Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Merry Axemas -- A Killer Guitar Holiday Sendoff

The holiday fever is heating up, so here are a few gems to get you started now. A tour de force of guitar players Steve Vai has known rock around the Christmas tree in this must-have Yuletide album. Vai, who began his career as a member of Frank Zappa's band and in more recent years has been David Lee Roth's partner in crime, transcends both roles by playing matchmaker between a few of our more inventive (albeit overlooked) guitar slingers and some of the best-loved Christmas carols. Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer's proboscis has never glowed quite so brightly as when Kenny Wayne Shepherd cranks up his guitar and takes us down an edgy blues journey. More highlights include "The First Noel" from Eric Johnson. He starts us off with an acoustic rendition before stepping over to his electric guitar and wowing us with his fancy finger work, but nothing so flashy as to take away from the original work. As always, EJ's tone is right on and after a couple of his patented licks and runs he turns the tune into his own. The Brian Setzer Orchestra rocks Christmas with a swinging version of "Jingle Bells". The horns blare, and Brian gives us that Rockabilly fell on his Gretch. After checking out this upbeat tune you'll never know how it could have been any other way. Hotei comes in with a good rendition of Lennon's "Happy Xmas (War Is Over)". Jeff Beck gives a haunting performance on "Amazing Grace" pulling out his trademark bends, dives and swells. His take is very beautiful and fitting to more than just Christmas.

For anyone looking for a little less traditional take on Christmas music, or if you're a guitar junky, don't miss celebrating Christmas without this axe-ful album. You may even have to spin this disc in July.

1. Rudolph The Red-Nosed Reindeer - Kenny Wayne Shepherd 2. The First Noel - Eric Johnson 3. Amazing Grace - Jeff Beck 4. Jingle Bells - Brian Setzer Orchestra 5. Silent Night/Holy Night Jam - Joe Satriani 6. Joy To The World - Steve Morse 7. Christmas Time Is Here - Steve Vai 8. Blue Christmas - Joe Perry 9. The Little Drummer Boy - Alex Lifeson 10. Cantique De Noel (O' Holy Night) - Richie Sambora 11. Happy X-mas (War Is Over) - Hotei


Merry Axemas 2 -- More Guitar for the Holidays

Like its predecessor, Merry Axemas, Vol. 2: More Guitars for Christmas contains an abundence of clever, surprising instrumental interpretations of classic Christmas carols and tunes. Virtuoso guitarist Steve Vai has rounded up an impressive lineup of guitarists -- including Robin Trower,Zakk Wylde, Neal Schon, Al DiMeola, Steve Lukather, Stu Hamm, Steve Stevens and Trevor Rabin -- all of whom contribute distinctive, unpredictable variations of well-known standards. There are some moments that fall flat -- at this stage in the game, Ted Nugent inevitably sounds like a hack -- but overall, Merry Axemas is an enjoyable album that should satisfy most guitar fiends. az

Christmas Song - Steve Lukather 2. O Come, O Come Emmanuel - Neal Schon 3. Do You Hear What I Hear - Steve Stevens 4. Sleigh Ride - Stuart Hamm 5. O Come All Ye Faithful - Trevor Rabin 6. White Christmas - Zakk Wylde 7. God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen - John Sykes 8. O Little Town of Bethlehem - Robin Trower 9. Carol of the Bells - Al di Meola 10. Deck the Halls - Ted Nugent


Sunday, November 25, 2007

Ry Cooder/Manuel Galbán - Mambo Sinuendo

Hi all. Hope you had a good Thaknsgiving weekend for those who partake -- all I can say is -- I'm stuffed. Gorged myself as usual on good food, friends and music. After a major stuff - fest sometimes I need to relax.

Here are three of the best relaxers I can think of. All are first rate to chill to, grab'em up and disappear into your own private paradise.

First up -- RY Cooder does surf!!! Sort of. This is the closest thing you will ever hear from the multitalented musician that gets close.

If there's a certain instant familiarity to this collaborative celebration between U.S. guitar icon/musicologist Ry Cooder and Cuban fret legend Manuel Galbán, it's only testimony to how deeply the island nation's rich musical heritage permeated American pop music in the '50s, '60s, and beyond. Cooder and Galbán (a key compatriot in the American guitarist's Buena Vista Social Club project) invent a back-to-the-future sound--twin guitars fronting a Cuban rhythm section of two drum kits, congas, and bass--whose dreamy swing quotient is matched only by its sense of mirthful abandon. Tracks like "Dru Me Negrita" and "Los Twangueros" manage to evoke everything from Link Wray, Duane Eddy, and the Ventures to Mancini and Esquivel, while Cooder and Galbán twirl a standard like "Patricia" and the nervy title track around dueling poles of tradition and experimentation with deceptive grace. It's joyous, mercurial stuff that the two musicians conjure at their fingertips. --Jerry McCulley

This new project, "Mambo Sinuendo" features a small combo sound, a sound that was alive in the late '50's, early '60's. This setting does not showcase the big Buena Vista Social Club brass or vocals. This project is a stripped-down, seductive twangy guitar sound, featuring the guitar work of Manuel Galban up front & center. Manuel Galban is a masterful Cuban guitarist, whose style is like American guitarist Duane Eddy, one of Ry Cooder's influences.

Ry Cooder plays the harmony guitar parts, weaving dreamlike rhythms and occasional hawaiian steel guitar and organ throughout, adding texture. The drums & percussion are shared by Ry's son Joachim and Jim Keltner, one of the world's best drummers. The bass is played by Cuba's "Cachiato" Lopez, and along with a couple songs with congos and background vocals, the set is almost entirely instrumental.

Of my personal faves on this recording, “Dru me Negrita” is pure exotic surf, "Patricia" is a joy. The uptempo beat, duel guitar interplay is great. “Caballo Viejo” is a rousing number with a great organ as the lead. There are many soothing songs, and a couple of uptempo songs. Of the soothing slower ones, "La Luna En Tu Mirada", is so hypnotic, that I find myself so involved that I was almost in Cuba with them, resting on the beach at sunset. When the song ends, and I come to my senses, I realize that it was a only a dream. I highly recommend this, as it will not only remind you of how great Cuban combo music was in it's heyday, but will let you escape the grind and stress of your modern day. When it's over, as the last note fades into silence, you long for more.

