea Surfers «French»Voodoo Band «Psychos»The Surfaces «Immersion»The Catafalque «Picked Legs»Vivisector’s Gulag Tunes «Tainted Love»Night Surf «Keep Breathin’»Papa John «Sharks»The Spoilers «Man with the Scar»Hula Hoop «Godzilla’s Dream»Coffin Wheels «Bustin’ Chainsaws»Иван Грозный «Светит месяц»Messer Chups «Signal from Tremoluna Planet»The Silver ToneZ «36-24-36»
Hula Hoop «Lightning Rod»Coffin Wheels «Das Boot»Waikiki Makaki «Breakers»The Spoilers «Mikkie Goes to School»Night Surf «Suffer»Papa John «Neptune»Voodoo Band «Messing with MotorChick»The Surfaces «Ghost Theme»Иван Грозный «Хоровод»Messer Chups «Midnight Preacher»

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