Saturday, February 6, 2010

Various Artists - Voodoo Surf

This is a very generous compilation of European and Russian surf bands that deftly dive into the genre with various experimentations tagging along. Our old friends, The Vivisectors are on board and one of the first Ukrainian bands (that plays surf brilliantly) handles the uneasy task of creating some intellectual surf music. From the very first, “Night Surfers" prove that they are not afraid of instrumental experiments - bravely mixing up classic surf, The Cure-like post-punk, funk and psychedelic rock of 1960s. Of course, the other combos hold up well too on this disc. For a twist on the "surf' discipline, the CD we have here is an excellent choice for those wanting a bit more "edge" in the music. Additional instrumental comps of russian and ex-USSR surf ensembles.Here have well known and new musicians,covers and authors compositions.
Exellent example for the first meeting with russian surf-scene.

The Silver ToneZ «Surf Melody»Waikiki Makaki «Vaquero-san»B-Sea Surfers «French»Voodoo Band «Psychos»The Surfaces «Immersion»The Catafalque «Picked Legs»Vivisector’s Gulag Tunes «Tainted Love»Night Surf «Keep Breathin’»Papa John «Sharks»The Spoilers «Man with the Scar»Hula Hoop «Godzilla’s Dream»Coffin Wheels «Bustin’ Chainsaws»Иван Грозный «Светит месяц»Messer Chups «Signal from Tremoluna Planet»The Silver ToneZ «36-24-36»
Hula Hoop «Lightning Rod»Coffin Wheels «Das Boot»Waikiki Makaki «Breakers»The Spoilers «Mikkie Goes to School»Night Surf «Suffer»Papa John «Neptune»Voodoo Band «Messing with MotorChick»The Surfaces «Ghost Theme»Иван Грозный «Хоровод»Messer Chups «Midnight Preacher»



Anonymous said...

re: NightSurf

have seen this EP only on the web,
maybe it's just a kind of promo.

Band is from Kiev.

gonna wait for their first full album

Unknown said...

his is, perhaps, the best and most-listened-to CD in my collection. While listed as a surf-punk collection, there's a lot of variety and variation among the artists, ranging from surf, to rock, to full on punk, to..just out there. Well and truly beautiful music, all around.web design companyforex money managers

Алексей Росовецкий said...

Thank You, I'm The Publisher of This Compilation, You May Take A Look At My Blog with Information About New Releases, News & Interwievs With Artists -

Have A Nice Day)

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