1. Dru me Negrita 2. Monte a Dentro 3. Los Twangueros
4. Patricia 5. Caballo Viejo 6. Mambo Sinuendo
7. Bodas de oro 8. Echale salsita 9. La luna en tu Mirada
10. Secret Love 11. Boleros sonambulo 12. Maria la o


R. Crumb and His Cheap Suit Serenaders - Chasin' Rainbows

I've been a fan of R. Crumb ever since the underground comics heyday of the late 60s. Knowledgeable fans of Crumb's comics know also that he is very much into Delta blues and other uniquely American forms of music. I bought this record on the strength of "Fine Artiste Blues" back when it first came out. I'd always enjoyed R. Crumb's art work and I knew this collection would be something different. It's a grab bag of styles all played with old-timey string band instrumentation. There are really no clinkers here, plenty of Hawaiian guitar and some GREAT musical saw. Alabama Jubilee is a great song and the performance first-rate. Diane is evocative of a German country tune. Fine Artiste Blues is a great crack at, what else, "artistes". I don't know where Crumb and Co. dug these up as I'd only heard a couple before, but if you like well done songs, you are sure to enjoy such ditties as Hula Medley, Mysterious Mose, She Lived Down By the Firehouse, and Make My Cot Where the Cot-Cot-Cotton Grows along with the others. The overall feel of the album is lighthearted and casual, and the level of musicianship is absolutely first rate. Can't think of another group that comes close to the Suits' sound so you'll just have to hear them for yourself. You won't be disappointed.

I go back to this recording many times every year and it always brings a smile. There are loads of laughs and some good music to boot. Listen to it in the spirit in which it was made. I give this five stars for its pure entertainment value because some of the songs will stick in your head for a very long time. Everytime you listen to this you will feel your troubles melt away -- even for only a short time.

1. Alabama Jubilee
2. Chasin' Rainbows
3. Fine Artiste Blues
4. Hula Medley
5. I Want A Little Girl
6. Persian Rug
7. Mysterious Mose
8. Crying My Blues Away
9. She Lived Down By The Firehouse
10. Diane
11. Make My Cot Where The Cot-Cot-Cotton Grows
12. Moana March


Klazz Brothers - Classic Meets Cuba

Crossover efforts are always risky ventures that dance precariously between creative and contrived. There is definitely some of the latter on this 2002 recording, but surprisingly, far more of the former as the fruitful teaming of three German classical-jazz musicians and a pair of Cuban percussionist/vocalists puts a hearty Latin-flavored spin on some very familiar classics. Two of the Klazz Brothers, pianist Tobias Forster and bassist Killian Forster, took a fortuitous trip to Cuba and concluded the popular classical pieces they usually played could easily be adapted to the Cuban- and Afro-Cuban Jazz styles. The beat-heavy results bear them out, as they developed fresh, energetic and lyrical arrangements of standard works by Mozart, Beethoven, Brahms, Haydn, Chopin, Schubert and others, that still respect the original compositions. The jazzed-up titles aptly (if a bit too preciously) reflect the changes - Mozart's Symphony No. 40 transforms into "Mambozart", Beethoven's Symphony No. 5 becomes "Salsa No. V", and Bizet's Carmen Suite turns into "Carmen Cubana". The high points are abundant, starting with the three movements of Beethoven's Piano Sonata No. 8 "Pathétique," exciting pieces that feel culturally transformed by the sultry romanticism of the Cuban beats crowned by Tobias Forster's virtuoso playing. Also wonderful are the mournful "Czardas" and the conga-accentuated "Flight of the Bumblebee", both dominated by brother Killian's dexterous bass playing. The three others in the quintet are all equally superb musicians - Tim Hahn, the third Klazz Bother on drums, and Alexis Herrera Estevez (timbales) and Elio Rodriguez (congas), both of Cuba Percussion. The vital mix of sounds in what could have been a hopeless misfire makes for a genuinely exhilarating listening experience.

1. Mambozart 2. Cuban Dance 3. Danzon De La Trucha 4. Preludio
5. Afrolise 6. Air 7. Pathetique I 8. Pathetique II 9. Pathetique III
10. Salsa No V 11. Czardas 12. Etude 13. Carmen Cubana
14. Flight Of The Bumble Bee 15. Guten Abend 16. Anthem



Thursday, November 22, 2007

Thanksgiving Day -- Another Feast by Brandonio

Happy Thanksgiving all. Even if you don't celebrate this American holiday, we have a musical feast for your starved ears, thanks to our good friend Brandonio and his friend Aaron.

Here's the story -- George, I think what I have here is the first ever r'n'r Thanksgiving Day compilation ever assembled . I could be mistaken , it wouldn't be the first time. A friend of mine named Aaron(a.k.a. rockABilly kid) were hanging out not long ago, when the subject of a Thanksgiving comp come up. At first it was a joke of sorts , we started naming off song titles right of the bat. The idea was to focus on the first aspect of what people most think of when it comes to the holiday,FOOD and lots of it. The second most common thought is probably Indians and Pilgrims right?

The music here ranges from rockabilly/ surf/punk/and of course some good ol' country. Well folks loosen up those belts and roll up those sleeves and prepare yourself for one heck of a good meal. Dig in!!! and thank me later. No prayer required!!!! -- Brandonio

MMMMMMMM-MMMMMMMM- GOOD! and you won't gain one ounce of weight either. Pound for pound the best aural eatin' in blogtown. Gobble it up quick and grab the rest of the Thanksgiving goodies for a real hot Turkey day time. Here's the menu ---

Wild Turkey SurpriseBig IndianSoul Dressing -- Booker T. And the Mg'sShortening Bread -- Collins KidsYou're So Delicious Baby -- CowslingersTurkey Jive -- HormonautsPotato Mash -- Ike TurnerEarly Americans -- Joe Maphis and Larry CollinsRhubarb Pie -- John FogertyCherokee Boogie -- Johnny HortonCatfish and Colored Greens -- Junior BrownMashed Potatos -- KaisersMashed Potato Itch -- King KahnOne Potato, Two PotatoIndian Giver -- RamonesClub Wig Wam -- Ronnie DawsonYum Yum -- Ronnie DawsonPlymouth Rock -- Satan's PilgrimsTurkey Trot -- Satan's PilgrimsBanana Puddin' -- Southern Culture on the SkidsGravy Train -- The Planet RockersBird Bath -- The Trashmen



Thanksgiving Day -- Pulp Surfin'

Happy Thanksgiving. Here is a pretty diverse and unusual compilation of surf influenced music for you to feast on during the hoilday season. Get this and the other Del-Fi comps posted here and have a beachy keen celebration. It is over 70 degrees today where I am so -- it fells like beach time.

