Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Red Planets Chases Lead to Crashes

  A combination of vintage instrumental rock sounds reminiscent of teenage dance parties and movies soundtracks from the 1950s and early 1960s. This is the sound of beach parties, camping in the desert, and good guys fighting bad guys. Slightly psych influenced tunz. Excellent.

Apologies in advance - this is a continuous file. I've been too busy with work and dealing with my wife's poor health to cut  this into the single tracks. Figured you'd rather have it as is than not at all until I got to it. Thanks for your understanding. George 

BIG  SHOUT  Out to 1.FCN for splitting file into single cuts.  Thanks, buddy. Much appreciated.

1. Chases Lead To Crashes     2:49    
2  The Birdbee's Revenge     2:31    
3  Tolling For Whom?     3:12    
4 At It Again     2:10    
5 The Doors Swung Open     2:29    
6 The Big Churn     2:51    
7 Get Thee Behind Me
8 Between The Spaces     2:21    
9 Swooning  3:07    
10 Dance Maraton, Hour 36  2:37    
11 Having What You're Having     2:49    
12 Hey Ya! 3:19

long file

separate track file

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Automatic Fine Tuning - A.F.T.

In 1976, guitarists Paul A. MacDonnell and Robert Cross, bass player Trevor Darks and drummer/vocalist Dave Ball joined their considerable skills and produced one of the greatest but nearly forgotten heavy progressive projects, Automatic Fine Tuning. Doing an early form of neo-classical instrumental rock that predates the gothic harmonies and Paganini-love of Michael Schenker and Yngwie Malmsteen, the quartet boldly went where few rock ensembles had and recorded one brilliant album before disbanding. ” One of my TOP 10 of ALL TIME. 38 minutes of pure driving guitar, bass and drum. You will not be disappointed.

Happy Easter y'all!

01. The Great Panjandrum Wheel Pt.One
02. Gladioli
03. The Great Panjandrum Wheel Pt.Two
04. Queen of the Night


Quantum Fantay - Bridges Of Kukuriku

Quantum Fantay are a Flemish space-rock band, who formed in the early/mid 00s, and in the last few years have released a number of albums (this is their fourth). All of them are excellent and these albums, along with their NEARFest performance, have propelled them into the international arena. Like their obvious heros, Gong and the Ozric Tentacles, there's lots of flute, keyboards, guitars and a supple rhythm section, but they've got a sound that also reflects the 00s and keeps it all new sounding. Great instro long form twang. This is direction I'm moving in this blog - let me know what you think.

01. Kukuriku Part 1
02. Follow The Star
03. Shiver Moments
04. Portable Forest
05. Counter Clockwise
06. Kukuriku Part 2


VA - Rare Surf, Vol 06

“ Rare Surf, Vol. 6, contains almost no surf records at all, save for the lead track, Don Hinson's "Monster Surf Stomp." What it does contain, though, are a bunch of rare hot rod songs from the vault of Capitol Records and some pop stuff from the same era (early '60s). Most of the tracks are fairly generic, although if you're into the car-song genre, then this disc is a treasure trove. Highlights include a pair of barroom saxophone instrumentals ("Cruisin'," "When Johnny Comes Slidin' Home") by the Hollywood Vines and Sharon Marie's brisk run-through of the Gershwin chestnut "Summertime," which clocks in at well under two minutes in length. Also included is one of Brian Wilson's most elaborate early productions, "Guess I'm Dumb," sung by Glen Campbell. ”

01 - Don Hinson - Monster Surf Stomp
02 - Susan Lynne - Don't Drag No More
03 - Susan Lynne - In His Car
04 - Four Preps - 26 Miles (To Santa Catalina)
05 - Hollywood Vines - Cruisin'
06 - Hollywood Vines - When Johnny Comes Slidin' Home
07 - Super Stocks - Wide Track
08 - Super Stocks - Four On The Floor
09 - Super Stocks - Street Machine
10 - Super Stocks - Cheater Slicks
11 - Sharon Marie - Runaround Lover
12 - Sharon Marie - Summertime
13 - Sharon Marie - The Story Of My Life
14 - Sharon Marie - Thinkin' 'bout You Baby
15 - Storytellers - I Don't Want An Angel
16 - Hot Rod Rog - Little Street Machine
17 - Hot Rod Rog - Repossession Blues
18 - Shutdown Douglas - Flash Falcon
19 - Shutdown Douglas - Night Rod
20 - Shutdown Douglas - Twin Cut-outs
21 - Shutdown Douglas - Woody Walk
22 - Eligibles - Car Trouble
23 - Johnny Burnette - Sweet Suzie
24 - Glen Campbell - Guess I'm Dumb
25 - Survivors - After The Game
26 - Survivors - Pamela Jean
27 - Richie Allen - Stranger From Durango
28 - Richie Allen - Nothing Good
29 - Cheers - Chicken
30 - Cheers - Black Denim Trousers And Motorcycle Boots
31 - Visitors - Theme From 'the Wild Angels'
32 - Johnny Bond - Hot Rod Lincoln
33 - Davie Allen & The Arrows - Stranger From Durango

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