Saturday, February 13, 2010

Danny Gatton - Redneck Jazz Explosion

These historic recordings capture the excitement of a live Danny Gatton performance. So let's waltz back to New Year's Eve, l978. Tonight the Cellar Door club, sold out weeks in advance, is owned by Danny Gatton's instrumental aggregate, the Redneck Jazz Explosion. The crowd has come to see not only the guitarist presenting his virtuosic wares in all instrumental jazz setting but his pairing with pedal steel maestro Buddy Emmons. To quote Ralph Heibutzki from his 2003 biography, "Unfinished Business-The Life Times of Danny Gatton," the December 31, l978, Cellar Door gig has assumed legendary proportions for its place in Gatton history. Swearing you were there is akin to saying you saw the Beatles at the Cavern Club or caught the Yardbird's hot, sweaty nights at the Marquee." It's a great tribute to Danny that Buddy Emmons, who had not been on the road for years, did hit the highways with the Explosion. One of the BEST from this late, great guitar hero.

1. Opus de Funk 2. Song of India 3. Raisin' the Dickens 4. Killer Joe 5. Rock Candy 6. Land of Make Believe/Tequila 7. Little Darlin' 8. Comin' Home Baby 9. Famous Blue Raincoat/ Nutcracker



shoshidge said...

cheers man, thanks

Unknown said...

Thank you very much pal!
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