Let's get the party started with Pulp Surfin' ---- You get old school & modern surf groups, and a keen variety of novelty tunes and straight out surf instrumentals. Some of the coolest highlights include Bobby Fuller's raw take on "Miserlou," The Blue Hawaiians' cover of Penetration" (trivia note: for you Spongebob fans, the cool instrumentals in the cartoons are often The Blue Hawaiians!), and "Intoxica" by The Centurions. The piece that wins me over, above everything else, is Eden Ahbez's spoken prose "Full Moon," a celebration of his solitary earthy lifestyle. If his name does not ring a bell, Eden Ahbez is best known for penning the song "Nature Boy" that was made famous by Nat King Cole, and has been covered by many vocalists since then. The cover is a neat homage to the Pulp Fiction movie poster, and despite the title "Pulp Surfing," its contents go far beyond surf music. About half the CD is devoted to vintage surf music, and the rest is split between modern surf-influenced instrumental rock, and an assortment of nonsurf oddities like Frank Zappa's "Monster Mash" ripoff "Letter from Jeepers." If you're a serious surf fan, you probably have most of the vintage stuff already, so the newer tunes are what will draw you in. They include the Tiki Gods' excellent "Monte Carlo Nights" (used to great effect in the film "Jackie Brown"), Brian Wilson and Andy Paley's collaboration on "In My Moondreams," the Boardwalkers' cover of Henry Mancini's "Shot in the Dark," and the very funny "Jacques Cousteau" performed by Young Jacques. One of the better comps from the vaults of Del-Fi.

Pipeline - Lively Ones
2. Ft. Lauderdale - Impacts
3. Pintor - Pharos
4. Ultimate Wave - Eddie Day (Of The Lively Ones)
5. Nite Prowler - Deuce Coupes
6. In My Moondreams - Brian Wilson & Andy Paley
7. Bengazi - Insect Surfers
8. Letter From Jeepers - Mr. Guy (Frank Zappa)
9. Penetration - Blue Hawaiians
10. Monte Carlo Nights - Tiki Gods
11. Jacques Cousteau - Young Jacques
12. The Lonely Dragster - Bobby Fuller Four
13. Surfer Girl - Sentinals
14. Rumble - Link Wray
15. A Shot In The Dark - Boardwalkers
16. Intoxica - Centurians
17. Full Moon - Eden Ahbez
18. Misirlou (Live) - Bobby Fuller Four



Thanksgiving Day -- Pool Party

This is the second CD of the three disc set (Beach Party, Pool Party and Jungle Jive). This Cd has more instrumentals than the other two CDs(about two thirds of the CD is instramental). A reasonably good collection of rare tracks from 1963-1965 all from the Del-Fi record company. If you are a fan of The Ventures or any cool retro lounge music, this Cd is worth owning. Best tracks-Watusi Bongos, Wild Twist, Here Comes Ringo (a great Beatles "tribute" or parody-I don't know which), Come On Let's Go, Mack the Knife (instrumental), and Swim Beat. No big names are here, unless you count Preston Epps and future Beach Boy Bruce Johnston, who weighs in with the dispensable dance novelty "Soupy Shuffle Stomp." Bill Lewis' "High Dive" sounds a lot like Sandy Nelson, Lewis' "Swim Beat" sounds like the band that backed Ritchie Valens on "La Bamba" playing an instrumental cover of the Everly Brothers' arrangement of "Lucille." As a trivial note, future Walker Brothers, Scott Walker and John Maus play on the Moongooners' "Willie & the Hand Jive."

Watusi Bongos - Preston Epps
2. High Dive - Bill Lewis
3. Wild Twist - Rollercoasters
4. Soupy Shuffle Stomp - Bruce Johnston
5. La Bamba - Bob Keene Orchestra
6. The Goose (Part 1) - Don Markham & The Marksmen
7. Here Comes Ringo - The Tributes
8. Come On, Let's Go - The Enchanters
9. Willie & The Hand Jive - The Moongooners
10. Moon Shot (A/K/A Soupy Shuffle Stomp, Pt. 2) - Bruce Johnston
11. Phone Call - Mystery Artist
12. Mack The Knife - Bob Keene Orchestra
13. Jimmy's Party - Jack Herbst
14. Hard Way Four - Little Joe Washington
15. Swim Beat - Bill Lewis


Thanksgiving Day -- Beach Party

Number 3 in the “party” collection …..DEL-FI BEACH PARTY is a bunch of rare or unreleased tracks by Del-Fi artists circa 1963. The big names are David Gates, with his hokey surf novelty "Okie Surfer," Bruce Johnston, who never was an outstanding creative force in his pre-Beach Boys days, and Preston Epps, with the previously unissued "Bongo Beach." The rest is basic surf music, or rock & roll instrumentals from the era. The spooky cocktail-surf of Dave Myers’ "Aquavelva" is my favorite cut. Get all three and add Pulp Surfin’ for a fun snazzy time.

