Saturday, February 27, 2010

Va Disco Not DISCO v3

If the Jameses (Ford and Murphy) have taught the fluoroid droid masses one thing, it’s that there’s more to euphoric disco than a septum-burning noseful of The White Stuff. In 2007 The New Rave Contingent took their finals, graduated with flying colours and are now considering their options; if they choose to do an MA, they could do a lot worse than starting with this comp. Pinpointing a time when Madonna hung out with Sonic Youth at New York’s Danceteria club, this is a Venn diagram of multimusical everything. Kitchen synching it with no wave, post-punk and skag ska (all with plenty of cowbell), ‘Disco No Disco’ is an essential compendium of cult should-have-beens for people who don’t know who ESG are, find themselves foxed by Tom Tom Club and think Grace Jones is a jockey. NME review

If you're down with the history of popular dance music, this is a pretty seminal collection of some of the oddities and classics that made their way into deejay record crates back in the day. Put this one on at your next party and freak some heads with your all-knowing koolness!

01 Vivien Goldman – Launderette 02 Delta 5 – Mind Your Own Business 03 Shriekback – My Spine Is The Bassline 04 Konk – Your Life 05 Isotope – Crunch Cake 06 James White & The Blacks – Contort Yourself (August Darnell remix)
07 Quando Quango – Love Tempo (remix) 08 Gina X Performance – Kaddish
09 Material – Don’t Lose Control (Dance version) 10 Kazino – Binary 11 Liaisons Dangereuses – Los Ninos Del Parque (12” mix) 12 A Number Of Names – Sharevari (Instrumental) 13 Six Sed Red – Beat ‘Em Right 14 Maximum Joy – Silent Street / Silent Dub


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