Saturday, February 20, 2010

Lamajamal Gypsy Surf

Going International this week in tribute to the Olympics. Some gold medal slabs that shine brilliantly through the haze of modern pop junk. Let's get started ---

Drawing upon the music of Turkey, the Arab world, the Balkans and even further afield, Lamajamal play an eclectic mix of modern and traditional that really defies categorization. With multi-lingual vocals, strong percussion, Klezmer-styled clarinet, the 'oud and even cumbus, Lamajamal is as diverse as they are fun to see live.

This, their first (and so far only) recording, is a good taste of what to expect from their live shows. They do everything from Greek rembetika (on 'Aidhenikos Horos') to covers of classical Arabic music by Fairuz and Muhammad Abdel Wahhab ('Nasam Alayna el Hawa' and 'Balad el Mahbub,' respectively). But the best highlight is on 'Cocek 80,' a vibrant Macedonian folk dance that'll REALLY get you going. The name 'Gypsy Surf' is appropriate, not only because of the far-flung influences here, but also because this isn't really 'traditional' music in the strictest sense, but rather creative re-interpretations done by artists who REALLY understand the cultures and what they are doing with them. The result is woth checking out.

1. Plevensko 2. Balad El Mahbub 3. Cocek 80 4. Nasam 5. Kopanitsa 6. Karsilama 7. Gankino 8. Agir 9. Razbole 10. Oud Taksim 11. Aidhenikos



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Twang Zombie said...

What about link?

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Sorry 'bout dat. Link up and good. Thanks for pointing it out. Haste makes waste.

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Thanks. This is some nice stuff.

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I am a lover of surf music I settled in the city of mexico, I listened to a band of surfing buenisima The bananas are checking slovenia and q have multiple discs would have no possibility of q q could post some here in mexico because such good surfing is impossible to achieve.

Unknown said...

Hey, thanks for the great review ! - Love Lamajamal

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