Mazatlan - Bruce Johnston
2. Dancing In The Sand - Wayne Hollers
3. Church Key - The Gonzos
4. Bikini - Ricky Dean
5. Aquavelva - Dave Myers & The Surftones
6. Sammy The Sidewalk Surfer - The Surfettes
7. Surfin' Queen - Larry Bright
8. Only Donna's Friend - Tom & Larry
9. Twist To KCBQ - The Centavos
10. Okie Surfer - DAVID GATES
11. Surfer's Delight - Bruce Johnston
12. Twist & Freeze - Bob Keene Orchestra
13. Little Betty Limbo - Ricky Dean
14. Surfboard - Rene & Ray
15. Bongo Beach - Preston Epps

Monday, November 19, 2007

The Blue Stingrays - Surf n Burn

More Exotic Surf -- This is an excellent top-shelf classic old-school surf/spy reverb guitar CD. If you like reverb, you'll love this one. Not as hard-edge as Dick Dale & Link Ray nor as laid back as Aqua Velvets. Somewhere in between. The songs are very well-written, performed, and arranged. The players are supposed to be anonymous, but, hey – it was a side project by The Heartbreakers in between gigs. Extremely good production, better than on most surf albums --reverb without the mud, all the instruments can be clearly heard, and the performances are crisp and tight. The guitars are bright and twangy, and like any self-respecting surf record, are at the front but not overly so.

There's not a bad song on this CD and the cool twist is that it has a very retro look and feel even though it was released in 1997. The track list even refers to "Side 1" and "Side 2" and "33 1/2 RPM" as if it was originally a slab of vinyl. There's even the occasional needle scratch noise inserted between tracks. Very Cool.

It’s an intriguing disc, and I find myself listening to it over and over again, which I rarely do. There's a good variety of moods and styles that blend together very well. The quiet and unassuming Ju Ju Beads is my favorite on here. Amazing record--highly recommended.

1. Monsoon 2. Echo Park 3. Goldfinger 4. Brave New World 5. Russian Roulette 6. Moon Over Catalina 7. Malibu Babylon 8. Blue Venus 9. Land Of The Unknown 10. Surfer's Life 11. Stingray Stomp 12. Zuma Sunset 13. Ju Ju Beads 14. Green Sea 15. Super Hero



Surf's Up - The Human Tornados

A pedigree doesn't hurt. Bill Schunk was the co-founder and lead guitarist with Beat Rodeo (I still love the Coyote 12 inch "Do You Mean It"). Pete DeCosta was with Bobby Radcliff and Kristi Rose and the Midnight Walkers, as well as the Walking Clampetts. Ted Lawrence was guitarist with the Supertones as well as Purple Knif. Their music is also slated to be included in the upcoming film Anthem. With influences ranging from the Shadows (melodic sense, not archetypical echoplex twang), the Ventures (pristine sound, not bored again chameleons), the Sentinals (Tommy Nuñes melodic sensibility), and Antonio Carlos Jobim (not the rabid approach of Brazil 2001, but rather the measured intricacy of the Raybeats. This CD is very melodic, and well produced. The seasoned talent allows the players to make their sacred noise without leaning on volume or speed. Like the Aqua Velvets, they have an imagery in their work that carries it far beyond the mere limits of instro. It's more than soundtrack, much more than ambient. It commands and soothes. very good CD. Phil Dirt

Talent oozing from every track, very well engineered. This is a one-off colaboration. The musicians got together, between bands, and ripped this one out in about in a very short period. The result is pure enjoyment. This is a must have for the instro-surf/rock lovers. You can't go wrong.

Pugsakuk, The Man From N.O.R.K.A., I Surf In Black, Del Surfin', Incident At Broken Wind, Princess SFWS, Shadow Of The Rangemaster, Theme For Young Lovers, Shempin' Surfari, Hotel Loneliness, Petey Kross The Merzey, Twister, Wave


Friday, November 16, 2007

Messer Fur Frau Muller - Triangle, Dot and Devil

Messer fur Frau Muller (translates as Knife for Mrs. Muller in German) originally started in 1991 in St.Petersburg, Russia with Oleg Gitarkin and several other band members playing hardcore and psychobilly. By the mid-nineties the majority of the the original cast had left the band. The current version, with the addition of Oleg Kostrow, takes its sound into unusual territory defining it as “post easy-listening,” drawing on samples from the 50’s and 60’s pop-culture, with addition of Gitarkin’s bass and guitars and Kostrow’s synths and programming. The band’s tracks are surprisingly favortised by German banks for licensing in television commercials. The influences on "Triangle, Dot & Devil" come from music styles as varied as surf, twist, mondo, lo-fi noise, experimental electronica, and even cartoons, children’s educational records, and sampled dialogue from Soviet cinema. According to Oleg Kostrow, there is a big mystery behind every song that gets substantial airplay nowadays - the mystery is that it was borrowed from another catchy song in the past… however with MFFM, for their every song there is about a hundred reference songs out there.

This does not mean it is “retro”. It's music of our time, while using sound elements of those bygone decades (horror/sci-fi movie sound effects/samples, Farifsa organs, Theremins) through the magic of sequencing/sampling to create a cut-up sonic portrait of that era. It really rocks, and should induce dancing despite being unconventional as a pop album. The sampling is some of the most tasteful and creative I have ever heard, i.e. when a movie scream is sampled, the musicians actually use the pitch ascents and descents in the sample to carry the melody of the song, or at least harmonize with it.

You will notice a similarity of song structure with Messer Chups – that’s because it is the side project of Oleg Gitarkin stretching the sonic boundries of craziness even further. Way groovy.
Agents and Spies
Funny Man Under Anesthesia
Karate Feelings
Ultrasound Vibrator
Rock Rock Rock
No Place for Me
Sedative Trip
Smile, But Don't Move
Barmaley '66
I Like I
Mr. PshikIntime Service Cosmique
Cherche le Zavr
Acorns from Mars for Pigs from Earth
Hinki-Dinki Parlez Vous
Goodbye, Sea!

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Man or Astroman? Vapor Nitemare - Comp

Hi all. Per your requests -- more rare Man or Astroman? Goodies, served by BRADONIO. This time it's not an actual release per se, instead we have two krazy, killer komps to satisfy you desperate Astroman fans ravaging thirst for missing Astroman music in their collection. Yeah, baby! You see, MOAM were famous during the 90's for releasing a ton of music. That's true and all but they also put their loyal fans on a quest to search a song here and there on various comps and hard to find limited released 45's from all over the globe.

