Thursday, November 22, 2007

Thanksgiving Day -- Another Feast by Brandonio

Happy Thanksgiving all. Even if you don't celebrate this American holiday, we have a musical feast for your starved ears, thanks to our good friend Brandonio and his friend Aaron.

Here's the story -- George, I think what I have here is the first ever r'n'r Thanksgiving Day compilation ever assembled . I could be mistaken , it wouldn't be the first time. A friend of mine named Aaron(a.k.a. rockABilly kid) were hanging out not long ago, when the subject of a Thanksgiving comp come up. At first it was a joke of sorts , we started naming off song titles right of the bat. The idea was to focus on the first aspect of what people most think of when it comes to the holiday,FOOD and lots of it. The second most common thought is probably Indians and Pilgrims right?

The music here ranges from rockabilly/ surf/punk/and of course some good ol' country. Well folks loosen up those belts and roll up those sleeves and prepare yourself for one heck of a good meal. Dig in!!! and thank me later. No prayer required!!!! -- Brandonio

MMMMMMMM-MMMMMMMM- GOOD! and you won't gain one ounce of weight either. Pound for pound the best aural eatin' in blogtown. Gobble it up quick and grab the rest of the Thanksgiving goodies for a real hot Turkey day time. Here's the menu ---

Wild Turkey SurpriseBig IndianSoul Dressing -- Booker T. And the Mg'sShortening Bread -- Collins KidsYou're So Delicious Baby -- CowslingersTurkey Jive -- HormonautsPotato Mash -- Ike TurnerEarly Americans -- Joe Maphis and Larry CollinsRhubarb Pie -- John FogertyCherokee Boogie -- Johnny HortonCatfish and Colored Greens -- Junior BrownMashed Potatos -- KaisersMashed Potato Itch -- King KahnOne Potato, Two PotatoIndian Giver -- RamonesClub Wig Wam -- Ronnie DawsonYum Yum -- Ronnie DawsonPlymouth Rock -- Satan's PilgrimsTurkey Trot -- Satan's PilgrimsBanana Puddin' -- Southern Culture on the SkidsGravy Train -- The Planet RockersBird Bath -- The Trashmen



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