Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Man or Astroman? Vapor Nitemare - Comp

Hi all. Per your requests -- more rare Man or Astroman? Goodies, served by BRADONIO. This time it's not an actual release per se, instead we have two krazy, killer komps to satisfy you desperate Astroman fans ravaging thirst for missing Astroman music in their collection. Yeah, baby! You see, MOAM were famous during the 90's for releasing a ton of music. That's true and all but they also put their loyal fans on a quest to search a song here and there on various comps and hard to find limited released 45's from all over the globe.

Here’s what Brandonio has to say about it -----
You guessed it, I was one of those loyal and devoted fans probably their biggest fan. I mean, I do sport a "Intravenous Television Continuum"tattoo on my right arm and am the proud owner of silly collectibles such as the bands DNA GENOME PACK files, space dust, space particles, 3D glasses, switchplates, clocks, YoYo's, Lunchbox and thermos, and the list goes on and on. Well, I’m willing to share some of the fruits of my labor here. Here are 2 incredible comps of music that I named myself "Vapor Nitemare", and “Space Debris”. “Vapor Nitemare” is homage to the movie that the band named itself after, The Human Vapor. The movie is a early 60's Japanese Sci-Fi film that mentioned the words, {“is it man or astroman”} on it's movie poster. Birdstuff the drummer saw this and presto --- Man Or Astroman? was born. I do have one more song, "Space Potatoes", a vocal sung by CoCo that I forgot to add to the mixes here. I had to leave something out to keep the hunger still lingering there in the back of your human mind!!! Until next time......TRAX
400,000. 37 Miles (Breaking The Sanity Barrier)
Bird’s Stuff
Creature From the Surfer’s Lagoon
Cuts and Volts
Draining Their Batteries
Drone of the Earth
Eisenhower and the Hippies
Galaxy of Zombies
Green Blooded Love
High Wire
Holojoy’s Interlude
Illidiuym Q36
Inside The Head of Jophn Peel – aka- King of Monsters
Italian Movie Theme
Mach One
Man or Man Machine
Max Q
Mr. Goodchoices Meat Packing Accident
Point Blank – Mission into Chaos version
Quasi- man
Radio Fission
Radio Promo
Rudy’s Lounge
Sfreric Waves
The Powerful Fully Transistorized Dick Tracy Two Way Wrist Radio
The Shadow Knows
The Sound Waves Reversing
The Space Alphabet
The Wayward Meteor


jimk said...

Nic comp, as an Astro Fan do you need their version of Frosty the snowman from the Happy birthday baby jesus compilaton?

foz said...

the track Italian movie theme wont work past the first few seconds, can you re-rip that one? thank you

Brandonio! said...

sorry folks here's some tracks that got lost in cyber space http://sharebee.com/4e8dac17 and http://sharebee.com/3f75c152 I can't explain what happened I just better check my stuff better or heck maybe it's the darn puter's fault!!!!any way this should help.

Brandonio! said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
al said...

hey brandonio thanks for putting this man or astroman comps! just great!

alibi said...

Hello, I am Delphyus 7J, a huge fan of your blog. I live in Brazil and I am very glad about this Vapor Nitemare ultra-rare trax comp! I've been trying to serch for some of them for years.

Check out my instro/surf band, and fell ABSOLUTELY free to post our album if you enjoy it.
Thank you a lot!
Our site: www.ospazuzus.com.br


eeviac said...

You have no idea how much I've been wanting to hear this stuff. MOAM 7" are impossible to find.

You are my new favorite person.

eeviac said...

You wouldn't happen to have a source for A Spectrum of Finite Scale would you?

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Exeter said...

This comp seems to just about complete every completist's dream!

Thanks so much!

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