Here’s what Brandonio has to say about it -----
You guessed it, I was one of those loyal and devoted fans probably their biggest fan. I mean, I do sport a "Intravenous Television Continuum"tattoo on my right arm and am the proud owner of silly collectibles such as the bands DNA GENOME PACK files, space dust, space particles, 3D glasses, switchplates, clocks, YoYo's, Lunchbox and thermos, and the list goes on and on. Well, I’m willing to share some of the fruits of my labor here. Here are 2 incredible comps of music that I named myself "Vapor Nitemare", and “Space Debris”. “Vapor Nitemare” is homage to the movie that the band named itself after, The Human Vapor. The movie is a early 60's Japanese Sci-Fi film that mentioned the words, {“is it man or astroman”} on it's movie poster. Birdstuff the drummer saw this and presto --- Man Or Astroman? was born. I do have one more song, "Space Potatoes", a vocal sung by CoCo that I forgot to add to the mixes here. I had to leave something out to keep the hunger still lingering there in the back of your human mind!!! Until next time......TRAX
400,000. 37 Miles (Breaking The Sanity Barrier)
Bird’s Stuff
Creature From the Surfer’s Lagoon
Cuts and Volts
Draining Their Batteries
Drone of the Earth
Eisenhower and the Hippies
Galaxy of Zombies
Green Blooded Love
High Wire
Holojoy’s Interlude
Illidiuym Q36
Inside The Head of Jophn Peel – aka- King of Monsters
Italian Movie Theme
Mach One
Man or Man Machine
Max Q
Mr. Goodchoices Meat Packing Accident
Point Blank – Mission into Chaos version
Quasi- man
Radio Fission
Radio Promo
Rudy’s Lounge
Sfreric Waves
The Powerful Fully Transistorized Dick Tracy Two Way Wrist Radio
The Shadow Knows
The Sound Waves Reversing
The Space Alphabet
The Wayward Meteor

Man or Astroman? Space Debris Comp

Space Debris, is just that --- debris of astroman music. Mainly stuff I found on cd comps and even some rare Space Ghost clips the band played on the show.

1. A Miracle of Genuine Pyrex 2. A Synthesis of Unknown 3.Substances 4.Closing Theme 5.Don’t Think What Jack
7.Drumulator is Boss
8. Flotation Devices For Frequencies Yet to be Detected
9. Interplanet Janet 10. Johnathan Winters Frankenstein 10.LoBatt
11. Mystery Science Theatre 12. Name of Numbers –Extended
13. Play Me To The Desk 14. Space Ghost Screenplay 16. The Carbonated Comet


Star Wars - Cocktails in the Cantina

Before John Williams moved to California and became a hugely famous composer of film scores, he gigged in numerous New York jazz clubs, performed on Henry Mancinni's recording of the Peter Gunn theme, and served as band leader and arranger for crooner Frankie Laine. He was known then as "Johnny" Williams. And it's to Johnny and this era that Carvin Knowles and the Evil Genius Orchestra dedicate this album of Star Wars covers, Cocktails in the Cantina, clever arrangements for big band orchestra circa the late 50's in styles ranging from jazz and mambo to bossa nova performed by some of southern California's best studio musicians. Knowles is himself a resident of Los Angles and composer for film, the most well known of his projects being music for the comedy, American Pie. Apparently rich in curiosity and all things musical, he has composed, produced and arranged in a number of genres, from big band to jazz to blues, from funk to club. His most recent project is a world beat recording called Hamsa. Despite the obvious appearance, Cocktails in the Cantina is not a commercial knock-off, but a project that shows some musical wit. The Imperial March starts off with pounding tympanis followed by tenor sax and trombones playing the theme down low, with the trumpets coming in a bar later on the high end in a hilarious mambo swing. The well-worn Cantina Band number is slowed down to about half the original speed, a hypnotic lullaby led by xylophone and joined by a torpid tenor sax and scatting chorus. The hipster main title features a rhythm section of snapping fingers over which a muted trumpet plays the theme, accented by a number of sound effects, including mouth harp and what sounds like a theremin (though that instrument is not listed in the credits). Princess Leia's Theme is given a bossa nova shuffle, with flute playing the melody over acoustic guitar chords accented with xylophone fills, and The Throne Room climax is played like a Peter Gun theme, with trumpets calling out the fanfare, and then playing the lead melody over B3 organ and a swinging drum kit.

Porn queen Jasmin St. Claire, graces the cover. But, back to the subject. I found 'Cocktails' to be a surprisingly enjoyable listen. The Evil Genius Orchestra's renditions sounded like they'd fit right in as part of the atmosphere in those classic 40s & 50s detective flick scenes that take place at the local mob-front nightclub! All in all, this collection is a beautifully balanced combo of fast and slow tunes, which can be enjoyed by both 'Star Wars' fans and cocktail tune aficionados alike! For those who enjoy a bit of the unexpected in their music, this will not disappoint.

1. Star Wars Main Title 2. Princess Leia's Theme
3. The Imperial March (Darth Vader's Theme) 4. Cantina Band
5. Ben Kenobi's Death/The FIghter Attack 6. Han Solo And The Princess
7. Yoda's Theme 8. Lando's Palace 9. The Asteroid Field
10. Parade Of The Ewoks 11. Binary Sunset 12. The Throne Room
13. End Title



Another CRRAAZY Cocktail Party -- Conga Baby!

Mix up some mojito's, set out some tapas, invite all your friends over to play canasta, and let this play! Another Crazy Cocktail Party is a collection of swinging easy listening and pop from the mid-'60s, designed to appeal to the retro-lounge lizards of Generation X. None of the songs on the collection were actual hits, but the sound of the record, with its jive brass and Latin rhythms, is kitschy and wacky enough for '90s swingers. Some of the music is strong, and the rare David Bowie composition "Pancho" was written for a Euro TV show! For the most part, Another Crazy Cocktail Party is fun, if not earth shattering. Get ready to Conga!!

