Saturday, February 20, 2010

VA Cazumbi: African Sixties Garage, Vol. 1

This is not an Afro Beat or Afro Rock compilation, the music on this record is strictly 60's garage! You probably always thought such countries, except South Africa, had nothing to contribute the 60's garage scene.....but seems our little world still has virgin places for the obscure garage 45s diggers before going to Mars!!! Here you have a surprising compilation of very, very rare tracks taken from 45s released in Congo, Angola, Mozambique and South Africa. Garage rock, garage surf, powerful 60's R&B... an amazing collection with groups such as H20 (Mozambique) who had even carton boxes among their instruments, a rare track by the A-Cads, the incredibly rare Kriptons from Angola, an Italian sung (!!!) great cover of the Prunes' "I Had Too Much To Dream" by Conjunto Oliveira Muge in Mozambique, the eerie French sung "Eh Bien Mon Ami" by African Fiesta…mucho coolo.

01. A-Cads - Down The Road (South Africa) (1:54) 02. Docteur Nico & African Fiesta - Save Me (Congo) (2:10) 03. Conjunto de Oliveira Muge - Suspensa A Un Filo (Mozambique) (3:07) 04. Gino Garrido & Os Psicodélicos - Baby I Love You (Angola) (2:43) 05. Impacto - Knock On Wood (Mozambique) (3:20) 06. Them - I Want To Be Rich Again (South Africa) (1:42) 07. Kriptons - Billy Boom (Angola) (1:46) 08. Conjunto Night Stars - She Only Wants A Friend (Mozambique) (2:09)
09. Os Gambuzinos - Aida (Angola) (2:43) 10. Orquestre Veve - Venus (Congo) (3:05)
11. Os Rebeldes - Murder By Contact (Mozambique) (2:16) 12. John E. Sharp - Monkey Shine (South Africa) (2:30) 13. African Fiesta - Eh Bien Mon Ami (Congo) (3:16) 14. Kriptons - Manga Madura (Angola) (1:34) 15. The Invaders - No Money, No Honey (South Africa) (2:18) 16. Os Rocks - Wish I May (Angola) (1:58) 17. Os Inflexos - Furtivo Olhar (Mozambique) (2:22) 18. Les Krakmen - Krakmen Twist! (Congo) (2:45) 19. H2O - Rien De Mots (Mozambique) (4:07) 20. Teta Lando - Muato Wa N'Gingila (Angola) (3:51) 21. Os Gambuzinos - Kalumba (Angola) [Bonus Track] (3:23) 22. Os Inflexos - You're Much Too Proud (Mozambique) [Bonus Track] (2:57) 23. Os Rocks - I Put A Spell On You (Angola) [Bonus Track] (3:15)



karl said...

great album, love it

Likedeeler said...

brilliant contribution, thanks from berlin!

Unknown said...

Thank you so much This is GREAT! so far from UK but they got the same raw sound any chance of the very "internet" rare Vol 2?

aldo said...

I suppose johnzero0 has found vol.2, i've seen it in several blogs.
these comps are great, about the Prunes in Italian there's more on vol.2.
the band had obviously heard I CORVI's versions rather than the original.
Also on vol.2 there are two great and wild and very African songs by VUM VUM from Angola...but not his brilliant garagey "Muzangola" that you can find on vol.1 of my African Comps

aldo said...

Sorry, I realizad I made a mistake on my previous comment…the other Italian song on vol.2 is an original by the ROKES that became a hit for the Grassroots as “Let’s live for today”…there are many versions of it in several languages, including one in English by Dutch band the Skope with completely different lyrics…

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