Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Red Planets Chases Lead to Crashes

  A combination of vintage instrumental rock sounds reminiscent of teenage dance parties and movies soundtracks from the 1950s and early 1960s. This is the sound of beach parties, camping in the desert, and good guys fighting bad guys. Slightly psych influenced tunz. Excellent.

Apologies in advance - this is a continuous file. I've been too busy with work and dealing with my wife's poor health to cut  this into the single tracks. Figured you'd rather have it as is than not at all until I got to it. Thanks for your understanding. George 

BIG  SHOUT  Out to 1.FCN for splitting file into single cuts.  Thanks, buddy. Much appreciated.

1. Chases Lead To Crashes     2:49    
2  The Birdbee's Revenge     2:31    
3  Tolling For Whom?     3:12    
4 At It Again     2:10    
5 The Doors Swung Open     2:29    
6 The Big Churn     2:51    
7 Get Thee Behind Me
8 Between The Spaces     2:21    
9 Swooning  3:07    
10 Dance Maraton, Hour 36  2:37    
11 Having What You're Having     2:49    
12 Hey Ya! 3:19

long file

separate track file


Unknown said...

Hi sr. i resently discover this blog and i find to many albums to listen but their links are brocken, if it's possible; can you re-upload those files please?
I really want to know that music but in my country those albums never arrive to get them :(

1.FCN said...

here you go with the 12 single mp3s


DaBoss said...

It's frustrating - lots of dead links in the older stuff because the hosts have been shut down.

If you want something reposted - please make a request in the request page and I'll follow up. Some stuff got removed because of Da MAn so those will not be reposted.



oz1701 said...

sorry to hear about your wife's poor health - hope you are both keeping your spirits up.

Gary said...

Although I guess I should be honored by the review. It bums me out that you're bootlegging my CD rather than just enouraging people to actually buy it. :(

Gary (from The Red Planets)

Unknown said...

Thank you so much george but i can't find the request page :( can you please show me where is it?

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