1. Big Band Conga - Los Albinos
2. Chiquito - Ruben Calzado And His Orchestra
3. When The World Was Mine - The Golden Dream Orchestra
4. Aquarella - Jo Carlier Et Son Orchestre
5. Loin De Mes Yeux Pres De Mon Coeur - Jean Claude Pelletier Et Son Orchestre
6. Go Go Conga - Los Albinos
7. Blue Candlelight - Jean Evans His Piano And His Strings
8. Los Patatos - The Boxeros
9. Obsession - Reg Owen And His Orchestra
10. Pancho - Dee Dee And Her Panchos
11. Chinese Conga - Los Albinos
12. Blue Sunrise - The Sadi Quartet
13. La Cucarachacha - The Peter Loland Orchestra
14. Birds Of Paradise - Peter Krender His Piano And His Orchestra
15. A La Salud - Stan La Bann And His Orchestra
16. The Swinging Conga - Los Albinos
17. Forever - The Clippers
18. Headin' North - Willy Albimoor and His Lucky 13
19. Marijuana Brass - Teddy Mertens, His Trumpet And His Orchestra
20. Frere Jacques Conga - Los Albinos



Guitar Speak -- Great Rock Guitar

Features a veritable royalty of rock guitar players each performing one new unique to this project (otherwise unavailable) instrumental track. This is long out of print but worth getting for examples of excellent guitar.

1. No Limit - Alvin Lee 2. Prisoner - Randy California 3. Western Flyer - Angelic Voices of Faith, Eric Johnson 4. Let Me Out 'A Here - Leslie West 5. Blood Alley 152 - Ronnie Montrose 6. Sharp on Attack - Steve Howe 7. Sphinx - Phil Manzanera 8. Slow Moon Rising - Rick Derringer 9. Danjo - Peter Haycock 10. Urban Strut - Steve Hunter 11. Captain Zlogg - Hank Marvin 12. Strut-A-Various - Robbie Krieger



Ben Vaughn - Instrumental Stylings

Retro-rocker Ben Vaughn attracted attention for his faithful re-creations of pre-Beatles rock & roll, pop, and roots music, all of which were filtered through his quirky sense of humor. Vaughn began playing around Philadelphia with a band dubbed the Ben Vaughn Combo, after the band broke up, he did a few compilations and went solo.

Instrumental Stylings, 1995, an eclectic album that incorporated bits of his film scores. In fact, a couple of the album cuts were originally written for a 1991 muscle car documentary, Favorite Mopar, and a few others originally appeared in his score to the documentary Wild Girl's Go Go Rama. Sure enough, following the release of the album, he contributed the award-winning theme song to the television series Third Rock from the Sun, and much of the music from Instrumental Stylings was subsequently featured on the show. Vaughn went on to serve as music director for That '70s Show throughout it’s 8 year run.

Instrumental Stylings is not a soundtrack album, but it certainly tackles its fair share of instrumental touchstones. Vaughn shies away from no genre: bone-crunching surf, spaghetti western, drag-strip stompers, country-blues boogie, Italian soundtrack, breezy bossa nova, Tex-Mex cowboy ballads, noir Indian music, and numerous mix-and-match hybrids thereof. One of the most surprising aspects of the album is his ability to evoke a wildly eclectic array of sources and styles and create a palpable mood and atmosphere with each one using virtually the same basic instrumentation. The constants on the album are Vaughn's crazily reverbed guitar and rock-steady drumming. He also douses many of the songs with simplistic organ runs and a bevy of alien effects. Amazingly -- and it is a testament to his estimable skills -- Vaughn manages to make the album sound like a compilation of the finest camp sounds from exploitation flicks of the '50s and '60s. He is as gifted at replicating B-movie styles as Todd Rundgren is at reproducing pop/rock ones. It is virtually impossible to be put off by the retro stance of the music because it exudes such a joyous quality and is crafted so impeccably. It hangs together as a tribute that is often better than the music it is meant to acknowledge.

1. Aqua Blue 2. Gumpstumper 3. Enfermo 4. Pipe Bomb 5. Aldente
6. Battery Acid 7. Heaven Above 8. Toestubber 9. Snake Pit
10. Dreadnaught 11. Hydroplane 12. Tarot Reader 13. Descafeinado
14. Constellation Drive 15. Illusion 16. Stretch Limo


ben 2

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Tipsy - Uh- Oh! Repost

Hello all:

I'm in a kind of a loungey mood today, so while I get Brandonio's next post of rare Man or Astroman gems ready for human consumption, I figure you'd like a little something to keep you busy. Here are some slabs of great cheese, tasty little nuggets that will amaze, amuse and annihilate any sense of decorum you might have in your collection of tunes. Have fun and take nothing seriously!!! DB

Originally posted at my good friend EEk the Cat's basement sometime last year

Tipsy's Uh-Oh! wisely avoids overtly contemporary electronic styles in favor of exotica, lounge, bossa nova, soft rock, and analog synth tomfoolery, its 18 tracks are strangely amorphous, the aural equivalent of a lava lamp -- equally kitschy and hypnotic. Most of the album's tracks blend into soothing yet subversive background music, but there are quite a few standouts: the sleek, slinky opener "Hard Petting"; "Hey!," which sounds like an exotica-tinged version of the Art of Noise's "Close (To the Edit)"; "Sweet Cinnamon Punch," a mutant offspring of '50s and '60s slow-dance numbers; and "Reverse Cowgirl," which mixes sliced-and-diced slide guitar, bouncy brass, and a galloping beat into the sonic equivalent of its title. With evocative cuts like the seductive, slightly campy "Pink Mood" and "Bunny Kick"'s sassy fusion of soft rock and bossa nova, Tipsy gets increasingly filmic, though there's probably no movie diverse or weird enough to put all of their musical moods to use. From the underwater beach party of "Wig Out" to "Suez Motel"'s hazy exotica to the voluptuous finale "Eclipse of the Sun Virgin," the album sounds like the kind of music Esquivel would have made in the third millennium. Though it could have used some of Trip Tease’s (their first effort – coming soon to the lounge) structure, Uh-Oh! takes Tipsy's intoxicating sound in a prettier, more atmospheric direction; whether that means it's more straightforward or more subversive than its predecessor is anyone's guess, but either way Uh-Oh! proves that Tipsy's mix of old and new is utterly unique.

