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Shawn Lee’s Ping Pong Orchestra - Hooked Up Classics

Shawn Lee dons his Ping Pong Orchestra hat for an album inspired by the Hooked On Classics series of the early 1980s. This popular series of albums (arranged by Louis Clark of Electric Light Orchestra fame) took well-known classical pieces and gave them a contemporary re-working, mostly adding a disco flavor. Lee throws his new musical twist on the idea, taking 12 favorite classical tracks and squeezing them through the Ping Pong Orchestra machine. The end result is an album that will introduce new listeners to legendary pieces of music, and is set to turn the heads of classical music fans.

Really enjoyable. Will bring back a wash of nostalgia. I have all the other "Hooked Ons" if you need that vibe.

01. 1812 Overture
02. Swan Lake
03. Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy
04. Ride of the Valkyries
05. Gymnopedie No.1
06. Peter and the Wolf
07. Also Sprach Zarathustra
08. Flight of the Bumblebee
09. Bolero
10. In The Hall of the Mountain King
11. Romeo and Juliet
12. Funeral March


Calibro 35 Rare

"RARE" is a collection of Calibro 35's songs that were spread across different releases through the last three years: soundtracks, compilations, deluxe editions, alternate and extended versions and it also includes some unreleased recordings. Some of the material is from Calibro 35's first ever recording session when they decided to cover Ennio Morricone tracks like "Trafelato," "Summertime Killer," and "Notte in Bovisa." Other tracks include originals and covers of obscure themes of various vintage soundtracks that are reinterpreted and rearranged by Calibro 35, adding their special touch of funk, rock and psychedelia. ”

Track list:
1. Ballando In Balera (2:43)
2. Appuntamento Al Contessa (2:56)
3. E Nessuno Si Fara' Del Male (1:33)
4. La Polizia Brasiliana S'incazza (2:53)
5. L'uomo Dagli Occhi Di Ghiaccio (6:36)
6. Uomini Si Nasce Calibro Si Muore (2:33)
7. Svolta Sul Caso D'amario (2:52)
8. Milano New York Solo Andata (4:04)
9. Come Un Romanzo (2:34)
10. La Polizia Sta A Guardare (3:14)
11. Trafelato (Extended Version) (7:56)
12. Summertime Killer (Extended Version) (4:46)
13. Notte In Bovisa (Alternate Take) (2:25)
14. I Milanesi Ammazzano Il Sabato (3:27)
15. Si Dicono Tante Cose (Alternate Take) (3:02)


Smoke That Cigarette - Pleasure To Burn

RYP at Twlight Zone - see sidebar isn't the only one with cool oldies comps.

You know that you can trust Bear Family to come up with some truly bizarre collections, and Smoke That Cigarette is no exception. While you may think that nearly 90 minutes (on one CD!) of smoking songs will become redundant, this collection expertly balances the novelty songs with the old country weepers. Chances are good that you haven't heard about 80 percent of these songs, but Bear Family throws a life preserver to those who crave the familiar by including such standards as Sinatra's "These Foolish Things." Great from the first hacking cough that begins the CD to the last vintage commercial that ends it, Smoke That Cigarette is like a good Chesterfield: It Satisfies. There's a lot of music on this little disk.
01. Jimmy Martin — I Can't Quit Cigarettes
02. Marty Robbins — Cigarettes and Coffee Blues
03. Les Paul & Mary Ford — Smoke Rings
04. Jerry Reed — Another Puff
05. Glen Glenn — One Cup of Coffee and A Cigarette
06. Lillian Leach & Mellows — Smoke from Your Cigarette
07. Joe & Rose Lee Maphis — Dim Lights, Thick Smoke (and Loud, Loud Music)
08. Rev. J. M. Gates — Smoking Woman in the Street
09. Patti Page — While A Cigarette Was Burning
10. Roger Miller — Dad Blame Anything A Man Can't Quit
11. Autry Inman — Does Your Sweetheart Seem Different Lately
12. Johnnie Ray — Coffee and Cigarettes (Thinking it Over)
13. Slim Dusty — Sad Cigarette
14. Bobby Edwards — You're the Reason
15. Jimmy Dolan — Nicotine Fits
16. Peggy Lee — Don't Smoke in Bed
17. Baker Knight — Smoke
18. Patsy Cline — Three Cigarettes in an Ashtray
19. Paul Clayton — My Last Cigarette
20. Homer & Jethro — Are You Kissing More Now (But Enjoying it Less)
21. Billy Walker — Down to My Last Cigarette
22. Frank Sinatra — These Foolish Things
23. The Sons of the Pioneers — Cigareetes, Whusky and Wild Women
24. Bonnie Guitar — Three on A Match
25. Curtis Gordon — Caffeine and Nicotine
26. Wilf Carter — What Cigarette is Best
27. Bill Mack — The Smoke, the Bottle and the Wine
28. Tommy Collins — Cigarette Milner
29. Little Jimmie Dickens — Twenty Cigarettes
30. Tex Williams — Smoke! Smoke! Smoke! (that Cigarette)
31. Advertisment — Dragnet Advertisement (March 20, 1952)
32. Advertisment — Richard Diamond Advertisement (February 2, 1951)


