Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Jungle Jive

This disc is a really fun collection of odd songs that you won't find anywhere else. The songs loosely have an "exotic" theme, but they are in a variety of styles. Some of the styles are lounge instrumetal, pop vocal, rock and roll, surf, latin and some that are hard to catagorize. If you dig retro music like the Capital Utlra Lounge Series, you won't be dissapointed. The Cd is a bit uneaven and gets a little slow in the middle, but well worth it for the following songs: "Native Love" is an "exotic rocker" that has a strangely Buddy Hollyesque feel to it. Another odd one is "On the Ginza", which in an instrumental that has a woman saying Japanese phrases periodically. My favorites are the tracks by the Rockyfellers (a family group from the Philippines that had a hit with "Killer Joe" in 1963) and Pepino (played by Tony Martinez on The Real McCoys sitcom). Pepino's "Rum and Coca Cola" is a great Desi Arnez soundalike song. Karate Again (instrumental), Woman Needs Man (silly but fun banana song), Cubalibra (instrumental) and Terror (a really cool Ventures sounding instrumental). There are a lot of these retro CD compilations out there, and let's face it, some are great but others really rip you off. This is a great CD (part of a three cd set...Jungle Jive, Pool Party and Beach Party). Coming soon to the lounge so you will have the full set!!! Some songs here aren't that great, still, you fans of unusual trashy sounds will find something to enjoy here.

1. Seduction - Voices Of Africa 2. Swahili - Bob Keene Orchestra
3. Native Love - The Enchanters 4. Jungle Fever - The Shadows
5. Beachcomber Song - The Rockyfellers 6. Moonglow Cha Cha Cha - The Executives
7. Rum And Coca Cola - Pepino 8. Bongo Twist - Preston Epps
9. Karate Again - The Bedwells 10. Night Rain - Voices Of Africa
11. Warsaw Concerto - The Philharmonics 12. Woman Needs Man - The Rockyfellers
'13. Mandarin Mambo - Pepino 14. On The Alamo - The Executives
15. La Cubalibra - Rene Hall Orchestra 16. Terror - The Grippers
17. On The Ginza - Yo Yo Hashi 18. Uprising - Voices Of Africa



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