1 Hard Petting 2 Papaya Freeway 3 Hey 4 Sweet Cinnamon Crunch 5 Neon Tetra 6 Wig Out 7 Reverse Cowgirl 8 Swallowtail 9 Moisture Seekers 10 Kitty Takes a Ride 11 Fur Teacup 12 Pink Mood 13 Bunny Kick 14 Suez Motel 15 Xxxmas 16 Seaweed 17 Zombie's Mood 18 Eclipse of the Sun Virgin


password: eektcat

Jungle Jive

This disc is a really fun collection of odd songs that you won't find anywhere else. The songs loosely have an "exotic" theme, but they are in a variety of styles. Some of the styles are lounge instrumetal, pop vocal, rock and roll, surf, latin and some that are hard to catagorize. If you dig retro music like the Capital Utlra Lounge Series, you won't be dissapointed. The Cd is a bit uneaven and gets a little slow in the middle, but well worth it for the following songs: "Native Love" is an "exotic rocker" that has a strangely Buddy Hollyesque feel to it. Another odd one is "On the Ginza", which in an instrumental that has a woman saying Japanese phrases periodically. My favorites are the tracks by the Rockyfellers (a family group from the Philippines that had a hit with "Killer Joe" in 1963) and Pepino (played by Tony Martinez on The Real McCoys sitcom). Pepino's "Rum and Coca Cola" is a great Desi Arnez soundalike song. Karate Again (instrumental), Woman Needs Man (silly but fun banana song), Cubalibra (instrumental) and Terror (a really cool Ventures sounding instrumental). There are a lot of these retro CD compilations out there, and let's face it, some are great but others really rip you off. This is a great CD (part of a three cd set...Jungle Jive, Pool Party and Beach Party). Coming soon to the lounge so you will have the full set!!! Some songs here aren't that great, still, you fans of unusual trashy sounds will find something to enjoy here.

1. Seduction - Voices Of Africa 2. Swahili - Bob Keene Orchestra
3. Native Love - The Enchanters 4. Jungle Fever - The Shadows
5. Beachcomber Song - The Rockyfellers 6. Moonglow Cha Cha Cha - The Executives
7. Rum And Coca Cola - Pepino 8. Bongo Twist - Preston Epps
9. Karate Again - The Bedwells 10. Night Rain - Voices Of Africa
11. Warsaw Concerto - The Philharmonics 12. Woman Needs Man - The Rockyfellers
'13. Mandarin Mambo - Pepino 14. On The Alamo - The Executives
15. La Cubalibra - Rene Hall Orchestra 16. Terror - The Grippers
17. On The Ginza - Yo Yo Hashi 18. Uprising - Voices Of Africa


Lost Treasures - Rarities from the Del-Fi Vaults

Lost treasures
In the years just prior to the British Invasion, the L.A.-based Del-Fi label was apparently willing to take a chance on almost anything, if the 22 rarities on this CD are any guide. A mixture of very rare singles and unissued material, there definitely ain't no hits here, although bongo player Preston Epps did once have a big hit, "Bongo Rock," for another label. Mostly these are gutsy instrumentals in the R&B, surf, and twist styles, or really strange novelties, the kind from which even Dr. Demento might shy away. If that sounds like a tall order to fill, check out Bob Ridgley's "The Way Out Mummy," the Bedwells "Karate," or Yo Yo Hashi's "Yo Yo's Pad," the last of which breaks up standard energetic three-chord instrumental vamps with Asian dialog straight out of your basic Hong Kong exploitation movie--real hitbound stuff, to be sure. Then there's the non-LP B-side by exotica adventurer Eden Ahbez, an instrumental with whacked-out and (for circa 1960) phasing effects. There are also extremely rare pre-fame appearances by Love's Arthur Lee (as part of the American Four, who offer a sub-Booker T. & the MG's instrumental) and two of the Walker Brothers(who play on the Moongooners' raunchy instrumental, "Moongoon Twist"). These might have been throwaway sessions, but the resulting disc, isn't a throwaway at all. It's a cool and occasionally glorious reminder of the days when rock & roll indies let the musicians blast away in search of that left-field hit, conventional pop standards of taste and song construction be damned. Grab it up and have fun.

1. Chicken Grabber 2. Ah Ha Crazy Pt. 1 3. Moongoon Twist 4. Soul Food 5. Mister Bongos
6. Yo Yo's Pad 7. Karate 8. Spanish Twist 9. Don't Sit Down 10. Tobago 11. Drum City Pt. I/Pt. II 12. She Was A Mau-Mau 13. B'wana Bongos 14. Voodoo Mash Pt. I/Pt. II
15. Beatle Walk 16. The Way Out Mummy 17. The F.B.I. 18. Rockin' Moondog
19 The Beatle Blues 20. Hot Toddy 21. Just Part II 22. Surfin' Anniversary

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Saturday, November 3, 2007

Man or Astroman --RARE -- A Spectrum of Finite Scale [tour Only Cd]