Billy Smith - Incredible Hammond Organ

Boogaloo to the groovy hammond soundz.

01) In The Mood
02) One Hour With You
03) Realejo
04) Homburg
05) Romantic Blues
06) Tom Black Stomp
07) Eternity
08) Carnival In Venice
09) Beautiful Things
10) Days Of Pearly Spencer
11) Cavaquino
12) Rocky Rhythm


Enoch Light And The Light Brigade - Future Sound Shock

Surround sound old school. Incredible stereo effects. Enjoy.

01) St Thomas - Everybody
02) Cute
03) Recado Bossa Nova
04) Caravan
05) Pick Yourself Up
06) Perdido
07) Samba De Orfeu
08) Give Joy To the World
09) One Note Samba
10) Baubles, Bangles and Beads
11) The Girl From Ipanema


Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Year with some Incredibly Strange Music - sort of...

This is a compilation of oddball songs from some mostly rare albums from the '50s and '60s. All the songs come from the same person's record collection, and they have been transferred directly from the albums to CD. Some of the albums are rather worn out, so you can hear scratches on most of the songs here. But somehow that just adds to the charm, like someone invited you to their house to listen to their old records. All the songs here are pretty strange, with 9 of the 13 tracks being instrumentals. The songs with lyrics are comedy songs, with the exception of Kali Bahlu's "A Cosmic Telephone Call", which a bizarre 11 minute recounting of a telephone conversation she had with Buddha(!). The instrumentals include guitar instrumentals, sound effects instrumentals, xylophone instrumentals, sitar instrumentals, percussion instrumentals, Moog instrumentals, accordian instrumentals and whistling instrumentals. This CD is a lot of fun, and it should appeal to fans of "cool and strange" music.

1. Busy Bee Buddy Merrill
2. Sweet 16 Bob Peck
3. Lonesome Road Dean Elliot
4. Will to Fail Katie Lee
5. Minute Merengue Harry Breuer
6. Up, Up and Away Rajput & the Sepoy
7. Mister Hot Rod The Scramblers
8. Dinner Music for a Pack of Hungry Cannibals Dave Harris
9. Swan's Splashdown Perrey and Kingsley
10. Tico-Tico Jo Ann Castle
11. Hawaiian War Chant Billy Mure
12. Wiliam Tell Overture Fred Lowrey
13. Cosmic Telephone Kali Bahlu

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Incredibly Strange Music v2

More fun funky stuff from the 50's and 60's to start your new year.

1 Hot Butter - Skokian (2:14)
2 Bob McFadden & Dor - The Mummy (2:01)
3 The Nirvana Sitar & String Group - The Letter (1:51)
4 Lucia Pamela - Walking On The Moon (3:07)
5 Ken Nordine - Flesh (1:32)
6 Billy Mure - Chopsticks Guitar (2:28)
7 Myrtle K. Hilo - Lover's Prayer (2:37)
8 Russ Garcia & His Orchestra - Delicado (3:28)
9 Del Close & John Brent - Introduction (1:15)
10 Jean-Jacques Perrey - Gossipo Perpetuo (2:08)
11 Ken Nordine - Green (1:32)
12 Eden Ahbez - Full Moon (2:55)
13 Harry Breuer - Bumble Bee Bolero (2:11)
14 Marcy Join - The Gospel Express (1:27)
15 Les Baxter - Terror (3:17)
16 Ken Nordine - Yellow (1:32)
17 Rusty Warren - 1rst Song / Opening Monologue (3:02)

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