Saturday, February 13, 2010

Space - Best of

One of my favorite 70's "disco" groups. Infectious grooves - mostly instrumental with some actual songwritng skills and not thump heavy like so many others of that period. "Magic Fly" was a big international hit and will jog your memory when you hear it. Get your groove on - retro- that is.

01. Magic Fly (original version) (4:17)02. Running In The City (4:11)03. Just Blue (4:27)04. Carry On, Turn Me On (7:11)05. Ballad For Space Lovers (2:15)06. Air Force (4:12)07. Blue Tears (5:35)08. Secret Dreams (4:27)09. Prison (6:15)10. Let Me Know The Wonders (7:05)11. Baby's Paradise (5:22)12. Deliverance (6:36)13. Symphony (4:55)14. My Love Is Music (6:40)15. Magic Fly (Da Full radio mix '98) (3:51)


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