Saturday, February 6, 2010

Surfbeat Behind the Iron Curtain 1

Let me take you back to the days of the Cold War - the Berlin War, the Eastern Bloc, mutually assured destruction, some fantastic spy novels and films etc. Behind the Iron Curtain the Soviet authorities controlled everything. In this case, this includes which bands could form, what music they could play, and what instruments they could play. That so many surf-beat bands could have been permitted seems incredible, that they made such far-out music is unbelievable.

Lucifer In Coelis by The Slava Kunst Orchestra is the stand out track from this album. A bizarre twist number, featuring many of the contemporary acts from the local scene, including what sounds like an astounding enormous, steam powered distortion fueled Hammond organ (seemingly called a "Thermus"!) Very cool stuff.

Planetary Pebbles - Vol. 1 Surfbeat Behind the Iron Curtain1. Sincron - "Pe Linga Plopii Fara Sot" (2:56)2. Capras - "Beginning of Autumn" (2:19)3. T. Terauchi & Bunnys - "Theme from Unfinished Symphony" (2:45)4. Black 'N' Whites - "Komandosi" (3:24)5. Eliminators - "The Saint" (2:48)6. Mefisto - "Return of Gemini" (2:07)7. Die Sputniks - "Sputniks Thema" (2:03)8. Thunderbirds - "African Guitar" (2:41)9. The Alarm - "Nocny Alarm" (2:18)10. Boomerangs - "Crazy Guitars" (2:37)11. Trocadero Sextett - "Leicht Verdreht" (2:03)12. Orchester Charles Blackwell - "The Bumble Beat" (2:00)13. Klaus Lenz Sextett - "Corso" (2:23)14. Slava Kunst Orchestra - "Lucifer in Coelis" (4:47)15. Thunderbirds - "Twistin Safari" (2:12)16. Theo Schumann Combo - "Aladin" (2:17)17. Black 'N' Whites - "Take Blya Moja" (2:39)18. Sincron - "In Gara la Leordeni" (2:50)19. Gisha Brothers - "Werwo's Rock" (2:28)20. Constellations - "Colorado" (2:17)21. Javalins - "Javalins Rock" (2:27)22. Franke Echo Quintett - "Melodie Fur Barbara" (2:40)23. Eliminators - "Wipe Out" (3:27)24. Karel Duba & His Guitar Men - "The Coach" (2:50)


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Brandonio! said...

This comp is the best of the bunch.I've own this CD since it's release,and earlier this week had it playing while I was relaxing for the evening,not to imply that any of these songs are relaxing in the least.Volume 2 isn't quit as good as the first,but well worth having.Bravo DaBoss!

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