Hi All: Here's a treat for you today. Our good buddy Brandonio will be contributing some real gems to the lounge on a regular basis. Way cool! He has a great knowledge of the genre and an INCREDIBLE collection of surf, instro, garage, punque and R'n'R in general. He'll be adding more spice to the place, so keep stopping by and telling us what you like and want on the menu. I'm pleased he's going to help -- that way, you'll get more variety of your favorite fare. A big thanks, upfront. We'll do our best to make your day - or night.
Let's get started: He's serving up this VERY Rare dish --
Limited to 1,000 copies, A Spectrum of Finite Scale tour only CD was self-released by sci-fi surf rock aliens Man or Astro-Man? and made available for sale only at stops on the band's 2001 tour in support of A Spectrum of Infinite Scale. Checking in with 13 tracks (closer to 14, if you count the hidden track, though its actual number is 32), Finite avoids the trap of being a throwaway EP. Instead, it is a highly experimental collection of tracks "done by members of the Astro Staff Live Division, in isolation or in pairs." In non-Astro-speak, what this means is it's a record of songs written and performed by individual bandmembers and tour staff. For those keeping score of the Astro-men's ever-evolving lineup, the members included on this record include mainstays Coco the Electronic Monkey Wizard and Birdstuff (each with two solo tracks and two collaborations with one another, as well as a Birdstuff effort with Blazar), and solo efforts from Trace Reading, Blazar, Q-Beam (the band's lighting and merch guy), and the Brannock Device (Man or Astro-Man?'s live audio tech). Since the record is comprised of songs recorded solo or in pairs, they often lack the full force of typical Man or Astro-Man? songs. Songs tend to meander a bit, giving them, to varying degrees, the feel of being tripped-out slow-dub house music or echoing, spinning, fuzzy-screen dream sequences from vintage sci-fi flicks. Reverb-drenched guitars are essentially absent for the majority of the disc, leaving the music to be composed (presumably on computers) of various sound effects, always-interesting film samples, assorted keyboards, and other gizmos. The results, while well-done and interesting, are missing the propulsive surf rock thread that normally leads the listener through the labyrinthine layers of mysterious noises. In fact, the most stereotypically Man or Astro-Man?-sounding track is "Analysis Paralysis," contributed by the band's live audio tech, the Brannock Device. Far more experimental than any of Man Or AstroMan?'s proper releases, A Spectrum of Finite Scale should serve to reinforce the band's standing as not merely a surf rock revival act, but true innovators. All music
1 After All the Prosaic Waiting...the Sun Finally Crashes into the Earth 2 The Limitations of a Serial Machine 3 MO2 4 Halfway to the Infinite 5 Space Helmet 6 All the Quietest Whispers 7 Mt-52 Tone/Magnus Opus 8 Tolerance in a Transitory Universe 9 Analysis Paralysis 10 Man or Man-Machine? 11 The Potential Energy of Roger Stone 12 Mortimer Butomite's Pocket of Capacitors 13 Fig. A: Dispersion in Full Spectrum Pattern 14 hidden bonus
These are compressed using a different format, Winrar opens it fine. Let me know and alternatives will be provided.

Chinese Checjers - Surf Tribute to Memphis Soul

Cover versions of mostly Booker T and the MG’s songs by modern surf oriented groups.

Several bands appeared on the "SURFIN' SENORITA" compilation album that was also put out by Wildebeest Records, right here in the archives. That cd is excellent, and this one is totally different. These are soul instrumentals and there is more of the funky vibe and phrasing than the usual surfy reverb twang. Hey, surf bands got “soul”, too. Great songs by Tiki Tones, Los Banditos, Sandblasters, and Cocktail Preachers. Get your groove on, bro!

Served by Brandonio

1. Green Onions - Slackmates 2. Chinese Checkers - Tiki Tones
3. Soul Limbo - Los Banditos 4. Hang 'Em High - Sandblasters
5. Hip Hug-Her - Del Noah & The Mt. Ararat Finks 6. Melting Pot - McLemore Ave.
7. High Ride - I Cosmonauti 8. Soul Dressing - Omega Men
9. Can't Be Still - Sir Finks 10. Rinky Dink - Cocktail Preachers
11. Kinda Easy Like - Waistcoats 12. Born Under A Bad Sign - Bradipos IV
13. Time Is Tight - Pollo Del Mar


Highly Strung - British 60's Instrumentals

Highly strung – British 60’s Instrumentals
A nice roundup of rock instrumentals from 1961 to 1966 - no hidden gems though and certainly none of the classic rock or surf guitar tracks. This one is for fans of instrumental beat, heavy emphasis on melody rather than blistering performance. These are more in the loungy side of rock, somewhat poppy confections that make good change of pace sounds and add that 60’s distinction to parties. Lots of farfasia organ and sax. The bands names scream from the early 1960's: The Checkmates, Sons of the Piltdown Men or Mike Ford and the Consuls. There is one rare track from the Dave Clark Five – the most recognizable group on the comp. All the tracks are fun, the musicianship is professional all the way around and the sound quality is surprisingly good.

1. Cleopatra's Needle 2. Red Dragon - Blackjack 3. Ghoul Friend - The Ravens 4. Jump Jeremiah 5. Ten Swinging Bottles 6. Pampei - The Checkmates 7. Husky - Jimmy Nicol 8. Packabeat - Packabeats 9. First Love 10. Man in Space - The Vigilantes 11. Organizer - Harold Smart 12. Mad Goose 13. Eliminators - The Eliminators 14. Switch - Joe Brown 15. Neb's Tune 16. Traitors - Packabeats 17. Caroline - Peter Jay & The Jaywalkers 18. Husky Team - The Saints 19. Dream Lover - Packabeats 20. Highly Strung 21. Pigtails - The Saints 22. Evening in Paris - Packabeats 23. Thunderbirds Theme - The Eliminators



The Mulchmen- Greetings From Planet Stupider

If you like surf music, the ventures and Theremin types of sounds, then this group is just what you’re looking for. Well recorded and produced. Lots of it reminds me of the sound tracks for the "Bug" and "Space Ship" movies of the 50's, If Ed Wood had access to this band I'm certain they could have done the sound track for "Plan 9 From Outer Space". Greetings from Planet Stupider finds the Mulchmen expanding the orbits of their surfy guitar instrumentals. The fittingly spacy album opener "Delta Velocity," jangly pop of "Pocketful of Pennies" and gritty, earthy "Backscratcher" showcase the band's sonic horizons, while "The Stalker," "Go-Go Boot Camp" and "Dr. Cyclops/Danger Todd Robinson" approach a more traditionally beachy sound. Kizirnis' versatile guitar playing and keening theremin give the Mulchmen a stylish, stylized take on instrumental rock.

Served by Brandonio

1 Delta Velocity 2 Backscratcher 3 Spank the Lightning 4 The Stalker 5 Go-Go Boot Camp 6 Pocketful of Pennis 7 Yek-259 8 Lowdown 9 Automatic Egypt 10 Tiddytwister 11 Demanding the Impossible 12 Shadow Walk 13 Ripchord

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